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Reach new heights related to the beauty of the interior of your home with the best interior designers in Bangalore that brings out the distinctive beauty of your home and creates unique elements to capture your personality and bring the satisfaction we desire with our homes.

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Relgrow is an interior design company based in Bangalore that specializes in creating beautiful, comfortable and functional spaces for residential and commercial properties. Our experienced interior designers use modern and creative design techniques to create stunning and unique interior designs that reflect your personal style. With 10+ years of experience in the field, our team of experts is dedicated to making your space look and feel its best. Whether you are looking to spruce up a room, create a cozy home office, or give your living space a modern makeover, Relgrow is the perfect choice. We offer a wide range of services, including kitchen and bathroom design, furniture selection, color consultations, flooring installation, and more. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust Relgrow to provide you with an exceptional interior design experience.

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Our Process

Famous Interior Design Company in Bangalore


We program various kinds of designs that suits your needs and enhances the the inner beauty of your homes.

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Concept Development

Brainstorming ideas and creating ideas that matches the designs you have in mind for your home.

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Presenting our concept in the best manner so so that you understand our concept clearly.

Budget Interior Design Company in Bangalore

Final Design Development and Documentation

After finishing the presentation we decide the final design andstart developing the plan and documents of the project

Budget Interior Design Company in Bangalore


After the plan is finalised, we start with the execution and the project initiates in beginning phase.

Budget Interior Design Company in Bangalore


After execution of the plan we evaluate the pricing and further needs of the budget and even our implementation.

Budget Interior Design Company in Bangalore

Post Delivery Support

Even when our work is done we provide all kind of assistance services.

Residential Interior Design Services

Modular Kitchen Design
Wardrobes Design
TV Unit Design
Living Room Designs
Dining Room Design
Bedroom Design
Pooja Unit Design
False Ceiling Design
Study Room Design
Kids Room Design
Crockery Unit Design
Bathroom Design
Top Villa Interior Design Company Near me

Modular Kitchen Design

The kitchen design of a villa must be distinct and welcoming. It should include all of the required elements. Kitchen islands are a new addition to our villa kitchen designs, ensuring that it is more useful and beneficial to the kitchen itself; yet, it is critical that it is properly positioned.

 Villa Modular Kitchen Interior Design in Bangalore

Wardrobes Design

Relgrow’s villa interior designers in Bangalore let you select from a variety of high-end wardrobe designs and customise them to your preferences for your villas. For someone who prefers living a lavish lifestyle where clothing and accessories are crucial, a walk-in closet may feel like a special retreat inside a villa.

Villa Interior Designer 2BHK in Bangalore

TV Unit Design

You will have an extensible TV unit paired with a customizable wall unit created by our villa Interior Designers in Bangalore. We design the TV units based on your room size and decor theme only. Give your living room the perfect essence with the detachable TV unit designs from our column.

Best Villa Modular Kitchen Interior Design in Bangalore

Living Room Designs

When you stay in a villa, you and your company have plenty of cleverly planned living rooms for yourselves for all kinds of activities. When visitors come, the living rooms of these villas give superb comfort, warmth, and a variety of unique decors to showcase.

Villa Interior Design Ideas in Bangalore

Dining Room Design

To make your dining room look well-organized and consistent, you can choose from Relgrow's wall of designs. No matter what type of look you want, we can achieve it. You can decorate your dining area with these ideas.

Villa Interior Decorators in Bangalore

Bedroom Design

The ceiling and walls of the villa's bedrooms are adorned with ornate accents and accent lighting to bring attention to the intricacies. A natural wool carpet adds warmth to the room. A handcrafted bed headboard with a wall frame seems very opulent.

Best Villa Interior Designers in Bangalore

Pooja Unit Design

There is no need to create a pooja corner or place your pooja unit floor-to-ceiling. Your small pooja unit design can be as compact or vast as you want. The traditional dome and lattice add to its appeal despite taking up only a quarter of your wall height. Go through our designs section to find the pooja unit for your villa!

Villa Interior Designers in Bangalore

False Ceiling Design

Ceilings are more than just the roofs over your heads; they can now be decorated to look gorgeous from every angle of the room. Our false ceiling solutions not only save energy and waste, but they also reduce the need for air conditioning while generating an optimum-suited villa ambiance.

House Interior Designers in Bangalore

Study Room Design

Building a workstation in a tiny place can be difficult, but with Relgrow, you won't have to worry. Study rooms are excellent investments regardless of your needs. Explore our design area to learn more about contemporary study room designs with study tables.

Villa Interior Design Bangalore

Kids Room Design

Your child's room should be bright and exciting, without sacrificing security, convenience, or storage. Innovative and functional bed designs can add fun and special touches to your child's naptime. Take a look at our kids' bedroom designs for ideas.

Villa Interior Bangalore

Crockery Unit Design

In Relgrow's large variety of Cutlery units, you can display your valuable crockery while also assuring its correct care. We offer a varied range of crockery units including glass units, open shelved units, shelving units, cabinets, etc. You may go through our Crockery Unit design collection in the design area.

Villa Interior Design Companies in Bangalore

Bathroom Design

Choosing the right bathroom cabinets, tiles, sinks, mirrors, lighting, and accessories may make the space feel softer and more sophisticated. Decorating a small bathroom to make it appear and feel larger is quite difficult. Check some of our bathroom designs to get a better idea.

Commercial Interior Design Services

Glazzing Cladding Design
False Ceiling Design
Wall Design
Cabinet Design
Floor Design
Lighting Design
Electrical Design
Fire and safety Design
Video Conferencing Room Design
Commercial Office Interior Design Company in Bangalore

Glazzing Cladding Design

We specifically design the doors, windows, panes, and partitions depending on your building structure. Weather-resistant material is used with more preference to glass materials for the inherent style. Even these small surfaces play a very significant role in design uniformity.

Warehouse Interior Design Company in Bangalore

False Ceiling Design

Ceilings are more than just the roofs over your heads; they can now be decorated to look gorgeous from every angle of the room. Our false ceiling solutions not only save energy and waste, but they also reduce the need for air conditioning while generating an optimum-suited villa ambiance.

Retail store Interior Design Company in Bangalore


It's easy for us to find interesting furniture. In addition to finding our clients the perfect lighting fixtures to complete their spaces, we also assist them in finding specially crafted bold and beautifully carved furniture, depending on the theme of the workplace and design.

Restaurant Interior Design Company in Bangalore


The texture and aesthetic of your company walls is our responsibility. We give them makeovers and in addition, Relgrow provides you with various creative paintings and wallpapers, that can produce beauty, contemplation, and reflect your artwork taste.

Interior Design Commercial Spaces

Cabinets Design

The cabinet designs currently on the market are imitations of fashion and aesthetics worldwide. You can choose with just a click whether you prefer minimalism or strictly industrial cabinet structures by browsing our design wall.

Commercial Interior Design Services


From 1970s terrazzo flooring to today’s hardwood design, Relgrow has all types of plans ready for you. The floor design is done according to your convenience and the colour scheme of the whole building. We choose only weatherproof and durable tiles for you.

Commercial Interior Decor in Bangalore

Lighting Design

When strategically dispersed throughout your interior design, the right lighting arrangements can make all the difference. Combine ambient and natural lighting in your lighting design to avoid having a cold, artificial feel. Your commercial space can be made unique by adding these sources.

Commercial Building Interior Design in Bangalore

Electrical Design

The boarding and wiring of your entire building are not exposed, it is done in a safe manner. The intricacy of electrical design matches the rest of the setup in colour palette and space design. The switch boards are placed in every evident corner and wall of the structure.

Commercial Interior Decorators in Bangalore

Fire and Safety Design

Safety always comes first, that’s why we also install the fire and safety equipments in your building for unfortunate times. The equipments are safe and easy to use. The instructions are legible and clearly stated near the devices.

Commercial Interior Design Companies in Bangalore

Video Conferencing Room Design

Conference rooms are a window of your office to your clients, we understand that. We make sure your conference rooms are well-furnished and equipped with the latest technologies for efficient video conferences.

Who we are?

Relgrow is the trusted interior design company in bangalore since 2012. We are offering interior design services across bengaluru and some key localities includes electronic city, BTM Layout, rajaji nagar, jaya nagar, HSR layout, Bellandur, Marathahalli, Sarjapura Road, Indira Nagar, Koramangala, Jayanagar, Hebbal, Malleshwaram, Whitefield, Hoodi, Varthur, Brookefield, KR Puram, Kodugodi etc. Our team consists of quality engineers, interior designers and interior decorators having more years of experience. With the constant evolution of interior design trends our interior design experts have up to date knowledge they can able to think extraordinary. We make your home interior unique and fully satisfied.

Famous Interior Design Company in Bangalore

Team of Experts

Our proactive team ensures that each project is always prioritised for quality and safety. We believe staying engaged and informed about safety, innovative engineering techniques, and other emerging trends in the constantly evolving construction sector are necessary.

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Our actions are guided by the core principles of commitment, teamwork, and sustainability. We believe in delivering environmentally responsible services to our clients.

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Innovative Minds

Relgrow promotes a culture where employees share ideas and collaborate with one another to create innovative concepts as well as analyse and make improvements on projects.

What Makes Us the Most Preferred Interior Designers in Bangalore?

Interior Design Firm in Bangalore

We interact with our customers to provide a custom design and interior designing solutions for them. We collaborate with clients to make sure they are delighted to see the results.

Best Interior Designing Firm in Bangalore

Our unit of experts combined the knowledge and experience that guarantees distinctive and elegant solutions for your dream home and thus make us one of the best interior designers in Bangalore.

Interior Design Decorators in Bangalore

Working with a skilled firm provides easy access to knowledge and premium trades and easy financial solutions and ensures completion of the project.

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Our Teams

Our interior design experts have many years of experience in interior design service


Pooja, who has been in the interior design industry for over 9 years, has created more than 300 luxurious homes in Bangalore. Her extensive knowledge and expertise have earned her a reputation as one of the top interior designers in Bangalore.


Sowmya, an outstanding Team Leader, and her team of Interior Designers in Bangalore have created more than 300 exquisite homes in the city. There is no one better than Sowmya and her highly-skilled team for top-notch interior design work in Bangalore.


Sumithra, a Master of Drawings, has an exceptional eye for design and an incomparable flair for crafting exquisite home Interiors in Bangalore. Her creations are both stylish and remarkable in terms of quality and excellence.


Megha, the in-house luxury interior designer of Relgrow, is a specialist in ultra-luxurious home interior design in Bangalore. Her creative style and extensive design experience have allowed her to craft remarkable residences for her clients in the city.


For extraordinary home interiors in Bangalore, Bala is the go-to designer. His stunning interiors reflect his impeccable attention to detail and renowned design sense. Bala is a "Par Excellence" Interior Designer in Bangalore.

Latest Projects

Interior Design in Bangalore

Interior Design Packages



This minimal package of ours includes furnitures and accessories to give your home the best aesthetic vibe.



This package includes interior design for professional workplaces, restaurants,hotels and other public spaces.



Our special package is specifically meant for luxurious Residential villas.


Working with the interior designers in Bangalore was a great experience. They were very professional and helped us to create a beautiful interior that is both modern and timeless. They provided us with a range of ideas, including how to make the best use of existing furniture and maximize the space. We highly recommend their services and are sure that any other customer would be satisfied with their work.

4 BHK Villa 2250 Sqft HSR layout, Bangalore

My experience with the interior designers in Bangalore was nothing short of amazing. They were able to provide us with a wide range of options that were both stylish and practical. We found their attention to detail and creativity to be outstanding. We would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for interior design services in Bangalore.
Sanjeev A

2BHK Apartment 1150 sqft Electronic City, Bangalore

I recently hired interior designers in Bangalore to help design my new home. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable and provided helpful advice and recommendations to ensure I got the most out of my project with an estimated budget of 10 lakhs. They completed the job in a timely manner, and we were absolutely thrilled with the result. Highly recommend!

2BHK Home 950 sqft Bellandur, Bengaluru

I had the opportunity to work with relgrow Interior Designers in Bangalore on a major home renovation project. From the first meeting, I knew I had found the right people to help me bring my ideas to life. They took the time to understand my vision and offered a range of creative and practical solutions that helped me achieve the result that I was looking for. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, professional interior design team!

1 BHK Home renovation 1100 sqft Marathahalli, Bangalore

I recently hired an interior decorator from Bangalore to help renovate my office space. The designer was professional, creative, and had a great eye for detail. They were able to create a work environment that was both stylish and modern. I'm extremely pleased with the results, and I'd highly recommend this interior decorator to anyone looking for quality design services!

Small Office Space 3500 sqft Whitefield, Bangalore

I recently hired interior decorators in Bangalore to help design my new home, and I am very happy with the results! They were professional and friendly throughout the process, providing me with guidance and advice to ensure that my home was exactly what I wanted and that interior work was done within the estimated budget of 15 lakhs. The result was stunning, and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a quality interior design solution."

3 BHK Apartment 1650 Sqft Jayanagar, Bangalore

The commercial interior designers in Bangalore provided me with a custom-designed space perfect for my business. They were very helpful in ensuring the design met my needs and aligned with my budget. The experience was very positive, and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a professional interior designer in Bangalore."
Jane Smith

Company President 4510 sqft Adugodi, Bangalore

We recently hired commercial interior designers in Bangalore to help design a welcoming space in our new office. From the beginning, they were professional and had great ideas. They were also very patient as we worked through the design process. In the end, we were thrilled with the final product. They did a good job finishing the project with our budget of 30 lakhs with a perfect finish.
John R

Vice President 5785 Sqft

I had the pleasure of working with one of the top interior design companies in Bangalore - outstanding results! When I first contacted them, they were incredibly helpful and professional. They provided me with many options that perfectly fit my budget and needs. They also suggested some great design ideas to help make my space truly unique.
Vijay Gowda

2 BHK Apartment 1150 Sqft Koramangala, Bangalore

I recently worked with luxury interior designers in Bangalore for a complete renovation of my home. Their team was professional, creative, and detail-oriented from the initial design concept to the final construction. The team gives the best luxury interior finish with my budget of 20 lakhs. Every aspect of the project was handled with exceptional care, from the selection of materials to the installation. They kept me up-to-date every step of the way and ensured that I was completely satisfied with the result.
Sunil Gupta

3 BHK Luxury Home1950 Sqft Kengeri, Bangalore

"I've been working with luxury interior designers in Bangalore for the past few months, and I'm thrilled with the results! They've taken my vision for my home and turned it into reality, and I couldn't be happier. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their work. I'm so glad I chose them to make my dream home a reality!"

Villa 1520Sqft Rajajinagar, Bengaluru

Frequently Asked Questions

Interior design is the art and science of understanding the behaviour of individuals to create spaces in which they feel comfortable and homely. Whereas, decorating is furnishing a home to make it just more aesthetic. Decorators just never design work as interior designers do.

Before hiring an interior designer you must know the budget and the overall strategy of an interior designer which he is going to opt for. Before hiring a designer we should also check the quality and sustainability of our walls and whether the designs we are thinking of are actually doable by the interior designers.

There are many interior designers in Bangalore but Relgrow is one of the best interior designers of Bangalore because it knows to curate designs based on specific needs so that everyone gets a house that matches their personality.

You must be aware of the interior designer's general plan before hiring him or her, as well as his or her budget. Prior to hiring a designer, we should examine the durability and quality of our walls and determine whether the plans we have in mind are feasible for interior designers to execute. These are the best things to consider while looking for designers and decorators in Bangalore.

There are various design aspects that an interior designer has to look at before agreeing to someone for help like lines, angle, area, space, quality of walls and many other various aspects.

Interior designer is important to give your homes a feeling of you in your own space, they understand what you need and how you will feel more homely and comfortable in your homes.

At Relgrow, we maintain accuracy in pricing and quotes so that you are never left in the dark about any additional hidden expenses. The only time pricing can change if you modify your plans; in this case, we will inform you in advance.

Costs, the project's scope, and a price range vary depending on the project's size. This is proven by the estimate we give you after the consultation when we give you a high-to-low range.

Interior designer solutions can be very cost-effective and the hiring costs always depend upon your needs and how you want to style your home.

Interior designer solutions can be very cost-effective and the hiring costs always depend upon your needs and how you want to style your home.