Relgrow acquires the most reputed interior designers in Kottayam to bring out the best interior solution for your dwelling.

Bringing Relgrow's influence to your house will make it more attractive and practical. We use slashing expertise to guarantee that your property has a faultless appearance that lasts.

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Residential Interior Design

With the help of Relgrow's best interior Designer in Kottayam, you can create an expansive and functional area in your home without breaking the budget.

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Commercial Interior Design

If you want a hip, minimal bistro in Kottayam, you must approach the city's best interior decorator. In addition to providing you with a functional area, we also customize it to your taste and needs.

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Office Interior Design

We are an experienced group of interior designers in Kottayam that can create an office space that will inspire your staff to do their top work. Find the perfect workplace decor with the help of Relgrow.

Our Process

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Before sketching a plan for your dream home, our architects and designers will consult with you to find out what features and amenities are most important to you and your loved ones.

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Before sketching a plan for your dream home, our architects and designers will consult with you to find out what features and amenities are most important to you and your loved ones.

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Our analysts work closely with the designers to ensure a one-of-a-kind look and feel and to assist you in selecting the best furniture.

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After receiving confirmation from your end, our team of professional craftsmen will begin working to implement the plan.

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Control of Cost:

Our supervisor will track the progress of the project in relation to the budgeted money.

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Post-delivery support:

With our expert team, you may have the house interior you've always imagined. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, our experts are here to assist you.

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Apartment Interior Design

Crockery unit Design

White contemporary cabinets on the kitchen island provide enough storage for dishes, utensils, and seasonings. Using only the best-talented interior designers in Kottayam, we can create enormous alterations to your kitchen cabins.

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Light Design

A series of parallel closets on the wall, but at the far end of the strip mall, a glass-enclosed cabinet glows with the soft white beam of LED lights that can create elegance around the interiors. We have a variety of lighting fixtures perfect for accenting the interior of your Villa.

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Foyer's Design

One of our most popular foyer plans has white and golden marble, with a patio and a custom-designed Radha Krishna mural leading into the living area. Our interior design team offers a variety of options for creating a unique entryway for your property.

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Storage and Wardrobe Designs

A cabinet with a classy walk-in closet with satin-finished storage modules and customizable smoky sliding doors for unique designs. Relgrow is the best interior design company in Kottayam, so come to us if you want assistance designing your apartment.

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False ceiling Design

Recliners and sofas may be arranged to face the refined end Italian stone bait wall, and we can help you choose the finest method to design your home's interior. The skilled architects and interior designers at Relgrow can help you select the perfect false ceilings to suit your interior.

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Pooja unit Design

Shelving, which takes up minimal area but is key for contemporary pooja spaces since it's where worshippers place their idols and other items, is a key part of this minimalistic design philosophy. Our professional designers will find elegant pooja rooms for your homes

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Modular kitchen Design

A kitchen in the shape of an L made of acrylic and painted a soothing hue would make even the time spent cooking more pleasant. Our professionals are here to help you design a unique interior ambiance that meets all of your desires and expectations.

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Study room Design

If you use a planner often, you could benefit from purchasing a weekly acrylic whiteboard to display on your wall. Let's work together to create a study space tailored to your specific needs.

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Bathroom Design

Half-and-half bathroom walls in classic English bathrooms benefit from a combination of bright wallpapers and basic stones. Here at Relgrow, we have a wide variety of home decor to ensure that our customers discover precisely what they're looking for.

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Space-saving furniture

A folding and expanding multipurpose dining table with a secret storage cabinet can be used as a desk for work or study, a wine bar for romantic nights or family meals, or a party table for large groups. Relgrow has many compact furnishings for small spaces.

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Wallpapers Design

Ready to make your drab walls a work of art with our monochromatic leaf wallpaper that will enliven your home and delight you each and every day? Find the perfect wallpaper for your house with the aid of Relgrow.

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Flooring Design

La Terre, Relgrow's range of ceramic stoneware terrazzo tiles, can create a one-bathroom floor or an eye-catching kitchen backsplash with a lot of character. Our specialists have a wide variety of floor design collections for your house.

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Tv unit Design

The wooden texture coated on the panel and the wall looks fine but adding the black wood and the platinum acrylic lifts the entire thing to a level of luxury. Relgrow, a renowned interior design business, has the sophisticated television cabinet you need to complete your Villa.

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Wall painting Design

Fun and exciting color pops can be achieved by painting a narrow, blank wall with various tones of your favorite color or this orange burst paint feature. Looking for a new, exciting way to decorate your home's interior walls? We can help you locate the perfect pattern.

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Kids room Design

Your teen's ideal bedroom may be a gypsy-style space with plenty of colorful throw cushions, or it can be a Victorian-style room with an ornate white bed as the focal point. Relgrow provides everything you need to create your child's ideal bedroom.

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To introduce myself, my name is Vignesh. I was recently dissatisfied with the furnishings of the apartment I bought in the Kottayam area. As a fan of subtle shades, I decided to update my apartment's décor. Searching for the best interior design companies in Kottayam, I came across Relgrow. My dreams of a perfectly designed space have been taken into account from my first day at Relgrow. With my input and expert interior design skills, my dream house was constructed in the allocated time. Relgrow's efforts are much appreciated.


If you're looking for a reliable interior designer in Kottayam, go no further than Relgrow.

If you're in need of a top-notch interior designer in Kottayam, go no further than Relgrow.

Relgrow is the top interior design firm in Kottayam, so you can trust them to give your property a unique look and feel.

Find the most outstanding apartment interior ideas on Relgrow, whether you're looking for a modular kitchen or a piece of furniture that will help you make the most of the limited square footage in your living room.

If you're looking for a reliable interior designer for your guest room, your search may end with Relgrow.