Interior Design Trends for 2022

Relgrow . September 2, 2022 . 5 min Read
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Interiors are a home’s visual soul; they create the atmosphere and personality that define a place as a home. Interior design trends are widely used in people’s homes as aesthetics that aid in the quest for their inner peace.

Interior design trends for 2022 demonstrate looks you want to replicate in your home and apartments. Interior design is becoming more at ease with long-lasting current trends, some retro styles making a comeback, and timeless classics still in style. With this variety, you can design a home that’s current with fashion and timeless for years to come.

Here are some of the interior design trends in 2022:

Go Pastels

Pastel color hues can give some life to your apartments without going overboard with bold and vivid palettes. In your home, pastels speak quietly; they won’t even speak much, but they still catch your eye. Pastels are a raging trend of 2022 and are expected to last a while. They extend a fun element of color, ranging from blues and greens to warmer pinks and yellows. They enhance elegance while breaking the traditional monotony of whites and beige and adding a “pop” of color to your homes and apartments. Galvanizing pastel colors break up the monotony and steal the show.

Nature Inspired Design

Take your nature-inspired design a step further by adding natural greenery to your home interiors. In addition to adding beauty to your warm browns and natural woods, plants also help to clean the air. Watching your blooms develop gives one a profound sense of joy and fulfillment.

Flexible Space Design in Apartments

Multi-functional rooms are a common interior design trend resulting from the pandemic. As we delve deeper into different spaces, creativity emerges, highlighting tasks that can carry out. This is a huge trend in recent years, allowing for the dual use of spaces in one’s home.

Living and dining rooms have long been staples of the home, particularly in apartments, but today you can have study areas in bedrooms, bars in kitchens, living rooms that open to balconies, home offices in living rooms, and almost any room can serve multiple purposes. This adaptability is what makes this possible.

Hi-tech Furniture Fusion with the Design

Design trends for homes and furniture are increasingly centered on technology. A modern house design would be incomplete without technology incorporation. Today’s homeowners want the ease and security of being able to control things like security, temperature, and music from their smartphones. Other high-tech devices might include heated flooring, induction cooktops, or self-shading windows. Nowadays, people design their homes with technology-driven appliances.

Sleek Outdoor Furniture

The year 2022 has expanded indoor and outdoor interior design trends. Outdoor spaces like porches, balconies, verandahs, patios, etc., are significantly improving their interiors as more people seek solace in an open environment and leave the confines of enclosed spaces. In 2022, the trend of outdoor décor has reached a new level, and you’ll see a dizzying array of furniture, outdoor tiles, exterior paint textures, and much more. Bangalore’s interior designers also incorporate sleek outdoor furniture design in their framework layout. All this gives a perfect blend of rustic and modern styles of design.

Use of Sustainable and Organic Materials

The year 2022 witnesses a trend toward more glass in home decor design. There are numerous ways to celebrate glass, including walls and large pendants. Therefore, mimic nature and eliminate plastic.

Classic Makeover Design

A home interior design can be improved with just a little retro flair. Up-and-coming interiors are brightened by subtle hints of burnt orange, moss green, and other warm neutrals. For these pops of color and pattern, look locally at flea markets or boutique stores, or reupholster a vintage couch—research more about the classic style, which would add up more charm to your home.

3D Art Way

In contrast to the past, people today want to add enigma and charisma to their plain walls, which is why 3D art has become very popular among interior designers in Bangalore. This art is intriguing because it protrudes from surfaces and gives flat spaces a three-dimensional twist. This kind of art will be in extremely high demand and widespread in the upcoming year, replacing flat paintings and frames. You can interpret and view 3D art from all sides and angles, making it one of the most eccentric interior design trends of 2022 and a distinctive element in your home interior designs.


The 2022 interior design trends listed above are the ones to look out for. Pastel themes, vivid color pops, wall and ceiling trims, textures, 3D art, sleek furniture, painted doors, and vintage accents are a few other noteworthy mentions. While some of these are more recent fashions, many older ones are also making a comeback to spice things up.
Therefore, if you’re thinking about redesigning or redecorating your home this year, the timing couldn’t be better because you can consider the current and evolving trends and transform your spaces into new and improved versions of themselves.