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Our company Relgrow is a household name when one is talking about interior design. It is considered as one of the best interior design companies in Thoothukudi because we always and always keep our word.

Our company Relgrow has the best interior decorators, they will help you out design your space the way you want at a very affordable rate. We truly understand the importance to be flexible in terms of pricing so that people from all walks life can fulfil their dream of decorating their spaces by hiring the experts.

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Why Choose Relgrow for Interior Designs in Thoothukudi

In Thoothukudi for interior design services, Relgrow is a very popular name. Our company has been doing business for years and have satisfied thousands of clients over the years. Our company is popular as we provide creative solutions to all their interior problems. We are flexible in terms of price and we always stick by the delivery date. We understand our client’s views and we care about the tiniest things they want in their space and we try our best to incorporate those and build up the look. Our company hires the best interior designers in Thoothukudi and they help you with your space.

Our Process

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Meet and Agree

This is the first stage where we meet the client in person and discuss in detail of what they want. We gain an understanding of what are they are looking out for, understand if we can deliver and then we agree on the project.

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In the planning stage we think of how to go about the project. We have hired the top interior designers of this city and they plan out every single detail.

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Design and Create

After planning come the stage of designing and creating new ideas. Our interior designers combine their ideas with the clients and design and create the best possible outcome for the home.

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Build and Install

In this stage we start implementing the work in the site. We start bringing in things together and building up the space.

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Post Delivery Support

Being the best interior decorators in Thoothukudi we are always happy to help our client with any assistance they require with the post delivery of our project.

What do we do as the best interior designers in Thoothukudi

As one of the best interior designers in Thoothukudi, we design spaces for our clients. We specialize in three areas of interior design:

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Residential Interior Design

Relgrow is the best name in residential interior design. Our team of experts design independent homes, apartments, flats, cottages, farm houses, residential structures, and all other kinds of home spaces for our clients. At Relgrow, we truly understand the vision the client desires and carry it out. We make every effort to know the client's concept before designing in that direction and give updates to our clients always.

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Commercial Interior Design

Relgrow also specialises in designing commercial spaces. We offer a few suggestions for commercial interior design, like the glass way method, modern design, varying lighting, a colourful approach, perhaps large geometric motifs, or something amusing and quirky. Depending on the client's requests, we make every effort to fulfil them to the best of our abilities. We can also mix n match the styles and create something unique if the client wants. It all comes down to the client’s desires.

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Office Interior Design

At Relgrow we also design office spaces. We understand how important it is to create a space that looks good and is yet very functional. Some examples of office interior design ideas are the green theme, where real and fake plants are used for decorating the space, the mixtures of different styles, the geometric inspiration theme, and a mixture of industry and rustic technique. The client can choose any or mix n match styles and our interior designers will do the work accordingly.

Home interior designers in Thoothukudi

As Relgrow is one of the best interior designer firms in Thoothukudi we will help you achieve the dream home or office space. The company offers a wide variety of designs like:

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Contemporary Interior Design

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Modern way of interior design

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Traditional interior design

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Beach style interior design

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Mediterranean Interior Designing Style

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Mid Century Modern Interior Designing Style


Modular Interior Kitchen Design
Dining Room Interior Design
Wardrobe Interior Design
Living Room Interior Design
Bedroom Interior Design
False Ceiling Interior Design
TV Unit Design
Study Room Design
Pooja Unit Interior Design
Bathroom Interior Design
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Modular Interior Kitchen Design

Kitchen spaces have evolved over years and in present times our home makers or whoever cooks will like a kitchen that is exceptionally functional and yet creative. In modern times, our kitchen needs well constructed cabinets where our entire kitchen related utensils and other important items yet making it look spacious. There must be excellent chimneys, well fitted tap fittings, proper lighting and other important equipments that a modern day cook requires. We understand the importance of this space and design it accordingly.

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Dining Room Interior Design

The dining room has always been the space where people bond for long hours over food. The dining area must have that ambience with proper tables, chairs, lightings and other decorative items which enhances the delicious food cooked and promotes a healthy and warm space for the guests to talk for long hours. It must be well planned so that all the family members feel they are part of that place and it is also an extension of the family members personality hence we at Relgrow understand the importance of this area and understand what the client wants and design it accordingly.

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Wardrobe Interior Design

We all tend to feel a bit envious when we see closets with all the clothes, accessories, and other necessities in their right places, don’t we? We frequently struggle to locate things in our wardrobes because they are so disorganised. If you want us to construct just one wardrobe interior design unit for you, we may produce those ideal closets. You can group your clothes, shoes, accessories, and other possessions according to colour, or even create a section for just the jeans or shirts you wear every day. Without a quality wardrobe unit with labels, it can become very difficult and time-consuming.

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Living Room Interior Design

Your living room is the most significant area that guests will enter to judge your taste. The interior design of your living room must reflect your personality and be done with extreme attention. Your personality and taste will be reflected in the home's design, furnishings, lighting, artwork, plants, rugs, carpets, and wooden flooring, among other things. Each of these components reflects your personal flair. Since this section is so crucial, we at Relgrow design it carefully with the theme you have chosen or whatever you have in mind. Our interior designers can also suggest a few ideas which will enhance the final outcome.

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Bedroom Interior Design

There are many clients who have a very strict preference in their bedroom and we understand that. In today’s individualist times the desires of the clients must be kept in forefront irrespective of the theme or anything else. While some customers prefer maximalist decor, others choose minimalist. Some people also combine the two concepts because they want something special in their home. Relgrow allows all kinds of customisation and the interior decorators in this company do its best to decorate the bedrooms in accordance. We supply the bed, furniture, carpets, curtains, and all other goods that are required to design your bedroom space.

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False Ceiling Interior Design

The false ceiling is often visible in most homes in today’s times. There are many individuals are thinking about false ceilings because of their many advantages. If the ceiling is very high, if a cassette air conditioner needs to be installed, if there are any structural beams, or if there aren't many light fixtures on the ceiling, a fake ceiling is necessary. Artificial ceilings are regularly chosen by many due to their practicality, and our interior designers in Relgrow may create one that suits the decor of your home.

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TV Unit Design

Often the TV unit design is neglected but at Relgrow we understand how important this part is. Due to the fact that it commonly affects how the living room will seem as a whole, the TV unit's design is an important factor. The television in the living room of most homes is typically in the wrong place. Relgrow is conscious of your available space and can help you place your television by installing a TV unit design and placing it in a spot that blends in with the surrounding environment. Some customers like to have a television in their bedrooms, and we can instal one there as well.

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Study Room Design

The study room is made by understanding the interior design style of the rest of the house. There must be adequate storage for books and other priceless items, and the design must be unobtrusive. The study room needs light, and you can instal a fake ceiling here if there isn't enough natural light or if you prefer a lot of lighting at night. We can comprehend any request from the client and come up with the best solution. Decorative plants or real plants can also be used to decorate this space according to a clients wish.

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Pooja Unit Interior Design

Oftn in modern homes the space is less and a separate room for deity is compromised. Usually our interior decorators come up with a separate space for the deity, the pooja interior design is incredibly significant and sacred for any household. This area needs to be carefully designed to provide calm, fewer distractions, and a sense of the holy. The unit must be placed where there is room for offerings and constructed so that it blends in without standing out while still providing a secure area for you to sit or stand and pray.

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Bathroom Interior Design

According to a popular belief, our visitors evaluate us in the restroom. Unfortunately, it is very true, and the bathroom needs to be properly ventilated and well equipped with everything a modern home needs, including a sink, a toilet, a shower, and other amenities. Relgrow recognises the value of a spacious well setup bathroom with all the conveniences, and we design each bathroom to fit the overall design scheme of the home.

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Here’s why our interior design in Thoothukudi is loved by all people

Despite the fact that Thoothukudi is home to a large number of interior designers, what sets our team apart from the competition is its unequalled ability to comprehend a client's vision. We pledge to improve the client's environments while respecting and incorporating their tastes, opinions, and sense of style. We meet the needs of clients who want a tastefully designed room that is neatly furnished, color-coordinated, and has the ideal quantity of lighting, artwork, and plants. We continue to maintain our dedication to on-time deliveries while providing a variety of price alternatives and beautiful designs.

How we differ from other interior design company in Thoothukudi

As the best interior design company in Thoothukudi we strictly follow the core values

  • We understand the client’s viewpoints thoroughly.
  • We then begin planning the procedure by combining it with our skilled interior design ideas.
  • We are flexible in terms of cost.
  • We never fail to deliver on the due date set.


I recently got married and I really wanted our first new house to get it designed by the best interior decorators in this city. Many friends suggested me Relgrow and I contacted them. My apartment is 2BHK with 900sq ft sixe but the way Relgrow team has designed it looks even bigger and I am extremely how it has turned out.
Sanjana Sachdev, 31, Thoothukudi
I recently shifted to a separate flat and I wanted an interior decorator to design my space. I searched for interior designers near me in the internet and it suggested Relgrow. I gave them the entire responsibility of decorating my 2 BHK flat in a traditional manner and it must look spacious. They really did it very well and I am happy how my flat now looks.
Pooja Deshmukh, 29, Thoothukudi
Recently our company upgraded the entire look of the office. I was given the responsibility to hire interior decorators. I am glad I chose Relgrow as they really changed how our office looked and it is looking better and lot more functional and spacious. I am very happy with the design and their on-time delivery.
Rajesh Verma, 33, Thoothukudi

Frequently Asked Questions

It sure is. There are many affordable interior design companies in Thoothukudi who offer services at a very affordable rate. Anyone who wishes to design their homes by interior experts can do so. Relgrow is one such company who are offering such services in Thoothukudi.

Relgrow is an interior designing company in Thoothukudi helping people decorate their spaces. The space can be residential office as well as commercial.

Relgrow is a trusted name in interior decoration and there are thousands of clients in Thoothukudi who love this brand. Three points why you should choose them:

  • They do not compromise in quality
  • They keep their promises in terms of delivery
  • They provided end to end solution to all your interior decoration problems.

Once we are have sketched out the details we get an idea as to how long it will take us to get the project done. We provide a date accordingly and keep our on-time delivery promise.

Yes, absolutely. The client is sent all updates on the progress in email and WhatsApp Chat.

When we do the sketch out we give a cost idea to the client. If they want some modifications we work on it and give them an updated price amount.

We discuss it with our clients about the payment. If the client is comfortable in instalments or clearing all the payment before beginning of the project, we discuss it thoroughly.