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Best Office Interior Design in India


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Who We Are?

Office Interior Design

Custom-made Interior Design

Your workplace is future-proofed by our integrated design approach. We create office spaces that align with your brand's vision, considering space requirements and capacity planning, design conception, cost consulting, engineering, construction, and technology.

Office Interior Design

Unique Workplace Architecture Strategy

We provide complete "strategy for office interior design" services that address branding, sustainability, security, and employee wellness in the workplace. Our team of dedicated experts provide bespoke in architectural strategy for designing your workplace.

Office Interior Design

Creative Spaces to Boost Productivity

Our interior designers, technical experts, and managers work together to design creative workspaces that faithfully represent your business's culture and brand values with boosting productivity.

Office Design Process

Office Interior Design

Ideation and Planning

The concept development phase starts following the approval of the design idea. The initial "ideation" stage entails generating design ideas, weeding out unworkable ones, and then developing the workable ones until one or more main design concepts are planned.

Office Interior Design

Designing Phase

The designer curates the final design documentation, which includes the drawings, specifications, schedules, and timetable. This ensures seamless execution of relevant design activities.

Office Interior Design

Creation and Implementation

All supplies, furniture, and extras have been ordered after approval of one design plan. Post this, the interior designer will conduct routine site visits to oversee development, assess the level of craftsmanship, and address any problems that may arise.

Office Interior Design

Project Management

Our project managers ensure the design and renovation of your project in a seamless and stress-free experience. The managers oversee every activity of design and helps in hassle-free installation of various design components.

Best Office Interior Design in India

Customer Support

We firmly believe that the most important connection between our customers and us is trust. After the completion of project, the Relgrow team is available to help their clients in every possible way.

Office Interior Design Ideas

Best Office Interior Design in India

The Green Theme

Green plants make a space healthier and purify the air. They can also enhance the creativity and mood of employees. Moreover, greenery adds beauty and appeal to any space, whether it's a living wall installation, desk plants, or a variety of plants arranged in a communal area of office space.

Office Interior Design

Mix Materials Style

When it comes to workplace design, combining materials in a distinctive office layout produces an exciting and logical space. One-dimensional office space can be transformed into an inspirational space for anyone visiting or working by adding different textures like wood, glass, and fabric.

Office Interior Design

Geometric Inspiration Theme

Office decor can be incredibly bold, stimulating energy and creativity everywhere. Bright colours and solid geometric patterns light up a space and produce an exciting visual. Additionally, light fixtures and painted designs can use geometric patterns to match the used theme.

Office Interior Design

Blend of Industry and Rustic Way

An incredibly inventive office design can feature the blending of two distinct aesthetics. Sleek industrial shelving units, chairs, and light fixtures fit well in large, open spaces. In contrast, rustic accents and tables can be added to the room as a whole. The rustic wood posts, beams, and flooring provide warmth in contrast to the industrial fixtures, desks, and chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is absolutely necessary. Relgrow interior designers manage not only the design work for you but also the purchasing, ordering, and delivery of finished products, furniture, and fixtures. Additionally, we work well together to coordinate and complete the task in stipulated time and within budget.

Following a thorough analysis of your objectives, preferences, and financial situation, we determine your specific needs. After that, a customised interior design presentation that fits your office is given. To determine the furniture and decor layouts that advance the natural flow and balance from room to room, we present a design plan that marks the execution

We use the following finishing material for all finished goods:

  • Laminate profiles with a finish of 0.8 mm, 1 mm, and 4 mm, and DUCO glass profiles
  • Pre-laminated acrylic boards
  • Lacquer.
  • Every effort is made to guarantee that the finishing material is of the highest calibre, durable, and increases the longevity of the furniture\design items.

Initially, a phone call is where everything starts. In addition to aiding in the introduction, this will help clarify your needs. It will also assist us in assessing your project's needs. A face-to-face meeting follows. Lastly, you'll receive a design fee proposal for review.

Relgrow- team of interior designers provide their clients with cutting-edge designs of benchmark quality and comfort. We plan, design, create, implement and install our designer layouts in full accordance with your needs and desires. Relgrow takes pride in delivering the most refined artistry in the stipulated time, within the agreed budget.