You can count on us as the best interior decorators in Malappuram for your smart residence and workplace.

A room with a "modern glam" style combines classic and modern design stylishly. That has crafted tufted chairs and coffee tables decorated with fabrics that feel like a luxury, like velvet. Let us, the best interior design company in Malappuram, help you decorate your homes with the ideal interior decoration.

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Residential Interior Designers

Residential Interior Design

Need a Malappuram interior design firm to help you spruce up your home's interior? Whatever style you're going for, whether it's contemporary or traditional, Relgrow offers the best interior decorators parameters for your villa.

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

When building a restaurant, it's essential to create a space where diners feel comfortable spending time relaxing and enjoying the cuisine. You can trust Relgrow to design a commercial interior that meets your goals and stays within your budget.

Office Interior Designers

Office Interior Design

The term "biophilic design" refers to a movement that seeks to bring the outside inside. Plants help clean and filter the interior air while also reducing stress, which has been proven to enhance productivity and make a workplace more inviting. Our designers will make it happen if you and your coworkers want a modern, relaxing workplace.

Our Process

Interior Design


Regular meetings are held to discuss client suggestions and develop new quality standards.

Interior Design Company


Our designers will learn about your needs and preferences before designing your dream home.

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Relgrow's analysts work closely with designers to ensure a distinctive design and assist in picking the right furniture.

Interior Design Agency


After receiving your green light, our professional creators will implement the idea.

Interior Design Agencies

Control of Cost:

Our project manager will compare actual to budgeted expenses and alter project execution.

Interior Design Service

Post-delivery support:

We will install and maintain your ideal home's décor. Our product specialists are always accessible to answer your queries.

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Apartment Interior Design

Crockery unit Design

A bar crockery unit is an attractive and practical addition to any house. Our interior decorators in Malappuram can help you pick the right one to host your parties since they come in various styles and configurations to suit your requirements and preferences.

Apartment Interior Designers

Light Design

Choosing the proper bathroom lighting is tough. You'll want robust and concentrated light in the grooming area, yet low lighting for a relaxing shower. We'll help you choose the proper bathroom lighting depending on your desired mood.

Top Interior Designers

Foyer's Design

Including statues of idols in your foyer, depending on your faith. It will radiate positivity and good vibes to the surrounding space. Relgrow has a budget-friendly foyer decor for your convenient interior.

Interior Decorators

Storage and Wardrobe Designs

A sliding-door wardrobe features multiple shelves and compartments. Multi-tone finish and lacquered glass panel provide the illusion of extra space in small rooms. With our help, you can enjoy elegant and efficient wardrobe options.

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False ceiling Design

When a day goes badly, a bedroom can be the most relaxing space in the house. To keep a calm atmosphere around the room, try installing sound-absorbing materials like wood or gypsum into the false ceiling or include warm lighting to the ceiling. It is our customers' top choice among Relgrow's false ceiling collections.

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Pooja unit Design

Decorating your pooja room with art that reflects the god and other religious symbols is a beautiful way to show respect and devotion to your faith. We have a wide variety of Pooja units and can help you choose the right one for your home.

Villa Interior Designers

Modular kitchen Design

Our modern kitchen has top units in a muted tone, creating the illusion of more openness and space. Units are available in various dimensions to meet your specific needs, which are patterned with the exact level of exquisite detail you have in mind for your home's interior design.

Interior Design Agency Near Me

Study room Design

Are you looking for a study space that exemplifies uncluttered elegance? From minimalist study rooms to luxurious spaces with modern touches, you'll find various options here with us to meet your needs.

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Bathroom Design

The ideal answer for a kid-friendly bathroom is a colorful theme with a wall-mounted charter mirror with your child's favorite spacecraft. The interior design options at Relgrow are customizable to satisfy your requirements.

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Space-saving furniture

The ideal answer for a kid-friendly bathroom is a colorful theme with a wall-mounted charter mirror with your child's favorite spacecraft. The interior design options at Relgrow are customizable to satisfy your requirements.

Interior Design Company Near Me

Wallpapers Design

A design that goes well with a subdued color scheme in the living room or with sophisticated velvet embroidered patterns inside the bedroom is what you want. Our wide variety of wallpapers for your home decor may hold the key to your search for a perfect solution.

Budget Interior Designers

Flooring Design

Impressively complementary to other gray tones for walls and furnishings, gray wood is an excellent option for a modern bedroom. Our designers can locate the ideal flooring option for your villa with their expertise.

Premium Interior Designers

Tv unit Design

If you desire a TV stand for your villa but don't want to deal with the hassle of installing it, you may get one with a modular design from us. Compact, curved Screens may be tucked into the corner of a room, and customized storage units can be built around them to suit your needs.

Interior Design Services

Wall painting Design

To calm and relax in style, paint your bathroom walls white; to fall in love, give them a pale blue. Allow us to help you in locating the perfect artwork for your house

Home Interior Designers

Kids room Design

For your children to have fun together, we at Relgrow are experts at designing kid-friendly spaces. One of the creations is a sea-themed room with bunk beds, built-in bookcases, and plenty of space for kids' toys in a staircase. Let's look for a suitable room for your kids and make it unique for them.

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Our Clients
Our Clients
Our Clients
Our Clients
Our Clients

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Relgrow finished our Malappuram villa's interiors, and they did a fantastic job. Everyone who watched it thought it was terrific. To everyone on the Relgrow team, thank you very much.
Vishnu Prasad

Manager at Cello


Interior design involves every facet according to your specifications, whether a residence, commercial, or office.

With fees varied by occupancy and complexity of a project, interior design businesses provide the proper budget line depending on the client's unique surface area and spending boundaries.

Interior designers utilize art and science to create comfortable and pleasant settings for their customers. In contrast, interior decorators concentrate on increasing a room's aesthetic appeal via the strategic arrangement of furniture and accessories.

Budget, timeline Determine what services you want for your interiors and check references.

Here at Relgrow, we have a wide selection of commercial and office decor, in addition to that seen in residential settings.