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Construction Material in India

Construction Materials

Concreate Mix

Construction Material in India

Construction Steel

The steel used to create construction materials in various shapes is known as construction steel. A typical shape for construction steel is an elongated beam with a particular cross-section profile used for various constructional works. At Relgrow, construction steel is in different specifications to suit building projects.

Construction Material in India

Fabrication Steel

The construction sector makes extensive use of fabricated steel. Mainly steel fabrication is done by coating, welding, machining, cutting, and drilling the metal to transform it into helpful construction elements.

Steel Fabrication enables various building projects to manage their daily operations efficiently, ensuring productivity and success in their different work processes.

Construction Material in India

Solid Blocks

Commonly used solid blocks in the construction industry have a heavy weight and are made of dense aggregate. Because their sturdiness gives the structures good stability, they are preferred for large masonry projects. In contrast to bricks, they are available in larger sizes which is advantageous for building more robust structures.

Construction Material in India

Clay Blocks

Clay blocks are meant to provide natural insulation to inside and outside surroundings. These are utilised for infill masonry or non-load bearing partition walls. They are highly stable, long-lasting, and simple to install. Compared to concrete blocks, clay blocks provide better thermal insulation.

Construction Material in India

M Sand

Artificial sand, also known as manufactured sand (M-Sand), is made by crushing hard stones into small, angular particles the size of sand, which are then cleaned and finely graded for use as construction aggregate. M-Sand has greater flexural and compressive strength, which paves the way for better bonding with the mortar in concrete and improving the strength properties of the building.

Construction Material in India

Plastering Sand

Plastering Sand (p-sand) is clean-washed, fine-textured Sand primarily used in construction projects for inside and outside walls. Plastering Sand is cleaned to ensure a smooth finish, lower the risk of salt stains, and prevent atmospheric moisture absorption. It is frequently used to make mortar mixtures on construction sites.

Construction Material in India

Quarry Dust

It is a byproduct of the crushing process. Quarry dust is also known as concentrated material that can be used as aggregates for concrete, particularly as fine aggregates. The rock is crushed into different sizes during quarrying activities; the dust produced during the process is referred to as quarry dust, and it is created as waste which comes into the category of aggregates.

Construction Material in India


Cement acts as a covering material between aggregates and reinforcing materials to create a bond. Cement is used to make concrete, frequently used in building construction, when combined with aggregates and water. Moreover, it also forms the stability stone for significant building structures.

Construction Material in India

Concrete Mix

The five main components of a concrete mix are cement, water, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, and air. These components are combined in different ratios. To give the mixture specific desired properties, elements such as pozzolanic components and chemical admixtures can be added to strengthen the concrete mix for construction work.



Painting improves the appearance of buildings, so renovation projects frequently include it. Paints are used for purposes other than enhancing appearance. Typically, painting is done for defending surfaces against insects, rain, sun, and other external influences, improving the appearance of a surface, and waterproofing.

Electrical Materials

Construction Material in India

Electrical Wires and Cables

Electrical copper and aluminium wire can be buried, run through conduit, flexed, or run above ground. Depending on usage, wire is protected by design with a jacket. It may be adaptable, such as when using extension cords. It can range in size from being as small as 26 gauge to 2000 MCM.

Construction Material in India

Electrical Lugs

The electrical connectors that complete the electrical circuit are called lugs. They are designed to work with wire sizes ranging from 26 gauge to 2000 MCM. Mechanical or set screw, compression or crimp, solder or weld, or clamp type lugs are all used in construction sites.




The recent collection of sanitaryware expertly blends design and functionality to provide products of the highest calibre that fit in with contemporary bathrooms. The alpha range of commodes is made with the millennial's active lifestyle in mind and intended to perform at its best. It has a ceramic inner compartment, which gives the product a durable construction.


Wash basin

A wash basin can be made of various materials, including acrylic, porcelain, and stainless steel. Steel wash basins are a great option if you want to give your home a modern feel. Customers can choose from a variety of wash basin designs offered by Relgrow. We have a huge selection of basin designs to pick from.


Water Tank

Water tanks are essential components of every home, business, and industry. This equipment's water storage capacity can be used for various uses. Water tanks come in great sizes to meet your daily needs at Relgrow. These water tanks are highly durable due to FDA-grade material.

Other Products



Design, the curation of construction documents, and project management are all included in the architectural services of Relgrow. Additionally, the company’s architects offer a wide range of services, such as project management, architectural programming, and feasibility studies.



Our company's construction accessory division has a reputation for excellence in engineering design, quality, and customer service. We manufacture accessories like carpenter pencils, drop cloth, reflex pallets, deep-hole marker sets, packaging films, LED work light torches, dust protection doors, halogen work lights, etc., to our customers for architectural services.


Bathroom Fixtures

The plumbing system includes bathroom fixtures and is primarily responsible for moving water from one house area to another. Fixtures can be anything with a faucet or sink, a toilet, a showerhead, or a bathtub. Relgrow offers the best bathroom fixtures setups to their clients during construction work.


Carpet Designs

Carpet manufacturers are utilising technology to their advantage to produce eye-catching patterns and mind-blowing new features, ensuring that the carpet is just as beautiful and practical as other flooring options in your home. Explore the fantastic ideas, styles, and textures of Relgrow’s carpet designs which enhance your home beauty to the next level.



Relgrow furniture designs emphasise flexibility and movement, challenging preconceptions about conventional wooden furniture. Team designers use wax and oil rather than plastic to finish the furniture, making it entirely eco-friendly. We specialise in producing custom-based furniture for our customers.



Flooring designs can change the overall look of your house when done with suitable floor materials. If you find the perfect design for your home, you don’t have to worry about changing it, ever! Choosing the best home flooring design can be a daunting and expensive task, so the Relgrow team brings its most extensive and beautiful range of floor designs to its customers.


River Sand is more preferred for plastering work. In any type of plastering, the plasters used are natural sand, crushed stone sand, or gravel sand, providing an excellent texture to the plaster of the building. Relgrow has a vast reservoir of best-in-quality sand for all construction work.

Tile designs are far better than marble because they can be recycled. They are non-toxic, and the process used for manufacturing is also safe. On the other hand, marbles are more expensive than tiles, which gives tiles one extra point for choosing them. In addition, marble is heavier than tiles, making it non -preferable to home constructors.

Sand and gravel are used in making concrete, in the construction of roads, and homes, for mixing with asphalt, and in the manufacture of construction materials such as concrete blocks, bricks, and pipes. The materials are also used for ceiling construction in any building or home.

Any type of construction material is delivered by the Relgrow team in at least 24 hours. We believe in providing products on time to speed up the construction process on the site. As you approach us for building products, we quote up the cost and dispatch the materials as soon as possible to the construction site.

Sometimes, cement and concrete are used interchangeably. Cement is one of the ingredients used in producing concrete for construction work. Concrete is a mixture of aggregates and paste. The aggregates are sand and gravel, and the paste is water and cement.