Electrical Contractors in Bangalore

With Relgrow Electrical Contractors, you get the best services in all of Bangalore. At Relgrow, we are proud to be among the top 10 electrical contractors in Bangalore. With over 10 years of experience in the electrical work industry, we have become a trustworthy partner to many industrial, commercial, and residential projects. Our electric contracting services have ensured that Bangalore's increasing need for electrical solutions is met seamlessly. When it comes to electrical contract work in Bangalore, you can trust us.

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Why Choose Our Government Licensed Electrical Contractors in Bangalore

Experience and Expertise

Proven Experience

With a decade of experience, we have consistently shown that our expertise is unmatched in all of Bangalore. Our skillful workforce makes us the premier choice for all electrical services. 


Local Expertise

Our workforce consists of electrical labour contractors in Bangalore who are always on hand to help with any emergency. Their familiarity with their areas ensures timely completion of services.

Customized Designs

Quality Craftsmanship

The experience and expertise of our skilled workers, and their prompt and efficient work are the driving force behind our success story.

Quality Materials

Client Trust

We earned the trust of our clients by making our processes client-centric and by establishing strong ties within the communities that use our services.

Experience and Expertise

Innovative Solutions

Having earned the title of top electrical contractors in Bangalore, we constantly strive to bring our customers new and improved products and services. 


Guaranteed Safety

To prevent accidents and ensure safety, we provide you with only the best quality products and expert craftsmanship.


Residential Electrical Contractors in Bengaluru

Hiring electrical contractors in Bangalore can be a tedious process for many homeowners. At Relgrow, we give you the best services by understanding your requirements.

Experience and Expertise

Wiring and rewiring

We conduct thorough inspections to identify potential hazards and provide wiring services safely and efficiently. 


Electrical panel upgrades

From upgrading an outdated electrical system to accommodating the increased electricity consumption of your family, we provide you with tailor-made solutions.

Quality Materials

Lighting installation and repair

We consider factors including layout, purpose, and the desired ambiance when providing lighting solutions.

Customized Designs

Outlet and switch installation

The key to a good outlet and switch installation is its placement. Therefore, we place the outlets strategically to meet your unique needs.

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Commercial Electrical Contractors in Bangalore

We at Relgrow have some of the best electrical contractors in Bangalore, especially for commercial projects. 

L-Shaped Modular Kitchens
Office wiring and fit-outs

Our professionals seamlessly integrate electrical systems into commercial spaces to support office operations efficiently. 

Island Modular Kitchens
Energy-efficient lighting solutions

We help you optimize your energy consumption through the use of LED light fixtures, advanced lighting controls, and other cutting-edge lighting technologies. 

Straight Modular Kitchens
Security and emergency lighting

From security lights to mitigate potential threats to emergency lights for safe evacuations during emergencies, we provide the best lighting solutions.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchens
Data cabling and networking

From structured cabling installations to network infrastructure design, our team ensures uninterrupted connectivity and smooth data transmission.

Industrial Electrical Contractors in Bangalore

We are one of the most sought-after industrial electrical contractors in Bangalore. We provide an array of industrial electrical solutions to manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and industrial plants. 

Parallel Modular Kitchens

Machinery wiring and installation

To reduce downtime and increase productivity in industrial operations, we ensure installation of machine wiring is done both quickly and safely.

Power distribution systems

We help install robust power distribution systems for stable and reliable power that reduces downtime and equipment repair. 

Parallel Modular Kitchens
Parallel Modular Kitchens

Control panel design and installation

Our expert panel builders carefully consider your facility’s requirements and create the schematics and specifications of the industrial control panels accordingly.

Electrical maintenance

From preventive maintenance and troubleshooting, to equipment maintenance, our maintenance technicians help you operate your facility efficiently.

Parallel Modular Kitchens

Electrical Repairs and Troubleshooting

We are one of the most highly-rated electrical contracting companies in Bangalore because we provide professional electrical repairs and troubleshooting.

Fault finding and diagnostics

We conduct a thorough investigation to locate the fault, identify and remove its cause, rectify the fault, and then complete a system check.

Electrical system repairs

From wiring, lighting, and data cabling to control panels, every type of electrical system repair is undertaken by our maintenance technicians.

Emergency repairs for outages or malfunctions

We provide emergency repairs that help your establishment to function at full capacity at the earliest.

Smart Home Solutions

We help you integrate Smart Home Solutions so that you can control different aspects of your home anytime, anywhere.

Parallel Modular Kitchens

Home automation system installation

From entertainment, security, and safety systems to convenience, access, and networking controls, we bring automation to every feature in your home.

Parallel Modular Kitchens

Smart lighting and thermostat integration

Our experienced professionals revamp your home to accommodate smart solutions like smart lighting and thermostat with minimal disruptions.

Parallel Modular Kitchens

Security system wiring and setup

From intruder detection applications to live monitoring systems, we will set up your home security system swiftly.

Parallel Modular Kitchens

Integration with voice-activated assistants

We can easily integrate your home automation systems with voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Apple’s Homekit.

Electrical Safety Audits

We have a structured and rigorous methodology when it comes to conducting safety audits.

Comprehensive inspections for compliance

First, we gather all the relevant information like schematics, equipment lists, and electrical safety procedures. This is followed by a site visit and an electrical equipment inspection to identify possible electrical hazards.

Identification and rectification of safety hazards

After the evaluation, our audit team identifies electrical hazards if any. The team also checks the severity of the risks associated with each hazard and outlines a plan to rectify them.

Upgrading systems for enhanced safety measures

If there are any flaws in the safety management system, we upgrade it to ensure all safety measures are working properly.

Energy Efficiency Services

As electrical contractors in Bangalore committed to sustainable business practices, it is only natural to provide our customers with energy-efficiency services.

Energy audits and assessments

Our auditors assess your energy needs and make a detailed report on your current energy consumption, potential energy demand, and develop a plan to increase your energy efficiency.

Installation of energy-efficient lighting

We use advanced lighting solutions like motion sensors, geofencing, and dimmers to give your space the illumination it requires while also reducing energy wastage.

Upgrades to improve overall energy efficiency

From ventilation, insulation, and heating, to air-conditioning, even the type of appliances and equipment used can be upgraded to give you the best possible energy efficiency solutions.

Integration of renewable energy solutions

We will help you seamlessly integrate a renewable energy solution into your home or establishment and help bring down your energy bill.

Emergency Electrical Services

At Relgrow, we have a dedicated team of electricians to resolve electrical problems swiftly.

24/7 availability for urgent repairs

Our team members are on call 24/7 to help with emergency electrical repairs so that your establishment’s productivity doesn’t take a hit.

Quick response to electrical outages

In case of power outages and short-circuiting, we provide prompt assistance.

Emergency generator installation and maintenance

We provide emergency generator installation services to provide backup power during emergencies, system failures, or scheduled maintenance downtime.

Our Process

Consultation and Assessment

We consult with you to understand your electrical needs. After which, we conduct a site assessment to determine the products and services you will require. 

Consultation and Conceptualization
Design and Planning

Customized Solution Design

Our electrical solutions are never one size fits all, we use our experience and technical proficiency to bring you options that are unique to your requirements. 


Transparent Cost Estimation

We offer clear quotations that include the cost of materials, labor costs, overheads, etc, so that you will never be surprised when handed the bill.

Material Selection
Execution and Installation

Professional Installation/Servicing/Repairs/Auditing

Our expert technicians will make sure every service is carried out professionally while adhering to industry best practices.


Documentation and Handover

The handover process includes giving you all the documentation like schematics, manuals, and warranties; walking you through the operation and maintenance procedures; and answering any queries you might have. 

Material Selection
Execution and Installation

Post-Installation Support

We offer guidance for the maintenance of newly installed solutions and we also undertake routine maintenance at your behest. 

Experience and Expertise

Why Choose Relgrow Electrical Services in Bangalore

A broad range of services

From installing heavy machinery to fixing a short circuit, Relgrow takes up all types of electrical work for residences, offices, and industries.

Flexible appointment scheduling

We have created a flexible appointment scheduling system so that we can meet you at your convenience.  

Timely resolution of issues

We always make it a priority to get maintenance and repair work done promptly.

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“I have used Relgrow services twice. Have been very happy both times. The electricians were very professional and honest. They completed the repair work on time. They were very thorough and cleaned up after they completed the installation.”

Jagruthi Bhatnagar

“Very professional workers. They came with all the required tools and completed the job very quickly. The price point is also very good. Quite budget friendly for Bangalore. Will be taking their services again.”

Suresh Rao B S

“I own a small factory, a short circuit stopped the facility for 2 hours. Thankfully, the team at Relgrow came quickly and repaired the problem in record time. I also booked an appointment to help with the wiring, since the one currently is not feasible for my facility.They were very thorough and got me a good quote for the rewiring. That was also completed without any problems. Very professional people. Good work ethics.”

Navin Thomas

“Very good option for electrical works for small business owners. They do detailed assessment and give you price that is very budget-friendly. Got all my manufacturing unit electrical work done by them. They also come for routine maintenance. Till date no problems. Will defentinely recommend regrow to everyone.”

Sreenith Chaturvedi


We provide a range of electrical services for residential, industrial and commercial spaces. Please refer to the Our Electrical Services section for more details.

Please visit our website and contact us to schedule a consultation today. 

We have over 10 years of experience in the electrical contracting industry, we are able to handle residential, commercial and industrial electrical projects simultaneously.

Each type of electrical service comes with its own set of safety regulations and protocols, our technicians ensure they adhere to them at all times.

The cost of the electrical services is based on the type of service provided and the grade of materials used.

We come to our clients' aid as quickly as possible. Many factors determine the response time like your location, the availability of electricians in your area, etc. 

Yes, we do offer energy-efficient solutions for homes and businesses. 

You can check our website for all the electrical work we have done so far.

Yes, we do offer post installation support and warranties. Please check with our technicians to know more about them.