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We quickly deliver insulated clay blocks of the highest quality and durability to our client's construction sites. With our clay blocks, insulation is simple to do.

Clay paver blocks supplier in India

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Highest Quality

With top qualities like stability, toughness, and durability, we offer the best clay blocks. Our blocks go through a rigorous quality check before being delivered to the clients. We guarantee that the quality is of the highest rank.


Timely Delivery

Relgrow places a strong emphasis on timely delivery requirements and customer expectations. In accordance with the delivery window, our supplies arrive at the destination within a stipulated time. we handle our supplies with care.


Eco- friendly

With our extensive selection of superior clay blocks, we assist sustainable construction projects which are environment friendly. All of our clay blocks are of the highest calibre and are eco-safe.


Ethical Business Practices

Relgrow strictly adheres to the standard ethical business practices. With our top-notch building supplies, we give our customers the best service possible and help build strong structures high on durability and stability.

Featured Products

Clay paver blocks supplier in India

Concrete Solid Blocks

Concrete solid blocks have largely replaced bricks in modern masonry construction, especially in many multi-story buildings. The blocks produced are of concrete strength of 4.0 and 5.0 N/mm².

Clay paver blocks supplier in India

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks

AAC blocks are three to four times lighter than conventional bricks, which makes them preferable on construction sites. These blocks are non-combustible and fire-resistant up to 1600 degrees.

Clay paver blocks supplier in India

Red Bricks

Red bricks have been used on construction sites for centuries. They provide structural stability to buildings. Red brick gives the structure stability by fusing artificial and natural elements. Solid red brick is formed under high temperatures, environmental durability, and friendliness to provide the best strength-to-weight ratio.

Recommended Products For You

Clay paver blocks supplier in India

Roofing Tiles

The various roof tiles that are offered on the market are used to cover pitched roofs because they are clay block products. These tiles are produced in multiple sizes to meet the various requirements of the buildings.

Clay paver blocks supplier in India


It is an artificial building material in the form of clay blocks of the same size and shape. Clay is combined with the right amount of water and additional ingredients, molded into the desired shape, dried, and then burned in a kiln to produce the clay-derived blocks.

Clay paver blocks supplier in India

Paver Clay Blocks

This kind of clay block is used in driveways and garden areas. Paver clay blocks are lightweight and have strong tensile strength, making them more preferable than any other decorating block.

Clay paver blocks supplier in India

Brick Glazed Tiles

Glazed brick tiles are used as an exterior cladding material to mimic exposed brickwork. The glazed surface gives the cladding a lovely shine with clay-glazed tiles.


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Clay bricks typically include the following components: Sand contains 50 to 60 percent silica by weight. Clay comprises 20 to 30 percent alumina by weight and Lime: 2–5% of the total weight.

Red brick production typically consists of four steps: preparing the raw materials, forming the blank body, drying the wet blank, and firing the finished product.

Following their excavation, some raw materials can be processed by adding water, stirring, and grinding equipment, while others cannot.

The final product's quality is directly impacted by the selection and preparation of the raw materials.

The parts of the brick tile machine where the soil passes through are easily worn out. Unless we make repairs, the production will be affected by the quick-wear parts in time. To repair the extruder auger and liner, double shaft mixer blades, etc., we typically use A3 Carbon steel which acts as a cover and prevents damage.

The following are the benefits of clay blocks:

  • Versatile in nature
  • High in durability
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Cost-effective