To discover the best interior designers in Kannur for your interior elegance, look at Relgrow.

We have professional Kannur interior designers that can customize your unique needs. We assist you in creating your ideal interior functionally and elegantly.

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Residential Interior Designer

Residential Interior Design

Want to allow the design of massive, soundproof entertainment rooms that can also serve as office or mini-conference areas; wish to experiment with light and shade, failings, and lively colors; or want to use a neutral palette, such as pastels, grays, beiges, with darker tones. The interior designers at Relgrow can make your Villa appear elegant.

Commercial Interior Designers

Commercial Interior Design

The best interior decorator in Kannur is your best bet for a trendy, modest café. The spaces we create for you are not only functional but also personalized to your interests and preferences. Cafe services from Relgrow promise satisfaction.

Office Interior Designers

Office Interior Design

Do you want to provide your workers with a location where they can get things done and unwind during their breaks? The best solution to your workplace decorating problems can be found at Relgrow. We scour the globe for the most exquisite fittings to furnish your workplace, ensuring its timeless elegance.

Our Process

Interior Design


At Relgrow, we have regular meetings where our customers' ideas are discussed, and the insight of our designers is pooled to establish new standards of quality.

Interior Designers


The designers at Relgrow will take the time to learn about you and your family's requirements and preferences before drawing up a model for your ideal house.

Interior Design


To guarantee a unique design and help you choose the ideal furnishings, the analysts at Relgrow collaborate closely with the designers.

Interior Design


Once we've gotten the all-clear from your end, our team of skilled artisans will go to work putting the plan into action.

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Control of Cost:

Our project manager will monitor actual spending vs the projected amount and adjust the project's execution.

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Post-delivery support:

With Relgrow's help, your dream home's interior decor can become a reality, including maintenance and installation. No matter when you have a query or worry regarding the product, our professionals will be here to help.

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Crockery unit Design

You may divide your luxury villa's living room and dining room from one another with a screen that conceals your crockery cabinet. Using the expertise of Relgrow's top Interior decorators in Kannur, you can choose a wall-to-ceiling unit for your crockeries that will smoothly blend into the décor of your house.

Home Interior Designers

Light Design

The mood and style of a home can be significantly improved with the strategic placement of lights. Using light decors, you can give a room more depth and significance. When light strikes matter, our perception of color, texture, and geometry is inspired. In that instant, the healing elements of the world become visible, a remarkable insight. When it comes to creating an inviting space, good lighting design is crucial. Whether you need beam-angle lights for your dining room, ambient glow for your bedroom, or task lights for your reading table, we have you covered. Relgrow guarantees an ideal ambience in any room.

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Foyer's Design

A contemporary entryway is a stunning sight that makes an impression on guests as they enter your home; this tranquil setting comes into reality with the help of strategically placed lighting. You have a concept for the entryway layout but are unsure how to implement it. To get your ideas into action, Relgrow has a team of experts ready to assist.

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Storage and Wardrobe Designs

The room's chilly pastel tones combine very well with the warmer walnut brown wardrobe designs; this clever, comfortable, and cozy design is perfect for the style-conscious teenager. Looking to upgrade the look of your teenage kid's Wardrobe to suit their unique style, the top-tier interior design company Relgrow offers a variety of solutions for you.

Top Interior Design

False ceiling Design

A contemporary false ceiling design or a double false ceiling is fantastic for a room. Inverting cove lighting has become a terrific method to maintain the lights uniformly illuminated throughout the space while guaranteeing that the ceiling seems bright and vast simultaneously. If you need help designing the interior of your house, Relgrow provides a variety of high-quality ceiling alternatives.

Top Interior Designers

Pooja unit Design

A hanging wooden drawer beneath a marble wall mandir embellished with colorful and detailed work on the marble is a great way to make the most of a tiny pooja room, especially if the room is wedged between two sets of stairs. Relgrow, the best interior design company in Kannur, gives you more options than any other company when selecting pooja units that complement your home's décor.

Budget Interior Designers

Modular kitchen Design

If you live in a small 1BHK and like experimenting with new recipes every day, you may choose to install a quartzite island and hue cabinets to create flexible and relaxing kitchen interiors suitable for your needs. Since you're looking for reliable interior design services, go no further than Relgrow's extensive portfolio of unique designs to satisfy your every demand.

Affordable Interior Designers

Study room Design

Even when you only have a two-bedroom (or 2BHK) apartment, but you still want your quiet spot to study or work on your laptop, you may make do by converting a sitting area by mounting a desk on the wall and adding open shelving above it. As the best interior design company in Kannur, Relgrow offers several stylish choices for sprucing up your study room.

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Bathroom Design

An L-shaped vanity unit in a muted tone with a brilliant wash set on top creates a rich, visually consuming space and looks luxurious with LED lighting in a light and airy bathroom design. Let the best interior designers in Kannur create an elegant, up-to-date bathroom for your Villa.

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Space-saving furniture

A bunk bed attached to the wall allows your kids to have the entire room to themselves during the day, where they can play, and a comfortable sleeping area at night, where they can relax and dream peacefully without waking the other. Get the most out of your floor space without spending a fortune and simply consulting with Relgrow's best space-saving furniture solutions.

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Wallpapers Design

Damask wallpapers, reflecting classic and distinguished Victorian trends on silk and heavy woven patterns, will give your bedroom an air of refined elegance. When it comes to interior design firms, Relgrow is at the top of the list. We have a variety of wallpaper collections that follow global trends and are sure to create your residence seem magnificent.

Interior Designing Architects Near Me

Flooring Design

Ceramic tiles are a popular option for kitchen flooring because of their durability and resistance to stains and spills; they also look great when combined with other bright colors, such as white and yellow or blue and white, to create a modern but timeless aesthetic. Depending on your preferences and the layout of your home, there are many options for kitchen flooring that Relgrow will assist you in choosing.

Top 10 Interior Designers

Tv unit Design

The pull-out drawer and wall panel both include wood grain laminate, which looks nice, but the combination of black wood grain laminate and golden acrylic makes the whole thing seem much more luxurious. If you're looking for a high-end television cabinet to complement your Villa, go no further than Relgrow, an interior design firm known for its elegant solutions.

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Wall painting Design

Wall painting designs by Relgrow tend to lean toward a blue and gray color scheme since they are symbolic of contemporary, minimalist settings. However, the addition of simple furnishings or the concept of a dedicated study space may amplify the interior design of any house to a new level of elegance. If you need some fresh, original wall painting ideas, Relgrow has you covered.

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Kids room Design

Want to give your kids a room with a wallpapered wall, a queen-sized bed, and a mix of open boxes and floating shelves that completes the aesthetic and provides plenty of storage options? If you're looking for fresh inspiration for decorating your child's room in Kannur, look no further than Relgrow, a trustworthy firm with a dedicated team of professionals.

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Hi, I'm Ram. Recently, I purchased a villa near Kannur, but I was pretty disappointed with the decorations that came with it. I wanted to redesign my home's interior since I like muted tones. After hearing my plight, a relative recommended Relgrow to me, and she was right. Since my first day at Relgrow, I've known that my hopes for a perfect interior design are being considered. My ideal home was built in the allotted time since I contributed my ideas, and they provided their excellent interior design knowledge. We appreciate all of Relgrow's hard work tremendously.

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