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Relgrow delivers a wide variety of electrical products in the city with its best products. Our materials are used in the electrical utility, cable unit, and telephone industries.

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Conduits Pipes and Fittings

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Anchor T.V Socket

The product is installed in sturdy assembly plates that snugly fit against the wall, giving the TV unit a compact appearance. The socket comes with is Glossy white finish and dust-Free properties.

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Hosper Fuse

The Hosper fuse prolongs the life of your electronics by shielding them from harmful power surges. In a severe overcurrent, the Fuse uses the thermal trip to shut down the system, saving all connected devices.

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Sudhakar 1 inch 2mm Thick PVC pipes

These pipes are used for Domestic, Agricultural, and Industrial areas. Due to their smooth internal surface, these flexible pipes are strong, pressure-resistant, and have excellent free-flow characteristics.

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Sudhakar 25 X 25mm Bends

Flat bend for wireway at a low angle, 25x25mm plastic is used for various cable work areas. A flat bend is 25 mm in height and width of 25mm for a hood, with an Angle of 90°

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Hosper Blank Plate

A small metal plate known as a blank plate is typically located on the back of electronic cases. It covers the expansion slot openings used for network drivers and other components. The product is of low maintenance and has a practical function.

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Hosper Telephone Jack

Electrical connectors are jacks, and a telephone plug is used to connect a telephone set or other telecommunications equipment to the building's internal telephone wiring. The jack is easy to use and install in your place.

Metal Boxes

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Sudhakar 25x25 mm PVC Boxes

One type of authorized enclosure used to safeguard wire and cable connections is PVC electrical junction boxes. There are different sizes available for the packages as per the requirements.

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Legrand’s MCB DX3

Legrand's Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) are designed to provide electrical protection from faults and fit seamlessly into any new or existing energy distribution setups. They adhere to strict criteria for quality certification.

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Modular Surface Gang Box

For the foundational support of modular switches and plates, modular surface gang boxes are used. To prevent tampering, it is secured and enclosed by electrical wiring and comes in a compact shape.

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Legrand’s Distribution Board

A distribution board separates an electrical power feed into subordinate circuits and provides a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a single enclosure. Legrand Distribution board is effective in its function and offers excellent outcomes.

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Sheet Metal Concealed Boxes

These boxes come in size 16mm, which is ideal for electrical work. Sheet metal concealed boxes are concealed in the walls for mounting switches properly.

Wires and Cables

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Finolex 1 mtr Copper Armoured LT Cable

The product is installed in sturdy assembly plates that snugly fit against the wall, giving the TV unit a compact appearance. The socket comes with is Glossy white finish and dust-Free properties.

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FR PVC Insulated Unsheathed Wire Bundle

These wires are used for electric power and lighting, including cables for outdoor and low-temperature use, and are rated for voltages up to 450/750 V AC, 50Hz.

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Finolex 90 mtr Wire

The wire comprises a single core copper conductor for conducting electricity. The product is flame retarded and has a voltage of 1100 Volts. It comes with insulated PVC sheaths.

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Finolex HT Cable

This cable can transmit high voltage current continuously in the electrical framework. The right cable guarantees trouble-free operation and optimizes the cost of the equipment, installation, and other operations.

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Finolex Multicore 1 mtr Flexible Wire

Finolex flame retardant (fr) house wire, polycab 1.5 sqmm in size. It has a fire-resistant cable of cross-section 6 sq. mm x 2 core copper flexible wire.


The thermal range of silicone rubber insulated cables is exceptional; some of them can withstand lows of -90°C and highs of 200°C. Silicone rubber cables are also very flexible, making them more preferred in the electrical industry.

In the oil and gas industry, where cables are traditionally made with a lead sheathing layer, such as the Type 3 BS5308 cables or the French standard NF M87 202 cables, hydrocarbon resistant wires, also known as MUD resistant cables, are mainly used. The sheathing material is a barrier against moisture infiltration and is impervious to many different chemicals and hydrocarbons.

The following are the types of wires:

  • Live wire,
  • Neutral wire, and
  • Earth wire
  • These wires allow the electric power line to enter our homes and commercial buildings.

The maximum continuous current that conductors can carry without going above the recommended maximum temperature is ampacity. Amperes are used to measure ampacity.

To find the precise wire or cable you require and its ampacity, browse our product catalog. In addition, our customer service staff can assist with inquiries regarding our products' precise ampacity or other details.