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We foresee that your future home will give the most opulent and pristine built-to-suit residences with our top-notch services. A home build-out of your dreams!

Residential Interior Design Services

What is Residential Interior Design?

Best Residential Interior Designers in India

Residential interior design refers to

  • The art of designing aesthetically pleasing and functional living areas.
  • Planning and implementing the interior elements of homes for comfort, style and function.
  • Managing and collaborating the appearance system between every component placed in the house for a beautiful outcome.

Who we are?


Consultative Strategy

We offer the best consultation services that take into account all of your aesthetic and financial needs while designing your home interiors.


Range of Products and Services

When seeking for a design solution, you will be overrun with appealing and customised options.


Best Quality Checks

To guarantee you only receive the best experience, we carry out the necessary quality checks in our designed installations.



Nautical Design Style

This style of interior decoration will infuse a positive wave inside your house. You'll see a picture of a welcoming and tranquil scene. Typically, white or sand-coloured concrete is used for the foundation. The decorative items employed here are jute ropes, sailboats, seashells in transparent jars, navigation maps, etc., to suit the concept of the seaside. The designer uses unprocessed wood to create a more natural appearance.


Traditional Design Style

Traditional interior design is timeless, well-organized, and pleasant without being unduly ornate. In traditionally designed rooms, the types of furniture, textiles, colour schemes, and décor are recognisable rather than cutting edge. A neutral colour palette, carved wood or upholstered headboard, matching nightstands and table lamps, a chest of drawers, an upholstered armchair and ottoman, and even a landscape painting on the wall are all examples of conventional bedroom furnishings in this style.


Minimalist Design Style

Being one of the trendiest interior designs, it has relatively few interior fixtures and accessories. You can see your interiors' simple elegance in the minimalist style. There won't be a thing of a fuss. The style is intended for anyone who appreciates simplicity in its purest form.


Contemporary Design Style

A contemporary decorating style is characterised by minimalism, understated refinement, purposeful texture utilisation, and clean lines. The primary colours of contemporary styled interiors are neutrals, black, and white. Interior design frequently emphasises space over objects.

Residential Interior Design Process


Selection of Themes

The foremost step in designing your dream homes is a selection of appropriate themes. Our developers have innovated and produced housing themes, that suit individuals’ tastes and preferences.


Selection of Furniture

Our decor scheme consists of all of modern, traditional and translational furniture options, which can assist you in choosing the right furniture sets for your home.


Wall Paintings

Smooth finishes for your lovely homes! Get access to a plethora of interior paints with rich matt finish on our website.


False Ceiling

False ceilings provide elegance and a sense of luxury to any space. The choice of material for artificial ceilings is easier with our range of thoughtful designs.



From 1970’s terrazzo flooring to today’s hardwood design, Relgrow has all types of plans ready for you.


Lighting Arrangements

In your home, lighting can be used to express your individual style. For each room, we provide lighting arrangements that are in harmony with the other pieces of art there.


Decorate in Custom Style

Coming up with innovative solutions to suit your artistic taste is our expertise. You decide, we decorate your repository of memories -home with love!

Benefits of residential Interior Design


Saves Time and Money

A residential interior designer will assist you in designing your home in a specified time and within budget. They can also advise on where to spend your money most wisely.


Seamless Project Administration

Your interior designer will handle everything in your design project. Team experts manage the commotion of damages, shipping, and late deliveries. This ensures the completion of a project on time. Enjoy the procedure and your new space!


More Appealing and Functional Spaces

Interior designers measure each square metre of your new home to ensure it fits into the overall design. They provide design solutions that aren't just useful but appealing too. The experts are dedicated to finding elegant solutions for your dream home.



Working with the entire Relgrow interior design team was simply outstanding. They delivered the house of our dreams after ultimately capturing our vision and functional needs! We trusted them, and they added joy and excitement to the process. They certainly are the top interior designers, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Nand Kishore

PWD Engineer


Following approval of projects, the execution of the design takes place at your place, which is minimally completed in 6-8 months. However, some residential projects take a little longer than the estimated time.

You'll be glad to know that we always prioritise our current clients and won't agree to timeframes with existing or new clients if we think they can't be met. However, we know that new clients may have specific time limits, so we might need to begin creating designs immediately. We will always consider this and offer you an honest answer.

Some designers may market their products through upscale stores, which might not be accessible to you. Residential Designers collaborate closely with manufacturers so that they may produce personalised and customised items for clients' projects. However, you can also purchase the design elements from the designer’s recommended stores.

The first thing you should take into account is if you agree with the designer's philosophy and who they are as a person. You should also consider their experience and knowledge. What are the comments of previous customers about working with this interior designer? Finally, you should think about their fashion sense. Relgrow has a pool of expert designers who consistently work towards beautifying your homes.

Every design process at Relgrow Company begins with an interior design consultation. Design brief, concept, development, and implementation are the four stages if you employ us for Full-Service home interior design