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Those blank walls of your living spaces are full of opportunities, and a few upgrades can transform them into aesthetic beauty. No matter your taste, we have the techniques to amplify your walls and highlight your personality.

Paint Brands

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Paint Categories


Interior Paint

Interior paints are the most popular option for painting the interiors because they are water-based and nearly odorless. The paint has very low levels of VOCs and dries quickly. Emulsion paints- one type of interior paint is long-lasting and washable, making it simple to remove stains with a damp cloth or a mild soap solution.


Exterior Paint

Exterior paint is applied to the exterior or outer side of a building, commercial space, house, or other structure. These paints have a unique formulation that prevents mildew and fading. Regardless of their precise proportions, the main ingredients in most exterior paints are the same in exterior paints.


Wood Paint

Wood paint comes in two categories: latex and oil-based varieties. Latex paint is ideal for furniture and interior wooden surfaces because it provides stronger protection than oil paint. For best results, prime the wooden surface before applying any wood paint finishes.


Metal Paint

Aluminum flakes make up the majority of metal paints. These flakes reflect light, giving the object a glossy appearance. Typically, a clear coat (a lacquer layer) is applied on top of it during painting.


Water-proofing Paint

Acryl, waterproof paint for interior walls, will also be effective against humidity. Waterproof masonry paint is one of the most popular waterproofing coatings for exterior walls in living and commercial spaces. This shields masonry from moisture and the elements and is available in various chemistries, including thermal shielding and pliolite options.


Tile Paint

Latex, acrylic latex, and enamel paints perform well on ceramic tile flooring. You can use a high-adhesion primer to prepare the surface for the paint. Apply two to three even coats, as needed, to achieve full coverage and glossy finish on the tile flooring. Painting tiles is one such effective alternative to the replacement of tiles.


Floor Paint

Epoxy paint - one kind of floor paint- is more durable than latex-based paints and has a comparable ability to control moisture. Epoxy floor paint should be mixed properly to obtain the best finish in floor painting. Even a small amount of it can smooth out the finish of a concrete floor, which gives a matte finish.

Our Painting Services


Wall Stencil

For painting patterns on plain walls, wall stencils are a simple tool. We also use DIY techniques for the wall stencil tools. Relgrow has different wall stencils for various purposes.


Interior Painting

We can decorate the interior of your ideal home or commercial space with our elegant colors. You will enjoy the ambiance of your living space to the fullest. Our team completes your project on time, utilizing the best tools and skilled artisans.


Exterior Painting

The best way to improve your home and office's curb appeal is to paint the exterior with high resistant paint. With Relgrow’s expert team, give your space exterior a complete makeover. Our process is simple and hassle-free.


Living Room Painting

A quick way to give a living room more style and personality is to add color with paint. Nothing can alter a space like paint, whether your living room is a peaceful oasis or a gathering place. View some of the fantastic living room paint ideas for decoration.


Texture Painting

We use wall textures and stencils to make the room's walls look fantastic. Our incredible artists and royale play designers magically transform plain walls into great texture patterns per the clients’ needs and tastes.

Products and Services


Elegant Designer Walls

With the best wall colours, Relgrow provides you with the ideal wall makeover. Select a sleek design from our selection, then create a custom design using vibrant colours.


Subtle Commercial Painting

All corporate buildings, lecture halls, and office boardrooms require a set design and pattern. Relgrow offers its commercial painting services for professional and commercial spaces at a reasonable price.


Residential Paintings

Your home deserves the best professionals to provide you with the best painting services, whether it's just one accent wall or a complete renovation. Residential painting services from Relgrow offer you seamless, effective, and affordable solutions.


Watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints are the three main categories of paint. You can learn different techniques for each of these paints using a different methodology at Relgrow’s website. Further, these paint categories are sub-divided into sub-groups as per their finishes.

The following are the different types of exterior paints:

  • Enamel paints
  • Latex paints
  • Oil-based paints
  • Acrylic Paints

Primer can be purchased for between Rs 140 and 200 per litre. For better paint adhesion, contractors typically apply a coat of primer before using putty.

For emulsion, the cost varies depending on the quantity. At Relgrow, the price starts at Rs. 134 per litre. On the other hand, oil painting is usually more expensive than the above.

Following are the latest home painting designs:

  • Emulsion painted walls - Since water-based paint, odor or stink issues are not a concern. Emulsion paints are more durable than Distemper because of their acrylic or vinyl composition.
  • Luscious lustre paint design gives your home a lustrous and glossy finish, enhancing the rich look of your residence.
  • Enamel paint - This paint is more resistant to other external factors. The paint retains its vibrant colors in adverse conditions also.

Generally, 10 litres of paint costs Rs. 550 per bucket. Further, it also depends on the brand of the paint.

Like 10 litres of paint, the cost of 20 litres depends on the brand and quantity.