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Commercial Interior Design Ideas

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Glass - Way Method

The use of glass is one of the most crucial elements of any excellent commercial interior design. It divides rooms perfectly while maintaining an open, airy feel without complicating the design theme. Designers mainly use glass partitions and table tops to enhance this interior design idea.

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Mixture Lighting Theme

The right lighting arrangements, when strategically disperse throughout the area, can make a world of difference to your interior design. To avoid having a cold, artificial feel to your lighting design, combine ambient and natural lighting sources to add uniqueness to your commercial space.

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Modern Decor Style

Customers find a lot of appeal in the use of industrial materials like plastic and steel, hard, smooth lines, and simple colour schemes. Without fully embracing a modern design theme, modern design décor materials help to convey the impression of high-tech innovation in your commercial design.

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Colorful Approach

You can use a good mix of both—natural colours accented by solid and vibrant colours to your commercial interiors. By providing the ideal mix of vibrant countertops for your commercial space, Relgrow can assist in enhancing your brand.

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Large and Geometric Patterns

The eye-catching patterns and geometric patterns assist enterprises in making an accurate design statement that conveys personality and leaves a lasting impression on customers. This is one of the widely used ideas for curating the best interior designs.

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Quirky Combinations Approach

Today's interior designers are incorporating various unexpectedly quirky elements to give commercial space a unique feel. Unmatched floor tiles are an excellent example because, despite their odd appearance, they can look fantastic when used properly.

Difference Between Residential and Commercial Interior Design

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Residential Interior Design

In contrast to commercial design, residential interior design refers to designing for people's homes. These interior designers aim to create spaces that suit the functionality of their client's homes and showcase their individual tastes.

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Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior designers plan public spaces,government buildings, private businesses, and other corporate spaces. Commercial designers work to make hotels and restaurants functional and appealing with their aesthetic expertise.

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What does a commercial interior designers do?

A commercial interior designer uses creativity to design appealing, secure and practical commercial indoor spaces. They accomplish this by selecting significant and adorning aesthetics for each design, such as colours, lighting, wall decor, furniture, and architectural details.

Different phases of design

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Pre-design Phase

To better understand how the space should be organised, the commercial designer spends a predetermined amount of time interviewing various stakeholders, including the business owner, managers, employees, and even customers. After all discussions, designers chalk out the pre-design phase for the interior project.

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Construction Phase

In this phase, the construction works start in which the interior designer coordinates tasks, schedules with the contractor, and oversees quality control. Moreover, they ensure the project is completed on schedule and budget.

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Post-construction Phase

During a final inspection of the commercial space after the construction, the interior designer makes sure that each task has been accomplished to the client's satisfaction. The designer assesses after the space has been used and is operational to ensure all project components work as intended.

5 Rules for Commercial Interior Design


Keep the aesthetics game on point

Aesthetic components may change and develop over time without impacting fundamental branding elements like the brand colour palette. This is advantageous for the use of aesthetics in commercial spaces.

For instance, the interior layout of an office should have designated convertible areas that can be used creatively and changed without affecting the building's more stable structures.


Maintaining structure versatility

The best way to guarantee the interior space's simple conversion is to keep interior structure elements adaptable. This is one fundamental rule for places that are solely for business purposes.


Offer customised spaces

Giving customers the option to receive an environment and service that suit their preferences is key to making them feel at home in customer-based businesses like hotels and restaurants. The company will significantly benefit from developing a commercial interior design plan to create spaces with provisions to accommodate individual interests and preferences.

The key element determining customer retention in today's cutthroat business environment is likability.


Ensure Safety in commercial spaces

Safety is the most important factor when building a structure. Interior design should essentially incorporate safety features. No safety rule should be compromised for design considerations. It is not only a legal requirement but also the client and interior designer's moral duty.


Technology implementation

In a commercial interior design, a seamless technology implementation system is crucial. Ample consideration and space should be provided for telecommunication systems, such as telephones, computer networking, television, and overhead media when planning the interiors.

The goal is to improve the efficiency and comfort of the staff and visitors in their respective areas of responsibility.


We can learn more about your style and direction by looking at any inspiration pictures you have gathered, perhaps from books or Pinterest. Moreover, it might be good to have some examples of designs you dislike. Hence, our commercial interior designers know what to steer clear of when working on your interior design project.

Depending on the project size, most commercial interior design projects can take anywhere from three to six months. If you have a stringent deadline, please let us know at the beginning of the process so we can make every effort to finish your commercial space as soon as possible. Because custom furniture is frequently built to order, delivery times can range from 6 to 12 weeks. You can also save time by meeting your designer often and taking quick decisions.

A: Our favourite part of any project is this phase. We want to give our clients a unique "reveal" of a newly designed commercial space. We conduct a final walk-through before wrapping up to ensure everything is in its proper place. After completion of the project, we will block a fine day for you to visit your new commercial space

Although each project is unique, we can provide you with an accurate estimate of how much funds you will need to spend to get the results you want.

We will also collaborate with you to develop and adhere to a budget based on the nature of your project. When making a budget, you should consider your level of involvement in the design process, your decision-making speed, and if you're planning a remodel.

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