Painting Contractors in Bangalore

Freshly showcase your home with our professional painting contractors in Bangalore. Relgrow painting services offer great value with tailored solutions that meet your expectations.

Painting Contractors in Bangalore

Our Services

Experience and Expertise

Fresh Painting

Whether you're building a new house or just renovating, our best home painting services in Bangalore promise to deliver walls worthy of an Instagram post. Our skilled painting team provides you with affordable painting services with the right painting tools.


Textured Walls Painting

Experience the richness of textured feature walls. With our stronghold textured wall painting services, choose your favorite wall texture designs, from orange peel to popcorn textures.

Quality Materials

Designer Wall Painting

We are one of the top designer wall painting services that can transform your space with artistic touches by assisting you with everything with wondrous wall colour designs.

Experience and Expertise

Interior Painting

To revamp your living room or entire house with the right colours, elegant textures and stencil designs, explore our expert home painting services to help with every step.

Customized Designs

Exterior Design

Ensure your dream house with our customized home painting services in Bangalore. Choose your own exterior wall paintings on a budget with the best quality paints and exceptional finishes.

Quality Materials


We are known for expert painting services, including repainting solutions. Before starting the repainting process, we inspect the wall, ensuring the surface is properly prepared for smooth repainting.


Commercial Painting

Our dedicated team of skilled painters in Bangalore offers one of the best painting services suitable for commercial spaces. Our services include safety as a priority, which covers your office furniture and office equipment.

Customized Designs

Wood Coating

Relgrow ensures durable wood coating with beautiful wood finishes. We apply the correct wood coatings, like lacquer, shellac, to protect them from damage and increase their appearance, ranging from polished to unpolished.

Customized Designs


Solve the water leakage problem by choosing our expert waterproofing services in Bangalore for terraces, walls and bathrooms. Our skilled supervisor is in the field during the waterproofing process and ensures there is no water leakage.

Quality Materials


Our grout artisans go beyond protection, bringing creativity into your space. We offer specialized services like pressure grouts and grout designs for your tiles for long lasting protection from dust, moisture and more.

Talk with our experts today for all your needed painting services.

Our Painting Process

Initial Site Visit

An initial inspection is followed by our painting professional team to evaluate by visiting your home or office, considering total painting needs, lighting and accurate budget.

Paint Selection

Our painting consultants will help you pick from a wide range of colors that match your style and mood for your living room, bedroom or entire home.

Budget Planning

Our expert painting team provides detailed cost estimates for painting services in Bangalore, guiding you to affordable materials. Get precise pricing for painting services tailored to your budget.

Painting Preparation

Our experienced painters prepare the site using advanced painting tools to prioritize safety and cleanliness. This preparation ensures a smooth and durable finish on the site.

Cleanup and Completion

Once the process is complete, our professionals will clean the entire space, including the floor and fixtures, and hand it over for your use.

Post-painting Support

After the painting is done, you can witness dullness after some time. Our painting team offers you tips on maintaining walls and safeguarding them for a longer life.

Why Choose Our Painting Services in Bangalore

L-Shaped Modular Kitchens
Local expertise

Local experience is a major gain for our painting contractors in Bangalore. Our expert team of painters in Bangalore worked locally and knew the customer’s needs for interiors, exteriors and more.

Island Modular Kitchens
Expert Artisanship

Every painting process will be under supervision to bring better results with the efforts taken by our professional painters through our artisanal painting services in Bangalore.

Straight Modular Kitchens
Provened skill

With 10 years of experience, our home painting service in Bangalore contributes to colour consulting and timely finishing, bringing success, stunning results tailored to your needs.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchens
Quality Supplies

Our professional painters prefer quality painting materials that give long lasting results. We use the best painting tools to work faster and increase durability.

Benefits Of Hiring Our Painting Contractors In Bangalore

Safety Measures

Our skilled wall painters wear the required safety gear and follow every safety measure, creating a trouble free working space.

On time completion

Finishing the project on time as promised. We use modern painting tools to finish the work quickly and make it smooth.

Supervised Painting

We ensure well supervised painting services. Our painting project and its progress are monitored for top-notch quality.

Entire Furniture Covering

We cover your furniture and other valuable materials with quality sheets or drop cloths to prevent them from getting paint or dust.

Post-painting Clean-up

We do a complete painting cleanup after work is done, so you can promptly fill in your furniture.


“Their painting service was excellent. The consultants were helpful in choosing colors and the job was done quickly and without any mess.”

Disha Jain

“I am very happy with the painting. The painters were professional. A little cleaning has to be done.”

Seema Surendren

“They give great service at a reasonable price. Painting was done smoothly, and our home looks amazing. ”

Kalakanth Joshi


At Relgrow home painting packages include an initial assessment, colour advice, budget allocation, painting services, cleanup and after-painting assistance.

Always choose a painting team to efficiently and safely finish your painting job. Relgrow, ensures top painters in Bangalore provide the best in class services.

Yes, we have a track record of providing home painting services in Bangalore.

Home painting costs are high in Bangalore, so count on our professional painting service to cover all your painting needs within your budget.

Yes, we offer commercial painting services in Bangalore.

Our repainting procedure starts with a site visit, evaluating the wall, its colour, cracks, sanding and priming to create a smooth painting surface.

We provide finishes from all major paint brands for the painting jobs.

Depends on the area of your house or apartment and the requirements of the interior or exterior of the house.

Residents of Bangalore prefer expert painters for their top-quality paintings, hardworking, efficient approach and advanced tools for a smooth finish.

Based on the predictions of colour experts, blue and pink are the current interior design trends for 2024. Beyond trends, we customize home interiors for you.