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Sanitaryware and other fixtures are products we supply to our clients throughout the city. View our extensive selection of sanitary products in unique designs & at competitive prices.

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Conduits Pipes and Fittings

Commodes Online
Price: 6,800*

One Piece EWCs

Your modular bathroom receives the finishing touch from a one-piece EWC. We have the largest selection of one-piece EWCs, including rimless toilets, tornado flush one-piece toilets, and vortex flush one-piece seats.

Commodes Online
Price: 7,800*

Two-Piece EWCs

We offer a variety of products, such as the two-piece EWCs, the fig two-piece floor-mounted ewc, and the two-piece floor-mounted EWC for our clients' sanitary ware needs.

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Price: 52,600*

Two Piece Wall Hung EWCs

The flushing mechanism and water outlet are hidden within the walls in this setup. This guarantees a neat, uncluttered appearance and distinguishes between a wall-hung and a floor-mounted toilet.

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Price: 14,135*

Wall Hung EWCs

The main benefit of a wall-hung toilet is that no floor space is taken up since it is mounted on the wall. Due to the sense of space they create, these units are ideal for small bathrooms.

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Price: 17,700*

Back to Wall EWC

These EWCs are rimless back-to-wall mounts loaded with a UF soft, close seat cover. It also has hinges and fixing accessories that help it to install in the bathroom.

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Price: 13,624*

Floor Mounting EWCs

This product comprises a compass twin flush cistern with a cajol seat cover that gives a beautiful finish to the bathroom. It can also come in the EWCs combo pack.

Commodes Online
Price: 6,800*

Squatting Pans

A large selection of Squatting Pans is available with us. These are made from materials of the highest quality and high durability.

Commodes Online
Price: 6,800*


The CRUSE is of dimensions : 21 x 18 x 18 cms. It has a capacity of 30 kg, with a ceramic layer. This setup is easy to maintain and gives a good look to your bathroom.


The following are the components of a commode:

  • O-Ring
  • Flange
  • Seal in wax
  • Handle
  • Float
  • Chain
  • Flapper

For home, the two-piece EWCs are ideal. As the commodes are easy to use and install. In addition to this, they are also easy to maintain and clean.

The model number of your toilet seat can be found outside the box if you still have the original packaging. Call our Customer Service if you don't have the original packaging, and they can help you figure out what model number your seat is.

If you are mechanically inclined, installing most toilets is simple, but we always provide the plumbing professional to install the commode in your bathroom. We help our clients from placing the order to installing it.