You want it, we build it with passion!

With an emphasis on safety and the environment, Relgrow provides exterior and interior materials, housing equipment, and other items for construction work. It also emphasises environmentally friendly products to ensure sustainability.

Construction Material Suppliers

Construction Materials

At Relgrow, get the building blocks high on tension and compression.


Our company, Regrow specialises in several services like :

  • Supplying constructional materials
  • Interior design ideas
  • Real estate woks
  • Commercial space designs
  • Residence and Villa designs

We have a robust team of designers and architects who make your dream a reality.

No, we do not employ external sub-contractors in our crew for construction. Our company holds an expert team of interior designers and architects who are the best in their respective fields. Relgrow takes pride in its un-tarnished expertise and works in the construction sector.

It depends solely on the type of construction work and other factors. However, a minimum requirement construction project takes at least 10-12 months to complete.

Concrete blocks come in different sizes according to their inches, width, height, and length which are as follows:

  • 200x200x400 blocks are 8 inches.
  • 150x200x400 blocks are 6 inches tall.
  • 100x200x460 blocks measure 4 inches.

At Relgrow, we have all these above-mentioned configurations of blocks, which you could buy easily.

By comparing the vehicle's weight in a weighbridge before and after unloading to determine the net weight, the buyer or customer can ensure that the quantity supplied is accurate. A second choice is to double-check the slab area measurements.