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M Sand Suppliers in India


M Sand


  • Rs. 14499 per load
  • Rs.800 per ton
  • Rs. 42 per cft

P Sand


  • Rs. 800 per ton
  • Rs. 42 per cft

River Sand


  • Rs. 2400 per ton
  • Rs. 65 per cft

Concrete Sand Types

M Sand Suppliers in India

Concrete M Sand

Concrete uses sand of this type. The sieve size or granule thickness is 150 microns - 4.75 mm.

M Sand Suppliers in India

Plastering M Sand

This particular type of sand is used for wall plastering and tiling. The sieve size or granule thickness is between 150 microns and 2.36 mm.

Advantages of M Sand


High Concrete Strength

M Sand has the required fines gradation, shape, smooth texture, and consistency. The concrete structure is strengthened by these characteristics.


Better Concrete Workability

Better Concrete Workability. The consistency of the concrete is improved, the strength is increased, and mixing and placing the concrete are easier, increasing workability of the concrete.



There is no waste because there are no impurities. Additionally, the price of transporting M Sand is 30 to 50% less expensive than that of transporting river sand.



By using M Sand, it is no longer necessary to dredge river beds to extract river sand, which can have detrimental environmental effects such as a threat to water depletion and an effect on the safety of dams and bridges.


It is the ideal replacement for construction-related uses of river sand produced by crushing stones. The crushed sand is washed, graded, and shaped into cubical shapes with rubbed edges for use in construction. Fabricating M Crushing, screening, and possibly washing are typically involved with sand.

The different types of Sand available include Concrete M Sand, M Sand for Brick & Block work, M Sand for Plastering, river sand, Robo sand, pit sand, etc.

M sand has lower permeability, higher unit weight, and better abrasion resistance because it is free of silt and clay particles. It is the most preferred sand on construction sites, than river sand which can be full of contamination and low resistance property.