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For all construction projects, we consistently provide the best and finest sand at an affordable price. Relgrow works closely with a number of local sand suppliers to give our customers high-quality sand products.

Sand Suppliers in India

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Highest Quality

With top qualities like sharpness, strong, and angular, we offer the sand product. Our sand supplies go through a rigorous quality check before being delivered to the clients. We guarantee that the quality is of the highest rank.


Timely Delivery

Relgrow places a strong emphasis on timely delivery requirements and customer expectations. In accordance with the delivery window, our sand supplies arrive at the destination within a stipulated time.


Eco- friendly

With our extensive selection of finest sand samples, we assist sustainable construction projects which are environment friendly. All of our sand supplies are of the highest calibre and are environment friendly.


Ethical Business Practices

Relgrow strictly adheres to the standard ethical business practices. With our top-notch building supplies, we give our customers the best service possible and help build strong structures high on durability and stability.

Featured Products

Sand Suppliers in India

Robo Sand

Sand produced in stone quarries is referred to as robo sand. It serves as a substitute for the river sand used in buildings. It is superior to river sand, according to the manufacturers.

Sand Suppliers in India

Robo Dust

Robo dust is one of the aggregates of the robo sand, which is used as a substitute for the river sand on construction sites. It is generated as the byproduct of sand production.

Sand Suppliers in India

Pit Sand

The type of sand best suited for concrete work is pit sand because it has a higher percentage of coarse grain size particles. However, you can use them for all general-purpose tasks in construction by sieving and grading them.

Sand Suppliers in India

Refined Sand

Refined sand is used in plastering walls to give each corner of a house an excellent finish. Because of its tiny particles, the walls are smoother and stronger from the inside out. As a result, it retains wall colors better over time.

Sand Suppliers in India

Non-refined Sand

As a base material for concrete slabs or concrete pavers, traction sand for roads and sidewalks, and top dressing material for planting lawns, non-refined sand is perfect. It is simple to create substantial concrete structures when combined with cement, aggregate, and water.


Due to its superior binding properties, pit sand, one type of sand used in construction, is best suited for building construction. It is found 2-3 meters below the surface and is made of coarse sand. It is naturally found in deep pits.

Most of the sand's particles could be 4.75 mm or 5 mm in size. 0.6 mm in length can be the primary criterion for classification as non-refined and fine sand. If most of the material is larger than 0.6 mm, it is considered non-refined sand; otherwise, it is regarded as refined sand.

Relgrow has a robust system of placing orders which comes into effect as soon as any client place an order for sand aggregates. We start the shipment and then transport it to the concerned place within a stipulated time.

You can take the taste test to check the quality of the sand. Put a small amount of sand in your hand and pour it into the water-filled glass. Shake the glass first, then drop the sand. Sand that contains clay will form a distinct layer above the water's surface. This implies that the sand is bad.