Best designers in Kozhikode to give your residence a royal, traditional upgrade.

Our best interior designers can help you find the sweet spot between modern and classic in your home's design without sacrificing time or quality.

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Residential Interior Design

The best interior designers in Kozhikode, we create customized interiors by highlighting the apartment or villa's interior features and making the most of available square footage.

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Commercial Interior Design

Let our professional interior designers in Kozhikode help you create the luxury suites and social areas of your dreams, complete with every modern convenience and reflective element of yore.

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Office Interior Design

Creating engaging environments personalized to your exact demands and desires to enhance performance and reflect your company's core values.

Our Process

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Quality standards are determined via regular meetings in which customer feedback is considered, and the expertise of our designers is pooled.

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Designers at Relgrow will consider your input while creating a framework for your desired dwelling.

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Our experts collaborate closely with the designers to provide you with an innovative concept and assist you in choosing the perfect furnishings.

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After final approval of the proposal from your end, the Relgrow specialized team will start implementing it from completion.

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Control of Cost:

Our project manager will monitor actual costs against the projected total and make adjustments throughout the project's execution.

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Post-delivery support:

With our help, you can have the interior of your dreams installed and kept up to date. Questions about products? Our staff can help with them, too.

What makes Us the most preferred interior decorators in Kozhikode?

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Crockery unit Design

Add elegance to your home with our original design a set of stylish, contemporary crockery racks. If you want an attractive crockery cabinet on a budget range, our specialists may help you locate the most acceptable and feasible option within your budget.

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Light Design

We can help your villa stand out from the crowd by adding the appropriate lighting fixtures. Design a feature point for your living room or a sophisticated dining room with the help of beam-angle lighting.

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Foyer's Design

Your apartment's entryway will seem more refined if you install a classic wooden seat in a corner, a mirror on the wall, shoe shelves, and a modest carpet on the surface. We'll have a foyer layout made just for you by our professional designers.

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Storage and Wardrobe Designs

A wall-mounted sliding wardrobe with a mirror will modernize your bedroom and make organizing your clothes and accessories easier. With the best interior design company in Kozhikode, design your dream home.

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False ceiling Design

A magnificent false ceiling with built-in lights makes your villa bedroom seem even more luxurious. Contact Relgrow, and we will go through your options for false ceilings.

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Pooja unit Design

An endearing plan for luxury, especially on a pooja room with stone carvings and a modular temple layout that works well with rooms of any size. One of our seasoned experts will be pleased to assist you if you need assistance deciding which pooja room design to execute.

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Modular kitchen Design

Although your kitchen's square footage is perfect, it won't be practical in a room with only one wall. The primary work areas in a galley kitchen are typically arranged perpendicular to a sidewall, making efficient use of the space available. Get in touch with Relgrow right away if you need expert assistance decorating the interior of your property.

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Study room Design

Small is terrific, creating a study room that fits in a tight corner yet gives you the quiet concentration you want. A sleek desk parallel to the wall creates a simple study area at peace in a contemporary setting. Get in touch with Relgrow and learn more about the options available to you for the design of your study room.

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Bathroom Design

A simple method to add elegance and a premium update to your bathroom is to install a statement piece, like the one in our modern bathroom bathtub design, that incorporates wooden cabinets for a classic bathroom interior. If you're looking for an extraordinary bathroom remodel, don't hesitate to contact the professional experts at Relgrow.

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Space-saving furniture

Relgrow offers a variety of beautiful toboggan benches and stools that can accommodate two to five people, so you can maximize your living space without sacrificing your sense of style.

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Wallpapers Design

Our fashionable leopard skin will add a touch of elegant sophistication to your home decor. Bold colors and patterns inspired by animal skins are trending once again. Looking to decorate your space with a contemporary design? Relgrow offers various options for your requirements.

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Flooring Design

A ceramic floor tile is a terrific option for your home's interior design since it is durable and elegant. You may count on Relgrow to get the most delicate modern decorations for your villa remodeling.

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Tv unit Design

Plank ceiling wall paneling, a staple in traditional design, is used in several of Relgrow's TV cabinet designs. Since the paneling is painted a dark color, it serves as a background that makes the television stand out and a natural screen. So, let's figure out what kind of TV stand would look best in your villa.

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Wall painting Design

By carefully considering the colors, organizing the painting, and keeping the lines straight, a wall feature inspired by gingham may offer a space with an ideal elegance and a homely atmosphere. Our specialists will discover the best solution for your home interior.

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Kids room Design

Customers' top picks for kids' rooms at Relgrow are pastel-hued adolescent bedroom sets with string lights that provide each youngster with their own personalized starry night sky. Our specialists will choose the most suitable decorations for your child's bedroom according to your specifications.

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If you're trying to locate the best interior design companies in Kozhikode, go no further than Relgrow. They did all the interior design work for my flat. They have a friendly personnel team that makes doing business with them pleasurable. That I haven't had to contact them about any problems so far is a testament to the high quality of the components they utilized.


In accordance with your needs, interior designers consider every building component, whether home, office, or commercial.

Our expert can give you a more accurate cost estimate and time commitment based on the present setup and where you want to go.

When renovating your living area in Kozhikode, Relgrow has access to a broad variety of professionals that can meet your needs.

If you're seeking the best interior decorators in Kozhikode, your search might end with Relgrow. Our mission is to assist clients like you in locating the most appropriate solutions for your interior remodeling.

Relgrow Interior decorators in Kozhikode is the place to go if you need the assistance of a skilled interior designer to make your dreams a reality.