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Work with our Office Interior Designers in Delhi who are known for their expertise in space design, creativity and the ability to think out of the box. Choose us and we will make you a unique office that speaks about your work.

Office Interior Designers in Delhi

Types of Office Interior Design

Office Interior Design Company in Delhi

Classic Design Style

Classic style is commonly involved in the design of executive offices, conference rooms, and halls, where it is vital to reflect the company's sturdiness and stability. Natural wood and leather are the primary materials used in the production of classic office furniture. Natural stone, metal, and natural silk are frequently used in the interior.

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Eco-styled Design Style

Ecological style carries on the history of country style. The eco style is straightforward and natural. Natural materials, subdued hues, and little ornamental features constitute this style of design. Eco-friendly office furniture appears simple and cozy. Not only does this style give your office a natural look, but it is also sustainable.

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Loft-Design Style

The loft is a large open-plan office with no partitions or walls. High ceilings and bay windows are the key features of this design. The loft style, in general, provides a feeling of unfinished space. Rough finishing is more characterized by the production room, rather than the office. Loft welcomes the combination of old and new.

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Techno Art Design Style

This style may be managed by the most innovative and contemporary businesses. Accents are produced with vivid, acidic hues, broken lines, and unconventional wall décor. Metal embellishments or a plain brick wall are available. The typical rectangular office space is either too long or too small.

Our Process

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In the first stage, you meet with our Office Interior Designers in Delhi to discuss your opinions on the location and the process.

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This is the decision-making stage. We develop design concepts, compare them to resources and budgets, and then confirm them with our clients.

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The installation follows the blueprint while being closely monitored. Then we let you in on the secret of your ideal office space.


Glazzing Cladding Design
Office Furniture
Cabin and Partitions
Office Flooring
Office False Ceiling
Office Wall Designs
Accesses Control
Fire And Safety
Electrical Work
Lighting Design
Interior Design Office in Delhi

Glazzing Cladding Design

We specifically design the doors, windows, panes, and partitions depending on your building structure. Weather-resistant material is used with more preference than glass materials for the inherent style. Even these small surfaces play a very significant role in design uniformity.

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Office Furniture

It's easy for us to find interesting furniture. In addition to finding our clients the perfect lighting fixtures to complete their spaces, we also assist them in finding specially crafted bold and beautifully carved furniture, depending on the theme of the workplace and design.

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Cabin and Partitions

Cabin and partitions are the basis of a classic-style office. We provide hardwood, glass, and even concrete partitions. The cabins are made in a way to store the most materials in little space. Cabinets and drawers are constructed within them. Air vents are also there.

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Office Flooring

From 1970s terrazzo flooring to today’s hardwood design, Relgrow has all types of plans ready for you. The floor design is done according to your convenience and the colour scheme of the whole building. We choose only weatherproof and durable tiles for you.

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Office False Ceiling

Ceilings are more than just the roofs over your heads; they can now be decorated to look gorgeous from every angle of the room. Our false ceiling solutions not only save energy and waste but also reduce the need for air conditioning while generating an optimum-suited office ambiance.

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Office Wall Designs

The texture and aesthetic of your company walls are our responsibility. We give them makeovers and in addition, Relgrow provides you with various creative paintings and wallpapers that can produce beauty, contemplation, and reflect your artwork taste.

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Accesses Control

Data security comes with control of various access in a systematic manner. During the installation of digital systems in your office, we authorize access according to your plan for the smooth functioning of your office.

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CCTVs are a must to ensure safety in this fast-track world. At your request, we install cameras and systems to keep your entire office under CCTV surveillance to combat fraudulence, theft, or any other crime.

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Fire And Safety

Safety always comes first; that’s why we also install the fire and safety equipment in your building for unfortunate times. The equipment is safe and easy to use. The instructions are legible and clearly stated near the devices.

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Electrical Work

The boarding and wiring of your entire building are not exposed, it is done in a safe manner. The intricacy of electrical design matches the rest of the setup in colour palette and space design. The switchboards are placed in every evident corner and wall of the structure.

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No office is complete without proper control of heat, air ventilation, and cooling. Lack of temperature control and air ventilation can frustrate your workers. Along with the entire interior drafting of your space, we also install air conditioners, coolers, thermostats, and heaters which also suit the color scheme.

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Lighting Design

When strategically dispersed throughout your interior design, the right lighting arrangements can make all the difference. Combine ambient and natural lighting in your lighting design to avoid having a cold, artificial feel. Your commercial space can be made unique by adding these sources.


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Network Control

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Reception Area

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Brainstorming Rooms

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Fitness Area

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Locker Room

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Server Room

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Cafeteria Area

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Interior Design Packages



This minimal package of ours includes only furniture, cabins, partitions, and floor design. The execution of this basic design takes about 2 months.



This package includes electrical, fire and safety, CCTV installation, and wall design alongside the things included in the starter package. The duration is about 4 months.



Our special package is specifically meant to give you a luxurious look with lighting design, false ceiling, glazing, and cladding including the services of a professional package. Duration is unspecified.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before hiring an interior designer you must know the budget and the overall strategy of an interior designer which he is going to opt for. Before hiring a designer you should also check the quality and sustainability of your walls and whether the designs you are thinking of are actually doable by the interior designers.

Relgrow: a team of interior designers provide their clients with cutting-edge designs of benchmark quality and comfort. We plan, design, create, implement and install our designer layouts in full accordance with your needs and desires. Relgrow takes pride in delivering the most refined artistry in the stipulated time, within the agreed budget.

The judgement is that the greatest time to hire Office interior designers in Delhi is after the construction of your building is complete. This will enable you to have a solid interior design process free of errors and gaps.

Relgrow designs the following:

  • Residential homes
  • Office spaces
  • Villa interiors
  • Apartment interiors
  • Construction works

You can click the consultation button to connect with an individual regarding your interior designing needs or connect with us on our social media links.