As the best interior designers in Pathanamthitta, we create spaces that reflect your unique style while enhancing your property's beauty.

You can trust Relgrow to help you with the best interior decor, whether you're looking to spruce up your kitchen or living room and pump some of your taste into the mix.

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Residential Interior Design

Among Pathanamthitta's interior designers, we provide the highest level of expertise. We have a very efficient team that can design or improve any section of your apartment to the greatest quality, from the living room to the bedroom.

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Commercial Interior Design

Pathanamthitta's top interior designer can assist you in picking a restaurant with excellent decor. We design attractive, efficient places for your audience. We aim to create your journey easy, stress-free, and pleasurable.

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Office Interior Design

It's essential to stay up with office design trends since employees' satisfaction is based on their comfort. Don't know how to update your office's interior? Office decorating solutions are best found at Relgrow.

Our Process

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The designers and engineers here at Relgrow often get together to share their ideas and hear feedback from our customers in order to set the bar higher in terms of product quality.

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Before sketching a plan for your dream home, our architects will consult with you and your loved ones to fully understand your needs.

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The analysts at Relgrow work closely with the designers to ensure a one-of-a-kind layout and to assist you in selecting the best furniture.

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As soon as we get confirmation from your end that everything is in order, our team of trained craftsmen will begin implementing the plan.

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Control of Cost:

Our project supervisor will keep tabs on actual costs vs budgeted ones and make necessary adjustments throughout its implementation.

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Post-delivery support:

The upkeep and installation of the interior design of your dreams is within reach. Questions and concerns about our products may always be directed to our support team.

What makes Us the most preferred interior decorators in Pathanamthitta?

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Crockery unit Design

A wooden back panel with storage boards may modernize an otherwise classic open-shelf system for those who prefer a more spare approach to kitchen decor. If you want a multi-purpose device in your kitchen, Relgrow can make it happen.

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Light Design

Ambient light highlights architectural details while softening less exciting parts of space is a great way to create the dramatic, relaxing effects you want. With the help of Relgrow, the top interior designer in Pathanamthitta, you can be sure that your home or business will have the ideal ambience.

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Foyer's Design

If you're going for an essential aesthetic, keeping the foyer uncluttered is a must; decorate with just a few critical decor items and carefully chosen pieces of art. If you need assistance finding a foyer design that will infuse luxury into your house, our professionals can provide just that.

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Storage and Wardrobe Designs

Wooden veneers with crystal or mirrors make an attractive and trendy look, while solid wood gives your closet a classic and glamorous appearance. Relgrow can help you choose the right wardrobe style for your ideal villa.

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False ceiling Design

A false ceiling, sometimes known as a fifth wall, is an additional ceiling installed above the existing ceiling and framed in metal or wood to improve heat comfort, sound isolation, and light. If you're looking to upgrade the look of your interior with false ceilings, our experts can assist you.

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Pooja unit Design

Mounting a pooja unit on the wall across from the kitchen is ideal. Still, you can also create a dedicated pooja space by mounting a behind the sofa in the living room and adorning its sides with beautiful wood jali. Contact us if you need high-quality interior design companies in Pathanamthitta for crafting pooja units.

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Modular kitchen Design

Modular kitchens are a terrific option for efficient and simple space saving since they enable you to conserve room without breaking the bank. Our team can assist you in making changes to the inside of your kitchen.

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Study room Design

If you currently use a planner regularly, a weekly acrylic whiteboard might be a perfect addition to your study space for keeping track of your daily activities. Our team of professionals can create various unique designs for your study room depending on your preferences and needs.

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Bathroom Design

Art deco tiles, with their geometrical precision and Terrific Gatsby–inspired flair, are an excellent choice for a luxurious bathroom design that makes a statement. If you want to upgrade your bathroom's look, our team of professionals can assist.

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Space-saving furniture

Relgrow's suggestions for space-saving furnishings are fantastic if you're stuck in a studio apartment. We are an established interior design firms in Pathanamthitta; for your interior upgrades.

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Wallpapers Design

Consider an animal alphabet wallpaper if you're looking to decorate your kid's room with something that will keep them entertained and instruct them. Various kid-friendly wallpaper options are accessible from our experts.

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Flooring Design

The elevated floor design features two colors—typically black and white or blue and yellow—to draw attention to the room's primary focal point, the kitchen or dining area. We're here to assist if you need guidance from professionals in making a flooring selection.

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Tv unit Design

Modern and attractive TV stands with a cabinet unit can be created with geometric print wallpaper to create elegance around the tv unit. Get in touch with Relgrow if you're still stuck on the layout of your TV cabinets.

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Wall painting Design

To add a touch of elegance to an otherwise plain wall, paint the center of this circular ombre design a darker shade of the wall's base color. Regarding wall painting, our specialists provide a broad variety of styles tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

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Kids room Design

Choose bunk beds, which are a great space-saver and won't take up much area if your adolescent girl's bedroom is on the smaller side. Talk to our specialists about the options available for your child's bedroom.

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My Relgrow experience was priceless. After buying a residence in Pathanamthitta, my family and I found we didn't like the interior design and hired a Relgrow specialist. Their knowledge helped us build a beautiful space within budget. Thanks to Relgrow, the top firm in Pathanamthitta for interior design, we were able to accomplish our goals.


Updating and redesigning the interiors of your house, business, or other building to meet your specific needs is one of the primary responsibilities of interior designers.

Even on a low budget, you may achieve a decent-looking interior design between Rs 3 Lakhs and Rs 4 Lakhs. It has all the essentials for a medium-sized apartment, including a complete kitchen furniture set.

You could contact Relgrow for the best interior design company in Pathanamthitta to realize your ideas in your commercial space.

You may rely on Relgrow's team of specialists in Pathanamthitta to improve your office's interior to your specific needs.

Look no further than Relgrow if you need the best interior decorator in Pathanamthitta. We are dedicated to assisting clients like you in finding the optimal solutions for all your design requirements.

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