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Our company is dedicated to offer superior construction products with unmatched quality. Our consistency begin from the time we bid on a job until it is finished.

Concrete Block Supplier

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Hassle-free Delivery

Every customer will receive timely structural steel deliveries from Relgrow. Our well-organized system for ordering and tracking ensures error-free delivery of steel to the construction site.


Quality Steels

We provide the best steel with top qualities like strength, toughness, ductility, and durability. Before being delivered to the clients, our structural steel is put through a rigorous quality check. We make sure the quality mark is always present.


Verified Suppliers

For all structural steel requirements, Relgrow has a solid group of trusted steel suppliers, including TATA, TISCO, Cisco, etc. We offer a premium selection of Special Steel from the best steel producers in India with more than 100 quality checks.


Easy Refund Policy

Our refund and cancellation policy is super simple. You get a refund mail as soon as you place the refund request with us, and within 7 working days, we close the issue without any hassle. We have a responsive portal system for refunds, which makes it easy.


N+ Orders Processed

Relgrow marks its presence in the construction industry by its seamless order placing system, on-time deliveries and quality of products. We have had 'n' orders placed with us, and we're still counting!

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Buy Different Types of Blocks

Cement Block Supplier

Concrete Solid Blocks

Our rounds are used in various businesses, including building bridges, buildings, industrial structures, roads, and the automobile industry. The highest quality rounds are created with the help of meticulous procedure control and the complete application of our quality assurance principles.

Concrete Block Supplier

Fly Ash Bricks

Mild steel angles come in a range of thicknesses and sizes, from 20x20 to 125x75. You can buy lengths individually or collectively, and we also offer estimate-slicing services. Angles are used in manufacturing, assembly, and architectural designs. The most frequently used steel component is mild steel angles.

Concrete Block Supplier

AAC Blocks

Squares made of mild steel are frequently used in new construction, rural implements, transportation equipment, decorative ironwork, fencing, fine art, and other applications. We supply top-quality mild steel squares to construction sites with the best tools and knowledge.

Concrete Block Supplier

Red Bricks

The majority of bricks used in construction buildings are red ones. Red bricks are very strong, dense, and have been used for structural buildings for centuries; they give buildings their structural strength. Roofs and floors that helped construct large buildings, churches, factories, and tall factory chimneys are supported by red brick that has no reinforcement.

Cement Block Supplier

Porotherm Blocks

Porotherm blocks are typically used as infill masonry when building non-load-bearing walls. The product has been widely used in South India for the construction of apartments, independent homes, villas, hospitals, commercial buildings, and warehouses. It is especially advantageous for high rise apartment buildings.

Concrete Block Supplier

Maxlite Blocks

Maxlite AAC Lightweight Concrete Blocks offer the highest level of workability & durability, making them ideal for all climatic and seismic zones. The architects and builders use such type of blocks to build strong buildings with high sustainability.

Concrete Block Supplier

Wirecut Bricks

The wirecut brick is not pressed or put into a mould like the stock. Instead, a long column of clay is formed by the machine, which is then cut into brick-sized pieces. Bricks can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes using the machine's interchangeable nozzles and cutting benches. A wirecut brick is typically angular and smooth. The forms can be worked with a roller during the manufacturing process to give them a unique texture.

Concrete Block Supplier

Hollow Blocks

Hollow blocks are especially designed for load-bearing walls in the construction work. It help reduce the dead load of masonry in buildings tp make it stand tall and tough. Additionally, cement-sand blocks and soil-cement blocks, both of which have a low strength and are used for affordable construction, can be made.

Concrete Block Supplier

End Blocks

End Stone is unique in its work which makes up the majority of the end of any building. End block has a cratered surface and is a light green colour, giving it a lunar appearance that makes it different from other types of bricks. End blocks are designed to reduce anchorage stresses to allowable values, so that buildings can stay strong.

Concrete Block Supplier


Relgrow did not make any false promises, and we were grateful to have come across them. Throughout the process, Relgrow was very transparent, which is what we liked the most. As a result, we are now content homeowners. I appreciate Relgrow for its on-time delivery of blocks to our construction site.
Neelanjan Sinha

Creative Creator


Concrete blocks come in different sizes according to their inches, width, height, and length, which are as follows:

  • 200x200x400 blocks are 8 inches.
  • 150x200x400 blocks are 6 inches tall.
  • 100x200x460 blocks measure 4 inches.

Verify that the material\block pass the compression test. The water absorption test is another method for evaluating the quality of different blocks. The item ought to have met Indian Standard Limits code requirements.

Depending on the location, we aim to arrive on-site for a consultation either the same day or within 48 hours. For all supplies, written estimates are offered.

These are the advantages of using concrete blocks:

  • It is economical.
  • Compared to using bricks, the process is quicker.
  • It's been tried and tested.