Designing Your First Apartment: What to Keep in Mind

Relgrow . September 2, 2022 . 5 min Read
Interior Designers

Decorating your first apartment can be exciting and intimidating. It comes with lots of emotions and questions. Where do I begin? What to include and what not? All these questions take up the space in your mind and clutter it.
You’ll want to put pinboards, extra-long sheets, and mini-fridges in your apartment to make it holistic with other artistic designs. However, the interior designers will help you to design your lovely apartment in a good way. Still, you want to design it your way!

To clear out most of your apprehensions, we’ve compiled some essential decorating tips, from low-lift advice to major makeovers, to ensure your first apartment looks completely mature and beautiful.

Top Tips For Designing Your First Apartment

Divide Your Apartment Space Differently

To divide your apartment’s space, you can install a rod from wall to wall and add a separating curtain or long drapes. Further, you can also opt for sliding doors that will save space and give a close look at your home.

An excellent way to make your apartment feel more like home is to separate your living and sleeping areas conveniently. You can use screens, benches, or even a tall bookcase as inventive room dividers. In addition, room shelves and screens can also be used as room divisions.

Put Up Window Coverings Wisely

Window coverings made of materials other than paper or plastic are the ultimate sign that you are an adult. Roman shades with stripes are the most preferred choice for interior designers in Bangalore with flowy designs. The right window coverings will give your room\apartment a more polished appearance due to its beautiful symmetry and color.

Make the Aesthetics of Your Bathroom Like Yourself

Make your mark by monogramming towels, a robe, or a shower curtain to give a more individualized and comfortable feel. Then, to finish it off, add some artwork and furnishings as per your taste. Many interior designers constructed a gallery wall from a garden stool covering every surface. You can add some personalized items to your bathroom space to make it look like your own.

Stuff Your Kitchen with Appropriate Items and Organize it Well

Without an adequately stocked kitchen, a house isn’t a house. Cooking utensils, a coffee maker, a toaster, and fruit bowls are just a few of the necessary fundamental items. Buy appliances that do the job while enhancing your kitchen countertops if you have limited storage space and need to display appliances.

Buy appliances that do the job while enhancing your kitchen countertops if you have limited storage space and need to display appliances.

Be Extravagant with the headboard

A headboard and/or bed frame will not only be a focal point in your apartment’s bedroom but will also significantly improve by simply placing your mattress on the floor. Never again will you need to lean against a wall to rest your head. Convey your headboard ideas to your hired interior designer, who will design it accordingly. You can also make your room grounded and filled with an edgy intensity by using the curves of the headboard composed of warm, deep colors while the linens soften the space.

Create a Closet From a Nook

There are many closet options available in the market for sophisticated closet designs. You can purchase a bed set with built-in drawers to replace a dresser or make a “closet” out of an awkward nook by hanging fabric from hooks or a rod over the opening to hide stored items. Go for a wide door- closet to give your rooms an expanded look.

Swap the Apartment’s Lighting

Light fixtures are the essential requirement of any apartment. It should be done in accordance with the design and furnishings of the space. You can replace your overhead lights with prettier fixtures and antique items. The blue crystal light fixtures can add an extra tinge of brightness to your apartments.

Go For Eclectic Fashion

Reusing what you already have is acceptable and gradually building up your collection rather than starting from scratch every time and trying to make everything match perfectly. The eclectic fashion will not only give you a better understanding of your true personal style, but it will also give you a feeling of home. The chic marble table, contemporary, casual chairs, and vibrant artwork work flawlessly together in the interior design of your apartment.

Place Some artwork on the Apartment Wall

Art is the soul language that radiates beauty and conveys one’s personality to others. You can replace your college memorabilia with fresh artwork. Place the art pieces in symmetry or zig-zag fashion as per your choice. There are incredibly simple DIY wall art projects you can do even if you don’t yet have the money to invest in an art wall service. Go for the themes that give out a royal yet beautiful appearance.


Moving into your new apartment\house for the first time is an important life milestone. Once your interior designer finishes all the design work, it’s time to make a plan to transform your empty house into a welcoming one. You can use the tips mentioned above to design your apartment.