Relgrow is the best interior decorators in Thrissur, with talented professionals create for your personalized experience.

Cushioned seats draped in luxurious fabric define a "traditional" space that artfully blends the best of the modern era and contemporary. Let the best interior designer in Thrissur create a unique design for you to make your property a dwelling.

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Residential Interior Design

If you want a professional design firm in Thrissur that specializes in interior design to assist you in freshening up your apartment? Any design you're aiming for, be it unique or elegant, our team gives the most refined interior decor in Thrissur that standards for your apartment.

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Commercial Interior Design

For a successful eatery, it's crucial to provide a place where diners can relax and enjoy their meals peacefully. You can count on Relgrow to create a commercial interior that looks great and create a ambiance that goes with the cuisine

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Office Interior Design

Create a place that offers a maze of wonders for your staff by having it designed to encourage them to approach and explore their own offices along the ideas of a cluttered space. Contact us today for the most incredible offers on office interior design services.

Our Process

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New quality standards and feedback from customers are discussed and established at regular meetings.

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Our designers will learn about your needs and preferences before designing your dream home.

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Relgrow's analysts work closely with designers to ensure a distinctive design and assist in picking the right furniture.

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After receiving your green light, our professional creators will implement the idea.

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Control of Cost:

Our project manager will compare actual to budgeted expenses and alter project execution.

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Post-delivery support:

We will help you create and keep up with your dream home's aesthetic. You may reach out to us whenever, and one of our product experts will respond to your inquiry.

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Crockery unit Design

You should furnish your home with a closed cabinet near the dining room and a crockery shelf that is both beautiful and complementary to the cabinet's overall design. Our specialists provide you with a unique set of interior solutions.

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Light Design

The secret to creating an ultra-luxurious space with luxxu's lighting in your opulent house is to use golden lighting patterns in otherwise gloomy spaces. In order to make your room seem its best, we will have our lighting experts look for the most appropriate light fixtures.

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Foyer's Design

Your visitors will be captivated from the moment they enter your home if you use unusual light elements to establish an artistic or distinctive tone at the door and then continue that vibe throughout the living area. If you need help designing a stunning entryway, don't hesitate to contact our interior designer.

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Storage and Wardrobe Designs

A sliding-door wardrobe contains many shelves and bookshelves. Furthermore, combining a multicolored motif and a rustic glass panel may make a tiny room seem more significant. With our assistance, you can have access to stylish and practical clothing.

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False ceiling Design

PVC false ceilings are often used in wet areas such as kitchens, baths, and garages. They are cheap, simple, and inexpensive to operate and maintain. You may trust that our talented designers can create a false ceiling that complements the beauty of your area.

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Pooja unit Design

A Mandir with hidden drawers and storage space creates a minimalist aesthetic in the ambience. Create an elegant pooja room with the help of our professional designers.

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Modular kitchen Design

An Isabel design is your best bet if you're looking for a kitchen that makes the most of your wall space by situating cupboards and appliances along the walls. Elegant kitchen interiors are possible with the aid of Relgrow's professional designers.

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Study room Design

Looking for a place to study in a room that exudes beauty in its simplicity and has room for your books? There are a variety of alternatives available to you here, from elegant study rooms to sleek nooks with a contemporary vibe and a well-stocked library

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Bathroom Design

Small wall tiles and a curved shower area are the perfect finishing touches for a bathroom that is curvy in all the right places. Relgrow's is the interior design company in Thrissur that can be personalized to fit your specific needs.

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Space-saving furniture

Is a queen-size bed your dream, yet you live in a studio apartment? A wall-mounted foldable bed is an excellent space-saving solution. Have one of our expert designers tailor a set of furniture to your unique needs and space.

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Wallpapers Design

Concrete wallpaper in a dark green tone, with a minimalist pattern and watercolor wall art that is self-adhesive and removable, makes for a sophisticated and timeless look in the bathroom. When it comes to wallpaper, Relgrow has you covered.

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Flooring Design

White ceramic floor tiles are timeless and sophisticated, making them an excellent choice for a kitchen. You may trust Relgrow to provide you with just the most delicate contemporary trimmings for your abode renovation.

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Tv unit Design

Several of Relgrow's TV cabinet designs have plank ceiling wall paneling, a timeless touch. The dark paint on the paneling helps the TV stand out against the wall and provides a more realistic viewing experience. Let's find out what sort of TV stand will complement your villa the most.

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Wall painting Design

You can quickly and easily create a fun 3D wall look with the help of painter's tape, which can also be used to mark off color placement for a more authentic painting experience. A Relgrow specialist can help you revamp your living space.

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Kids room Design

At Relgrow, we are specialists in creating kid-friendly spaces where your children may play together. The themed room has bunk beds, built-in bookshelves, and a stairway with plenty of storage for kids' toys. Let's find a suitable space for your children and personalize it to suit them.

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Relgrow did my interior work quickly and smoothly. The actual work matched their plans and pricing projections—exceptionally high job satisfaction. Relgrow's staff consistently delivered as promised on fixtures and fittings.


Whether you need help with the inside of a home, business, or workplace, we can take care of every detail to your satisfaction.

Interior designers charge varying amounts based on the square footage of a space as well as the degree of difficulty of the design.

Interior designers use artistic skill and scientific knowledge to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Decorators, on the other hand, are primarily concerned with improving a room's visual attractiveness via the careful placement of furnishings and accents.

Budget and timetable are the main factors so think about what you need in terms of interior services and contact Relgrow for help.

In addition to home furnishings, Relgrow also offers a large variety of items suitable for use in an office or other professional environment.