We make your vision of the perfect home a reality

The highly skilled creative designers at Relgrow work hard to transform your apartment into a vibrant home with the ideal balance of cosiness and warmth.

Indian Apartment Interior Design

What is Apartment Interior Design?

Apartment Interior Design

Apartment interior design is

  • The blend of art and science for carving out the best setup in the interiors of your homes.
  • An approach to turn a bland apartment into a warm and inviting space.
  • An Addition of rustic, art deco style, etc., in your home sweet home.

Who we are?

Apartment Interior Design

Customer-first Approach

For us, customers come first. We offer consultation services that consider all of your aesthetic and financial needs while designing your apartments’ interiors.

Apartment Interior Design

Customised Built-ins

At Relgrow, get everything under one roof! The designer team creates and modifies as per your needs and desires, resulting in sheer elegant apartment interior designs.

Apartment Interior Design

Excellent Customer Service

Our job is not complete until you personally inspect your designed apartment and are happy with every element that has been fitted. Even after delivery, we love to stay in touch with our clients to ensure they are satisfied with the intricate interior designs.

Apartment Interior Design Process

Apartment Interior Design

Planning Path

Our team of interior designers will get in touch with you to set up a face-to-face consultation to discuss your needs and design idea for the apartment. After that, we will chalk out a design plan for proceeding further.

Apartment Interior Design

Designing Your Vision

We believe in listening to all of your needs and ideas and combining them into our design concepts to create a masterpiece that you can genuinely call your home.

Apartment Interior Design

Creation and Implementation

Every design component is meticulously inspected and constructed under professional supervision and is delivered to your apartment space in a secure manner.

Apartment Interior Design

Customer Support

The Relgrow team is always present for our customers after completion of the project also. We provide our services till you settle in your dream apartment.

End to End Home Solution

Apartment Interior Design

Living Room

We offer everything, from those looking to infuse their house with distinctive originality and creativity to those who wish to create a haven of peace in the middle of a busy metropolis. Relgrow team, prepare to transform your fantasy home into a reality with your chosen style.

Apartment Interior Design


Whatever comes to your mind while reading ‘Bedroom Designs” is present in our design stock. We have design plans for everything from cottage beds to eclectic, edgy bedroom layouts.

Apartment Interior Design

Storage Units

An excellent option to create more room is by adding storage units under the bed, both open and closed. Any room in your house might have a mix of open and closed storage unit designs under the beds. They are helpful and give your rooms artistic finesse.

Apartment Interior Design


The modular kitchen designs currently on the market are imitations of fashion and aesthetics worldwide. You can choose with just a click whether you want a piece of Italy in your house or a traditional American country-styled modular kitchen by browsing our design wall.

Apartment Interior Design

Dining Room

Your dining area can be jazzed up in several ways with modern design concepts, strong furnishings, vibrant colours, and wallpapers. Discover countless options of how a dining room may alter the entire look and feel of your home on the Relgrow website. We provide the best dining room design to suit your preferences and budgets.

Apartment Interior Design

Kids Room

Not every fantastic kids' bedroom design is out of your price range. All you need is a timeless design style that balances your childlike imagination and sense of reality. Your fashionable children's bedrooms are a lovely fusion of fantasy, inspiration, and realism.

Apartment Interior Design

Study Room

A desk or table that is the proper size, a chair that fits beneath the light fixtures, and storage space are the essential components of a well-planned study space design of Relgrow. All this makes it easy to choose the relevant design for you or your kids.

Apartment Interior Design

Balcony Design

We at Relgrow Company have created a new manual of designs exclusively dedicated to balcony grill designs and layouts. Turn your balcony into a beautiful space with our hands of experts.

Interior Design Packages



This minimal package of ours includes furnitures and accessories to give your home the best aesthetic vibe.



This package includes interior design for professional workplaces, restaurants,hotels and other public spaces.



Our special package is specifically meant for luxurious Residential villas.

Frequently Asked Questions

After approval of projects by the customers, the execution of the design takes place, which is minimally completed in 6-8 months. However, some apartment projects take a little longer than the estimated time.

We always prioritise our current clients and won't agree to timeframes with existing or new clients if we think they can't be met. However, we know that new clients may have specific time limits, so we might need to begin creating designs immediately. We always consider this and offer you an honest answer before starting any project.

The resources that are available to interior designers are those that are sold only to the trade. Some may market their products through upscale stores, which might not be accessible to you. Apartment Designers collaborate closely with manufacturers so that they may produce personalised and customised items for our clients' projects.

The first thing you should take into account is if you agree with the designer's philosophy and who they are as a person. What are the comments of previous customers about working with this interior designer? Finally, you should think about their fashion sense. Relgrow has a pool of expert designers who consistently work with their clients, resulting in beautiful outcomes.

Every design process at Relgrow Company begins with an interior design consultation. Design brief, concept, development, and implementation are the four stages if you employ us for Full-Service apartment interior design.