Commercial Interior Designers in Chennai

From medicals to hotels to cafes, our Commercial Interior Designers in Chennai provide the top class designs in every arena. We develop unique concepts to match the aura of the workspace while also keeping your design better than everyone else.

Commercial Interior Designers in Chennai

Types of Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interiors in Chennai

F&B-Interior Design

This type of commercial interior design deals with restaurants, bars, and bistro designs. Relgrow’s commercial interior designers in Chennai will create interiors that always stay better than your competitors’, while also giving the accurate touch of aesthetics, all within your budget.

Commercial Interior Design in Chennai

Reinstatement Interior Design

Our team works hard to return your industrial building to its initial state for commercial reasons. Renovation contractors carefully remove temporary fixtures and remodelled interiors from your spaces. If you wish, we can further do interior design in the same space

Commercial Interior Design in Chennai

Office Interior Design/ Renovation

An office interior design always thrives upon its size and working style. Another important feature is the functionality of space and comes with good space planning. We make sure to create a vibrant space that improves the productivity and also the total outlook of your office.

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Retail Interior Design

Designs for storefronts are based on aesthetics. In order to attract people to shop, the psychological use of colours and the display of merchandise is essential. To create a strong storefront, interior styling is also crucial. We ensure the consistency between the designs of the outer and inner side of your store.

Our Process

Designing Commercial Interiors in Chennai


In the first stage, you meet with our Commercial Interior Designers in Chennai to discuss your opinions on the location and the process.

Commercial Office Space Design in Chennai


This is the decision-making stage. We develop design concepts, compare them to resources and budgets, and then confirm them with our clients.

Best Commercial Interior Designers in Chennai


The installation follows the blueprint while being closely monitored. Then we let you in on the secret of your ideal commercial space.


Glazzing Cladding Design
False Ceiling Design
Wall Design
Cabinet Design
Floor Design
Lighting Design
Electrical Design
Fire and safety Design
Video Conferencing Room Design
Commercial Retail Interior Designers in Chennai

Glazzing Cladding Design

We specifically design the doors, windows, panes, and partitions depending on your building structure. Weather-resistant material is used with more preference to glass materials for the inherent style. Even these small surfaces play a very significant role in design uniformity.

Luxury Commercial Interior Design in Chennai

False Ceiling Design

Ceilings are more than just the roofs over your heads; they can now be decorated to look gorgeous from every angle of the room. Our false ceiling solutions not only save energy and waste but also reduce the need for air conditioning while generating an optimum-suited villa ambiance.

Top Commercial Interior Designers in Chennai


It's easy for us to find interesting furniture. In addition to finding our clients the perfect lighting fixtures to complete their spaces, we also assist them in finding specially crafted bold and beautifully carved furniture, depending on the theme of the workplace and design

Budget Commercial Interior Designers in Chennai


The texture and aesthetic of your company walls is our responsibility. We give them makeovers and in addition, Relgrow provides you with various creative paintings and wallpapers that can produce beauty, contemplation, and reflect your artwork taste.

Modern Commercial Interior Designers in Chennai

Cabinets Design

The cabinet designs currently on the market are imitations of fashion and aesthetics worldwide. You can choose with just a click whether you prefer minimalism or strictly industrial cabinet structures by browsing our design wall.

Luxury Commercial Interior Designers in Chennai


From 1970s terrazzo flooring to today’s hardwood design, Relgrow has all types of plans ready for you. The floor design is done according to your convenience and the colour scheme of the whole building. We choose only weatherproof and durable tiles for you.

Retail Shop Interior Designers in Chennai

Lighting Design

When strategically dispersed throughout your interior design, the right lighting arrangements can make all the difference. Combine ambient and natural lighting in your lighting design to avoid having a cold, artificial feel. Your commercial space can be made unique by adding these sources.

Showroom Interior Designers in Chennai

Electrical Design

The boarding and wiring of your entire building are not exposed, it is done in a safe manner. The intricacy of electrical design matches the rest of the setup in colour palette and space design. The switch boards are placed in every evident corner and wall of the structure.

Retail Space Interior Designers in Chennai

Fire and Safety Design

Safety always comes first, that’s why we also install the fire and safety equipment in your building for unfortunate times. The equipment is safe and easy to use. The instructions are legible and clearly stated near the devices.

Commercial Interior Decorators in Chennai

Video Conferencing Room Design

Conference rooms are a window of your office to your clients, we understand that. We make sure your conference rooms are well-furnished and equipped with the latest technologies for efficient video conferences







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It was a pleasure working with the entire Relgrow interior design team. We received the work environment we dreamt of after they captured our vision and functional needs. We trusted them, and they added joy and excitement to the process. They certainly are the top commercial interior designers in Chennai, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Risha Chaturvedi,


Interior Design Packages



This minimal package of ours includes only furniture, cabinets and floor design. The execution of this basic design takes about 2 months.



This package includes electrical, fire and safety and wall design alongside the things included in starter package. The duration is about 4 months.



Our special package is specifically meant to give you a luxurious look with lighting design, false ceiling, glazing and cladding including the services of professional package. Duration is unspecified.

Frequently Asked Questions

A designer is interested in the craft and function of a space, while a decorator is interested in its look and aesthetic appeal. Apartment interior design is the art of converting a bland space into a warm and inviting apartment.

A commercial interior design project can take anywhere from three to six months, depending on its size. Please let us know if you have a tight deadline so we can work diligently to complete your commercial space on time. The delivery time for custom furniture can range from six to twelve weeks because it is typically built to order. You can also save time by meeting your designer often and taking quick decisions.

Accessories. If you intend to keep your current furnishings but want to spice things up to give the room a new look, accessorise it. Decor items don't have to be expensive to add a touch of class, cosiness, and expert assembly to a space.

We can provide you with an accurate estimate of the amount of funds you will need to spend to achieve the results you desire. A budget will also be developed and adhered to based on the nature of your project. You should consider your involvement in the design process, your decision-making speed, and whether you plan to remodel when making a budget.

Relgrow designs the following:

  • Residential homes
  • Commercial spaces
  • Villa interiors
  • Apartment interiors
  • Construction works