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Relgrow provides a wide range of sinks and water basins to match the bathroom's decor with their opulent, spectacular designs.

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Colour Wash Basins

To ensure strength and durability, the majority of color washbasins that we see are made of ceramic. While comfort and convenience are the primary purposes of a wash basin, there is no denying that a colored wash basin can significantly alter the area's aesthetic.

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One-Piece Wash Basins With Half Pedestal

The One-piece Wash Basin with a half pedestal is one of Relgrow’s efficient products. The new thin rim design makes it possible to save a significant amount of space compared to previous Wash basin models.

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One-Piece Wash Basins With Full Pedestal

All Relgrow One-Piece Wash Basin With Full Pedestal is made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Relgrow products are well known for being of the highest caliber in the market.

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Table Top Wash Basins

These wash basins sit on your vanity cabinet or flat surfaces. Table Top Wash basins can be round, oval, and rectangular. At Relgrow, we offer different colors and shapes to our clients as per their needs.

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Thin Rim Wall Hung Basins

As the name suggests, Thin Rim Wall Hung Basins consist of an extra rim with a wall mounting setup. The basin can be of round or oval shape, made of ceramic to strengthen the structure.

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Counter Build in Wash Basin

When combined with the oval shape of the basin, the ceramic material creates a clear and fine design. The integrated tap platform doubles as a shelf for soap or other items available.

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Semi-Recessed Cabinet Wash Basins

A semi-recessed wash basin sits halfway between a counter-mounted and a wall-mounted basin. Half of the basin sits back on the counter, and the other half hangs over the edge. The front portion of the basin protrudes from the vanity cabinet, giving a good finish.

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Counter Wash Basins

A Counter Wash Basin is a basin mounted directly onto a flat surface, like vanity or a wall-hung basin shelf. They provide a stylish alternative to conventional basins and resemble almost a large dish or bowl.

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Wall Hung Wash Basins With Half Pedestal

A Wall-Hung Wash Basin with Half Pedestal is fantastic if you need more storage and have a small bathroom. In addition, wall-mounted basins, as opposed to conventional pedestal wash basins, create a more open space and showcase tiled bathroom walls.

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Wall Hung Wash Basin with Full Pedestal

A well-designed Wall Hung Wash Basin with Full Pedestal is useful in storing stools, baskets, scales, magazines, and dirty laundry inside its steps. Moreover, the basins are intricately designed, creating a more open bathroom space.

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Table Top\ Wall Hung Basins

The most recent models of Tabletop\Wall Hung Wash Basins are 30 percent stronger, 40 percent lighter, and 50 percent thinner than previous models, making them durable and simple to maintain and install, and space-saving.

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Relgrow sinks come in various cutting-edge, contemporary designs ideal for your home and other needs. Compact models with built-in drainers, roomy double sinks for when you need to spread out, and stylish built-in sinks that sit flush against your worktop are all available with us.

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Salon Wash Basins

To match any salon, we have a variety of hairdressing backwash patterns, wash basins, and seat upholstery colors. Our sleek design and compact models are available to suit the salon’s needs.

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Rag Bolts for Wash Basins

All Rag Bolts for Wash Basin are made with high-quality materials making them up to the standards in this extremely difficult industry. Our team is committed to offering a wide variety of high-class rag bolts for wash basins.

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Wash Basins Online

Wall-Hanging Basins

Rag bolts are used to secure these basins to the wall. Since they are customized to the users' preferences, they eliminate height issues and save space in the bathroom. They are common among homeowners because they are affordable, accessible, and come in various styles.

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Corner Basins

You can utilize every square inch of space in your bathroom by installing a corner Wash Basin. These basins are mounted on shelves or fastened to the wall. We have a beautiful selection of wash basins that are skillfully crafted to fit into the bathroom corner.

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Pedestal Basins

These Basins offer simple maintenance and cleaning because of their streamlined and straightforward design. Pedestal Basins have every part integrated with their sink, adding an extra point to these basins.

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Counter Top and Table Top Basins

To add an element of luxury and artistic flair to your bathroom, these washbasins are available in various colors, textures, materials, and patterns that can be coordinated with your bathroom's design and tiles. They can give it a stylish appearance that blends with the rest of your bathroom decor.


Ceramic is the material most commonly used for bathroom sinks. They are offered in various designs and shapes; these basins are very well-liked by the customers. They are affordable, strong, and simple to keep clean and maintained.

A 2ft x 2ft or 2ft x 3ft platform is suitable for a washbasin, and a large mirror would be ideal for daily activities. If the wash basin is for a dining area, you can choose designer wash basins with a smaller footprint since they will only be used for hand washing after meals.

The typical size sink is circular, between 18 and 20 inches in diameter, and 8 inches deep. Depending on the overall length of your vanity, the distance between the two sinks, measured from each of their centers, should be at least 30 inches, if not more

Sink's price will vary depending on its size, material, and type, among other factors. Wash basins made of sturdy materials and high build quality will last much longer than basins\sinks made of subpar materials.