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We are an interior designing company in Kanyakumari. Our company over the years has designed hundreds of spaces and made the clients happy. We design residential, commercial as well as office spaces. We have best interior designers in Kanyakumari who design spaces for you keeping in mind your vision and budget.

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Why Choose Relgrow for Interior Designs in Kanyakumari

We are an interior designing firm who have completed multiple projects successfully. Our clients are our biggest strength and they love us for the values we stick by. We are regarded as one of the best interior design companies in Kanyakumari by our clients. Our expert team provides creative solutions to all the interior decor related problems of our clients. We are flexible in pricing which makes many people come to us and we are glad we can decorate all people’s homes with love. The products we use for decorating like tables, lights, bed, sofas are all supreme in quality.

Our Process

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Meet and Agree

This is the first stage where we meet the client in person and discuss in detail of what they want. We gain an understanding of what are they are looking out for, understand if we can deliver and then we agree on the project.

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In the planning stage we think of how to go about the project. Our team is made up of the best interior decorators in Kanyakumari and they plan out every single detail.

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Design and Create

After planning come the stage of designing and creating new ideas. Our interior designers combine their ideas with the clients and design and create the best possible outcome for the home.

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Build and Install

In this stage we start implementing the work in the site. We start bringing in things together and building up the space.

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Post Delivery Support

We understand that post delivery a client might require further assistance. We are always happy to help our client with any assistance and this also makes us one of best interior design company in Kanyakumari as told by our several clients!

What do we do as the best interior designers in Kanyakumari

As Relgrow is well known in interior designing we now venture into 3 field of interior design:

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Residential Interior Design

For residential spaces, we offer interior design services. We have designed places for our clients for a number of residential buildings over the years, including independent homes, cottages, farm houses, villas, apartments, and flats. We first thoroughly comprehend the customer's vision before providing themes like Traditional, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Beach style, or a combination of these styles. If the client has an entirely new vision, we also fully comprehend it and work in accordance with it.

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Commercial Interior Design

Our company has also ventured into commercial space design. Some of our themes that we offer to our clients are: glass way technique, contemporary style, variable lighting, a colourful approach, perhaps big geometric themes, or something fun and quirky. We understand what client is looking out for and then we work on the space. We can combine themes also or work something entirely new idea. Depending on what the client is demanding we work accordingly.

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Office Interior Design

Designing office space can be tricky but our best interior decorators successfully managed to make our clients happy and now with time we develop these spaces on a full swing. For office spaces we offer themes to our clients like: A green theme, which uses both real and fake plants to decorate the area, style mash-ups, a geometric inspiration theme, and a combination of industrial and rustic design. The client is free to select any style or combine several different ones, and our interior designers will work as needed.

Home interior designers in Kanyakumari

As Relgrow is the best interior designers in Kanyakuamri we will help you achieve the dream home or office space. The company offers a wide variety of designs like:

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Contemporary Interior Design

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Modern way of interior design

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Traditional interior design

best interior design company in Kanyakumari

Beach style interior design

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Mediterranean Interior Designing Style

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Mid Century Modern Interior Designing Style


Modular Interior Kitchen Design
Dining Room Interior Design
Wardrobe Interior Design
Living Room Interior Design
Bedroom Interior Design
False Ceiling Interior Design
TV Unit Design
Study Room Design
Pooja Unit Interior Design
Bathroom Interior Design
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Modular Interior Kitchen Design

How kitchens were designed earlier and presently how it is designed, there has been sea of changes. The present day kitchen owners like a spacious, rightly positioned taps, dynamic chimneys, cabinets for all utensils and other necessities etc. At Relgrow we understand how important it is to create a space that must promote creativity as cooking in itself is an art. If the kitchen looks cluttered, feels cramped it won’t inspire the one who is cooking. Relgrow understands all of this and if any client has any demand we keep that in mind too.

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Dining Room Interior Design

The dining room is where everyone gathers to socialise over meals and talks. With the appropriate furniture, Relgrow may create an environment that strengthens relationships. The mood of the room is improved by the decorative dining table, cosy chairs, rugs or carpets, lights, wall colour, paintings or other decorative things, and lamp shades. The family members must feel at home in this area, thus we take care of everything while keeping in mind the client's concept.

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Wardrobe Interior Design

Since the wardrobe interior design has gained attention in the present times, many customers are choosing it for its practicality. Wardrobe allows you to keep your clothing, accessories, and other goods in the right places. You can put items like a unit for daily wear or an ethnic unit together in one of these distinct units, or you can even color-coordinate them and keep them in your closet. Unlike wardrobe closets without units and labels, where you tore everything into one spot and it eventually became disorganised, this makes it easier to find things and saves you time.

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Living Room Interior Design

Interior design for the living room is of utmost importance. Whether you like it or not, your living room's design will serve as a reflection of your aesthetic and decorating preferences to our friends, guests, and anybody else who enters the house and is sitting here. We at Relgrow recognise its significance, and by taking into account a client's needs and preferences, we create the room's furniture, including the sofas, chairs, rugs, carpets, flowing elements, wall colour, wall hangings, real or artificial plants, lamp shades, and lighting. We create this place for you using the greatest materials while keeping your budget in mind.

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Bedroom Interior Design

Each person has a unique design preference for their bedroom because it is such a private space. Some like bedrooms with only the most basic amenities—a bed, lighting, fans, etc, while others prefer elaborate designs with sofas, tables, televisions, etc. At Relgrow, we welcome any type of customization. Our interior designers pay attention to the preferences of the clients and decorate the bedrooms in line with the overall design scheme of the home.

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False Ceiling Interior Design

False ceilings are currently common in most modern homes due to their convenience and usefulness. Due to their numerous benefits, false ceilings are something that many people are considering. A false ceiling is frequently required if the ceiling is excessively high, a cassette air conditioner must be placed, there are any structural beams, or there aren't enough ceiling light fixtures. Because of their usefulness, artificial ceilings are a popular choice, and our interior designers in Relgrow can make one that matches the style of your house.

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TV Unit Design

Relgrow is aware of the significance of the TV unit's design despite the fact that it is occasionally ignored. The design of the TV unit is significant since it typically determines how the living room will appear overall. By installing a TV unit design and positioning it in a location that blends in with the surroundings, Relgrow can assist you in locating your television while taking into mind the space you have available. We can instal a television there if you're one of our customers who like having one there.

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Study Room Design

The study area was created with the remainder of the home's decor in mind. A book collection and other priceless artefacts must be able to be stored properly, and the design must be understated yet lovely. If there isn't enough natural light or you need a lot of lighting at night, you might choose to put a false ceiling in the study area. Any request from a client can be understood by us, and we can recommend the best course of action. Depending on the requirements of the client, this room can also be decorated with artificial or real plants.

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Pooja Unit Interior Design

Modern times usually have a limited amount of space. Setting up a distinct area for the diety is only possible for a small number of people. Relgrow is conscious of the importance of having a puja unit because it is regularly violated. The space must be tastefully designed, promote calmness, and be located in an area with few outside disturbances. The unit must carry out its purpose while integrating in with the overall aesthetic of the property. When clients ask us to design puja units, we do it while taking any ideas they may have into consideration.

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Bathroom Interior Design

The bathroom's interior design is the most neglected. Relgrow understands how important it is to have a large, well-ventilated bathroom with the necessary lighting, curtains, sink, and toilet. Often, interior design firms and clients overlook this area. No matter if pricey tiles are incorporated into the design or not, the basic requirements must be there. We offer our consumers the greatest products available at costs they can afford since we are aware of this.

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This minimal package of ours includes furnitures and accessories to give your home the best aesthetic vibe.



This package includes interior design for professional workplaces, restaurants,hotels and other public spaces.



Our special package is specifically meant for luxurious Residential villas.

Here’s why our interior design in Kanyakumari is loved by all people

For a number of reasons, people in Kanyakumari believe us to be the best interior designers. Our interior designers have an unparalleled capacity to understand what our clients are asking of us. Our interior designers enrich the concepts and work around the vision. We never advise a customer to go over their budget; instead, we always stay within it and actively seek to save them money. The products we utilise for developing are of an absolutely unmatched calibre. When Relgrow promises to deliver on schedule, we always do so. Many interior design firms around the city make promises but then fall short of keeping them, but we can proudly report that up to this point, we have never missed a deadline.

How we differ from other interior design company in Kanyakumari

As the best interior design company in Kanyakumari we strictly follow the core values

  • We understand the client’s viewpoints thoroughly.
  • We then begin planning the procedure by combining it with our skilled interior design ideas.
  • We are flexible in terms of cost.
  • We never fail to deliver on the due date set.


Recently my husband and I bought a flat far away from the city but wanted a well known city interior designer to decorate it. We chose Relgrow as we have a lot of good things about them from our friends and family. The interior decorators in Relgrow truly understood what we wanted. We wanted a traditional design for the house and we are super happy with the outcome. Their pricing was within our budget and we are super happy.
Disha Kumari, 28, Kanyakumari
I wanted a separate space of my own so I bought 1 BHK flat in the heart of the city. I searched for the interior designers near me and Relgrow was one of the top suggestions. I am glad I chose them as they not only stuck to my budget but truly my space looks wow!
Rahul K, 32, Kanyakumari
I wanted redo my old grandparents house. They wanted a strictly traditional design and I am glad Relgrow understood our ideas. They truly changed space yet stuck by the theme strictly. My family is very happy with the outcome and quick delivery. Their pricing was also flexible and the products they have used are high in quality.
Raju Singh, 37, Kanyakumari

Frequently Asked Questions

It sure is. There are many affordable interior design companies in Kanyakumari who offer services at a very affordable rate. Anyone who wishes to design their homes by interior experts can do so. Relgrow is one such company who are offering such services in Kanyakumari.

Relgrow is an interior designing company in Kanyakumari helping people decorate their spaces. The space can be residential office as well as commercial.

Relgrow is a trusted name in interior decoration and there are thousands of clients in Kanyakumari who love this brand. Three points why you should choose them:

  • They do not compromise in quality
  • They keep their promises in terms of delivery
  • They provided end to end solution to all your interior decoration problems.

Once we are have sketched out the details we get an idea as to how long it will take us to get the project done. We provide a date accordingly and keep our on-time delivery promise.

Yes, absolutely. The client is sent all updates on the progress in email and WhatsApp Chat.

When we do the sketch out we give a cost idea to the client. If they want some modifications we work on it and give them an updated price amount.

We discuss it with our clients about the payment. If the client is comfortable in instalments or clearing all the payment before beginning of the project, we discuss it thoroughly.