Everywhere you look, the structures are strengthened with Relgrow’s concrete sand.

We supply fine concrete sand to our clients on their construction sites. Our supply system continuously works towards delivering the best building materials.

Concrete Sand Suppliers in India

Concrete Sand Types

Concrete Sand Suppliers in India

Pit Sand

Due to its superior binding properties, Pit Sand, one type of concrete sand, is best suited for building construction. The grains of sand don't easily react with atmospheric moisture, giving a sturdy and rigid building as a result of this quality.

Concrete Sand Suppliers in India

Utility Sand

This particular kind of sand is made from high-quality industrial quartz. Due to its uniform grain shapes, this type of concrete sand offers excellent compaction and good mechanical properties. Because they are non-reactive, they can be used in corrosive environments..

Concrete Sand Suppliers in India

Fill Sand

Fill sand is used in construction, primarily for filling. It is made up of aggregates and numerous sand grains. It can mainly be utilised as a base material for paving, laying concrete, and filling substantial holes.

Concrete Sand Suppliers in India

Normal Concrete River Sand

One of the fine-graded sands used in building construction, River Sand is white-grey in colour. They are primarily employed in masonry and concrete work. They can be used for many other brick or block projects, including RCC, plastering, and others.

Uses of Concrete Sand


Helps in Adhesion of Building Material

Concrete Sand particles help adhere to the cement film in the construction work. The fine particles offer the requisite surface area, which helps bind the building materials.


Increases The Volume Of Mortar

The Concrete Sand helps in maximising the volume of the mortar for successful building of commercial and non-commercial structures. Moreover, this also makes the mortar more economical.


Adds Density to Mortar

Concrete Sand have fine particles which is helpful in imparting the required density to the mortar. It also helps strengthening the building material to the highest level.

Concrete sand - Function & Importance

Long-lasting and sturdy structures

Every element of concrete aids in making the buildings more sturdy and long-lasting. It helps in binding the different construction materials into one frame.

Helps in the Increase in Thermal Expansion

Thermal expansion is necessary for any construction work. Concrete Sand plays a significant role in this essential work by increasing the thermal expansion process in buildings.

Work as a lubricant

When Concrete Sand is mixed with water, it works as a lubricant that catalyzes the process, like mixing, setting, laying, and hardening the concrete. All of this is important for successful construction work.

Concrete Sand Suppliers in India

Why Concrete Sand?

Concrete Sand offers more surface area to the concrete solution by the rough exterior of substances, like water and cement. Because of this, it is much preferable to use coarse sand, such as concrete sand, in construction projects where stronger material bonds are required to produce more resilient and long-lasting concrete.


Cement is a concrete component, while concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregate, and water. Cement is most frequently used as a concrete component and comes in the construction material category. In contrast, concrete is the standard building material used in sidewalks, backyard patios, bridges, dams, and roads worldwide.

Sand plays a significant role in concrete mix designs. When making concrete, sand from natural gravel deposits or crushed rocks works well as fine aggregate. It is combined with coarse aggregates to create structural concrete, but it can also be used on its own with cement to make mortar and plaster.

Poor workability is caused by concrete that contains more sand fines. Water is eventually added to the concrete mix before or even during the unloading process to improve workability.