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We promise that from the minute you call Relgrow, we will do all in our power to become your ideal choice for your home interior design. Our designers will work with you to find the perfect blend in your dream interiors while our project manager maintains an eye on factors including budget, timeline, and quality.

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Best Residential Interior Designers

Residential Interior Design

We are the most qualified home interior designers in Kerala. We can give each room its distinct personality by paying close attention to the room's proportions and effectively using all of the available space in your apartment or villa. With our high-quality and budget-friendly interiors, Relgrow can create a one-of-a-kind design for each room in your home, from the living room to the bathroom.

Commercial Interior Designers

Commercial Interior Design

The satisfaction that comes from successfully executing a strategy for elegant interior design is priceless. When it comes to business interior design, there is no lack of innovative methods; thus, it is an art within itself to grasp how to execute these techniques effectively. For your business project, we at Relgrow, one of the most reputable interior design firms, are responsible for providing an interior with a soothing ambience and a simple and appropriate look.

Office Interior Designers

Office Interior Design

Include intriguing common places in your early design to improve worker morale and productivity. A professionally planned office layout helps maintain workplace efficiency and morale. Relgrow may help you decorate your office. Create a productive and effective workplace to help your staff get through even the worst Mondays.

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At Relgrow, we regularly have meetings wherein our clients' input is taken into account and when the knowledge and experience of our designers are pooled to determine our quality benchmarks.

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Providing designers at Relgrow will listen to your wants and needs before making a plan for your dream home.

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Our analysts at Relgrow work closely with the designers to ensure an exclusive design and assist you in locating the most suitable interiors.

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After receiving final certification from your end, the Relgrow professional workforce team will begin executing the design from concept to execution.

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Control of Cost:

During the project's execution, our project manager will keep track of your estimated budget and make any necessary modifications.

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Post-delivery support:

Relgrow will install and maintain your dream home interior design. Our experts can also answer product queries.

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Crockery unit Design

To store dishes and glasses neatly, a crockery cabinet must be in the kitchen or dining area. We can build sleek, modern crockery cabinets for you if you need somewhere to put all your ordinary and exquisite dishes. Relgrow can make your kitchen dreams come true, whether you want an expansive L-shaped kitchen or a galley kitchen where you get to choose out the Crockery cabinet. Trust our experts to lead you in the direction of the best possible solution.

Villa Interior Designers

Light Design

The mood and style of a home can be significantly improved with the strategic placement of lights. Using light decors, you can give a room more depth and significance. When light strikes matter, our perception of color, texture, and geometry is inspired. In that instant, the healing elements of the world become visible, a remarkable insight. When it comes to creating an inviting space, good lighting design is crucial. Whether you need beam-angle lights for your dining room, ambient glow for your bedroom, or task lights for your reading table, we have you covered. Relgrow guarantees an ideal ambience in any room.

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Foyer's Design

When it comes to interior decoration, a French aesthetic is rich, elegant, and minimal. More light can enter a room through an open foyer design. If you don't want any of the drawbacks of an open foyer but still want all of the advantages, consider a closed foyer design. Find out what the experts at Relgrow can offer to establish the perfect foyer interior for your decor.

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Storage and Wardrobe Designs

Several variables must be considered while planning a practical wardrobe. We can help you choose a functional and aesthetically pleasing wardrobe layout; whether you're looking for a slice wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe, wall cabinet wardrobe, Linen wardrobe, or a tiny Reach wardrobe, Relgrow can help you with it.

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False ceiling Design

A layered op is one of the most requested false ceiling styles on Relgrow. In addition, you can give your ceiling an elegant touch by installing thin lighting panels in an empty spot. For your wooden-curve dining room, we recommend our Classic Grey and white false ceiling collection, and for your guests' bedrooms, we prescribe our 3-D false ceiling collection. We have also introduced our minimalist false ceiling collection with classic white shades for your living room. Get in touch with Relgrow, and we can discuss the best false ceiling alternatives for your home.

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Pooja unit Design

Make the pooja room a natural extension of the main living space in which to worship. A charming notion for an elaborate finish, primarily on a pooja unit with a temple-style wall magnitude and a size of temple design that can accommodate either a large or tiny size. Make do with less room than you'd like by decorating a wall in your flat with elegant decor. A freestanding pooja unit will include shelves upon which to arrange various idols. Pooja units with designed glass doors are just one example from the wide selection of pooja units Relgrow offers. If you have any questions about all the different pooja unit strategies to create, perhaps one of our expert professionals would be happy to help.

Apartment Interior Design

Modular kitchen Design

A modern kitchen with an L shape makes it a clever space-saving, with cabinets on the walls providing plenty of available storage. Although the one-wall design may not implement the triangular work layout in its true sense, it utilizes the perfect space for your small apartment. Galley kitchens are ideal space savers because they cleverly tuck away a little usable space and operate on the principles of simplicity and efficiency. However, if you want a traditional setting where you can chat with guests and prepare food, a peninsula kitchen decor is a perfect choice—still confused about which kitchen interiors will best suit you. Contact Relgrow today and let one of our experts identify the ideal solution for your kitchen.

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Study room Design

There is a wide range of study room layouts to choose from, all of which are determined by available space. Designing a study place that fits in a little area but still provides the solitude you need is an example of the adage "small is beautiful." A slim desk flush against the wall will take up less room and provide a tidy place to set down your laptop, but you should still add some decorative touches, like an area rug if you want to make your study space seem more like home. Make a minimalist study space to complement your ultra-modern home. Customers who want to make their study rooms stand out often choose to decorate with Relgrow's brick wooden furniture, so why not check out some more possibilities for your study room's decor by getting in touch with us?

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Bathroom Design

Adding a feature wall to your bathroom is a simple way to add elegance and give it a luxury upgrade. Suppose you like Matt's bathroom design influences in terms of subdued tones and natural textures and finishing the theme by softening the walls and placing antique lighting above the cabinets. Our contemporary bathroom shower design incorporates showers coordinated with wooden wardrobes and cabinets for a traditional bathroom interior appearance. A clean white design is the star demand of Relgrow's bathroom interior design in Kerala. Don't hesitate to contact Relgrow's skilled professionals for unique bathroom designs.

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Space-saving furniture

If you have a small apartment or are merely trying to maximize your living area, you will appreciate the space-saving furniture suggestions provided by Relgrow. There's furniture for every need, from foldable chairs to sofa beds. Look at these innovative furniture layouts to get ideas for making the most of your living area. Put in a daybed rather than a couch so you can change the look of your living room for flexible seating options, such as daybeds (which can double as beds at night) or foldable sofas. Folding furniture, such as chairs and tables, may be compactly packed when not in use. Invest in a Murphy bed, which can be folded up against the wall when not in use, making it ideal for compact bedrooms. Although this frees up more time in the day for other pursuits, it is by no means the only benefit. Which one do you want us to modify just for you? Help is at hand from Relgrow's expert interior designer.

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Wallpapers Design

Walls may be given a new look with no work and cost by hanging wallpaper, and Relgrow has a wide variety of designs, whether a simple white wallpaper or a tropical print accent wall. If you prefer a fresh and stylish look, a wallpaper pattern inspired by the Renaissance is a perfect choice for your bedroom; it's an ideal pattern to have a soft spot in your heart for the City of Light. Indigo's airy texture and light hue make it a suitable addition to homes decorated in various styles, from traditional to modern to hippie. Suppose Indigo is paired with textured finishes, fascinating patterns, and hand-dyed textiles. Then these will create an upscale virtual space that can rival that of Indigo infused or any of its many stylish competitors. Let's use Relgrow's bedroom interior design services to find the perfect wallpaper to reflect your unique style.

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Flooring Design

Flooring design is the first step in any interior design project, which is also one of the features that stays the same over time. Relgrow offers many such customizations. Laminate is one of the most popular wood-look options for high-density areas, while tile flooring is well-known for its timeless appeal, adaptability, and durability. Installing wall-to-wall carpeting is a traditional route if you want a floor that will last and provide maximum comfort and durability for the home interiors. Engineered hardwood and its premium wood veneers are a classic flooring option. Whatever you need for your space, Relgrow will make it with the highest possible quality and in keeping with your taste.

Apartment Interior Design

Tv unit Design

Relgrow provides a variety of TV unit designs since the television is one of the room's major elements. Therefore, the TV unit's design must complement the contemporary furniture and décor of the interior. A modern TV unit style is distinguished by a TV cabinet design that finds the optimum balance between simplicity and a sense of warmth and coziness. However, you may create a low-shelf TV cabinet that can contain a TV and be suited to a compact dwelling. In addition, we provide the most popular and widely used design in Indian homes, wherein a storage-friendly screen wall panel design is designed, which is both elegant and functional, making it an excellent option for flats with limited space. Regardless of your house size, Relgrow offers a variety of TV unit styles to complement your lifestyle, from a studio to a villa.

Office Interior Designers

Wall painting Design

Consult the professionals at Relgrow for trendy paint colors and wall painting ideas to boost the aesthetic interiors. An exciting and attention-grabbing option for house wall painting is a bubble gum motif. The Color peach is an attractive option for a relaxing, neutral backdrop on your home's walls; using this color on the walls of your home can help you unwind and feel at ease. A marigold and blue combination is an excellent option for home wall painting since it combines luxury and energy, among other desirable qualities. Let's ensure you're in touch with Kerala's top interior design firm if you want a wall painted that perfectly complements your existing interior decorations with Relgrow.

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Kids room Design

Designing your child's bedroom with Relgrow is finding a happy medium between a playful and practical space. Relgrow's twin daybed is an expertly crafted piece of furniture that can liven up a child's bedroom while giving them a comfortable space to rest, read, and daydream. When two children share a room, Relgrow allows you to separate the space into two distinct areas while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic, giving each child a place to call their own and display their style. Choosing a color scheme for the room is one method to strike a unified aesthetic note. If you're still confused about your child's bedroom, call Relgrow and consult with one of our professionals today.

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Honestly, the time spent at Relgrow has been incredible. My family and I had just bought an apartment in Kerala; however, we were unhappy with the interior design and sought the assistance of an experienced interior designer from Relgrow. With their service, we could design a stunning space within our allotted budget, and it is undoubtedly among the greatest we could have wished for. Everything, from the children's bedroom to the Pooja room, has been beyond our expectations. Thanks to Relgrow for helping with this.


Relgrow has locations in Trivandrum, Ernakulam, Kannur, Palakkad, Malappuram, Calicut, Thiruvalla, Kollam, Kozhikode, Kottayam, Thrissur, Alappuzha, and Pathanamthitta so that you can find the perfect solution for your dream home interior design in Kerala.

If you're on a tight budget, you may have a nice-looking interior design between Rs 3 Lakhs and Rs 4 Lakhs. It's ideal for a medium-sized 3BHK apartment and comes with kitchen furnishings.

Our expert will assist you with the specific details of the estimate based on the current infrastructure and your go.

Relgrow has a wide range of experts available to upgrade your bedroom interiors per your requirements in Kerala.

looking for the best interior designer in Kerala, go no further than Relgrow. We focus on helping customers like you identify the ideal answers to all of your design needs.