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Relgrow is a well known name today in the field of interior designing. Our company has been decorating up spaces for several years and we have satisfied several clients. We are popular today and we are known as one of the best interior design companies in Thiruvallur because our quality of work remains unmatched. Our company Relgrow comprises of the best interior decorators from the industry and the products we used and high in quality. We are flexible in terms of pricing and we never miss our due delivery date.

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Why Choose Relgrow for Interior Designs in Thiruvallur

The top interior designers in Thiruvallur are presented by our well-known company Relgrow. We have been in business for a very long period, and thousands of consumers have been happy with our company throughout the years. Being able to provide unique solutions for all of their interior difficulties has made our company well-known. We have a flexible pricing policy, and we never skip a delivery date. We pay close attention to even the tiniest demands made by our clients for their places, and we make every effort to integrate those requirements and achieve the desired style. Our company has hired the best interior designers in Thiruvallur to help you with your space.

Our Process

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Meet and Agree

This is the first stage where we meet the client in person and discuss in detail of what they want. We gain an understanding of what are they are looking out for, understand if we can deliver and then we agree on the project.

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In the planning stage we think of how to go about the project. Our team is made up of the best interior decorators in Thiruvallur and they plan out every single detail.

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Design and Create

After planning come the stage of designing and creating new ideas. Our interior designers combine their ideas with the clients and design and create the best possible outcome for the home.

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Build and Install

In this stage we start implementing the work in the site. We start bringing in things together and building up the space.

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Post Delivery Support

Post delivery we understand a client might need further assistance. We are always happy to help our client with any assistance and this also makes us one of best interior design company in Thiruvallur.

What do we do as the best interior designers in Thiruvallur

As Relgrow is well known in interior designing we now venture into 3 field of interior design:

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Residential Interior Design

Relgrow provides interior design services for residential spaces.Over the years we have designed spaces for our clients for different kinds of residential structures like independent homes, cottages, farm houses, villas, apartments and flats. We first understand the client’s vision well and we offer our themes like Traditional, Contemporary, Mediterranean, Beach style or mixture of these styles or if a client has a completely new vision we understand and work accordingly.

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Commercial Interior Design

We have designed commercial spaces also. Some of our themes that we offer to our clients are: glass way technique, contemporary style, variable lighting, a colourful approach, perhaps big geometric themes, or something fun and quirky. We understand what client is looking out for and then we work on the space. We can combine themes also or work something entirely new idea. Depending on what the client is demanding we work accordingly.

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Office Interior Design

We design office spaces also. Relgrow truly understands how crucial it is to create a space that is beautiful and yet functional. That is the motto of our company to create such spaces and for office space we offer themes to our clients like: A green theme, which uses both real and fake plants to decorate the area, style mash-ups, a geometric inspiration theme, and a combination of industrial and rustic design. The client is free to select any style or combine several different ones, and our interior designers will work as needed.

Home interior designers in Thiruvallur

As Relgrow is one of the best interior designers in Thiruvallur we will help you achieve the dream home or office space. The company offers a wide variety of designs like:

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Contemporary Interior Design

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Modern way of interior design

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Traditional interior design

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Beach style interior design

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Mediterranean Interior Designing Style

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Mid Century Modern Interior Designing Style


Modular Interior Kitchen Design
Dining Room Interior Design
Wardrobe Interior Design
Living Room Interior Design
Bedroom Interior Design
False Ceiling Interior Design
TV Unit Design
Study Room Design
Pooja Unit Interior Design
Bathroom Interior Design
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Modular Interior Kitchen Design

How kitchens were designed earlier has changed tremendously now. At Relgrow we understand how important it is to create a space that looks spacious, has all the cabinets for utensils and other important things, well fitted taps in the right positions, chimneys, lights etc. The space must promote creativity as cooking in itself is an art. If the kitchen looks cluttered, feels cramped it won’t inspire the one who is cooking. Relgrow understands all of this and if any client has any demand we keep that in mind too.

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Dining Room Interior Design

The space where everyone bonds over food and conversations is the dining room. We at Relgrow aim to create a space that enhances bonds and with the right furnishings the ambiance is created. The decorative dining table, comfortable chairs, rugs or carpets, lights, wall color, paintings or other decorative items, lamp shades all play a role in enhancing the ambiance of the space. We take care of it all and keep in mind the client’s vision as the family members must feel at home when they are in this space.

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Wardrobe Interior Design

Since the wardrobe interior design has come into light several clients are opting for it for its utility. The wardrobe interior design lets you to keep your clothes, accessories and other items in proper places as they have labels and units. All these separate units are can help you store things like one for daily wear or the ethnic ones in one place or you can even color coordinate them and keep them in your wardrobe. This helps you to find things and save time than wardrobe closets without units and labels where in one space you tore everything and with time it becomes disorganised.

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Living Room Interior Design

The living room interior design is supremely important. Our friends guest whoever come in is seated at this place judge your taste in aesthetics and decor by the way your living room is designed. We at Relgrow understand the importance of it and by understanding a client’s demand and taste we design this space with sofas, chairs, rugs, carpets, the flowing, wall color, wall hangings, plants real or fake, lamp shades and lights everything. We out in the best products keeping in mind your budget and bring together this space for you.

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Bedroom Interior Design

The bedroom is a very personal space and each person has a specific taste in designing it. Some like a very simple bedroom with just the basic utilities like bed, lights, fans etc and some people like elaborative design with sofas, tables, televisions etc. We are open to all kinds of customisation at Relgrow. Our interior designers understand the taste of the clients and decorate the bedrooms accordingly keeping the theme of the entire house in mind. Our interior decorators in Thiruvallur Relgrow take care of it all.

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False Ceiling Interior Design

Owing to its convenience and utility, false ceilings are now seen in the majority of contemporary residences. False ceilings are something that many people are thinking about because of their many advantages. If the ceiling is extremely high, a cassette air conditioner needs to be installed, there are any structural beams, or there aren't many ceiling light fixtures, a fake ceiling is typically necessary. Artificial ceilings are a popular choice because of their practicality, and our interior designers in Relgrow can create one that suits the decor of your home.

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TV Unit Design

Although the design of the TV unit is sometimes overlooked, Relgrow understands the importance of it. Since it frequently affects how the living room will look overall, the TV unit's design is important. Most homes place their television in the living room's wrong position. Relgrow can help you locate your television while taking into account the space you have available by installing a TV unit design and placing it in a spot that blends in with the surroundings. If you're one of our customers who likes having a television there, we can instal one there.

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Study Room Design

The study space is designed with consideration for the aesthetic of the rest of the house. The design must be subtle yet elegant, and books and other valuable artefacts must be able to be stored appropriately. A false ceiling might be installed in the study area if there isn't enough natural light or if you desire a lot of lighting at night. We are capable of comprehending any request from a client and advising the best course of action. This area can also be furnished with fake or real plants, depending on the preferences of the client.

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Pooja Unit Interior Design

Space is typically limited in modern times. Only a select few people are able to set up a separate space for the diety. At Relgrow, we are aware that having a pooja unit is crucial because it is frequently compromised. The area needs to be nicely decorated, encourage peace and tranquilly, and be situated where there are few distractions. The unit must fulfil its function while blending in with the rest of the house's design. When clients want us to design puja units, we do so and incorporate any suggestions they may have.

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Bathroom Interior Design

The most overlooked interior design is that of the bathroom. Often, interior design firms pay little attention to this area, and occasionally clients do too, but at Relgrow, we understand how crucial it is to have a large, well-ventilated bathroom with the appropriate lighting, curtains, sink, and toilet. The bare necessities must be present, regardless of whether expensive tiles are used in the design or not. Since we are aware of this, we provide our customers the best products on the market at prices they can afford.

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Here’s why our interior design in Thiruvallur is loved by all people

We are considered as the best interior designers in Thiruvallur for a several reasons. Our interior decorators have unmatched ability to grasp what our client is demanding form us. Our interior decorators work around the vision and enhance the ideas. We never tell a client to exceed their budget and always work within it and in fact help them save. The quality of products that we use for designing is truly unmatchable in terms of quality. At Relgrow we always keep our word for delivering on time. There are many firms who promise but fail to deliver but till date we can proudly say we have not missed a single deadline.

How we differ from other interior design company in Thiruvallur

As the best interior design company in Thiruvallur we strictly follow the core values

  • We understand the client’s viewpoints thoroughly.
  • We then begin planning the procedure by combining it with our skilled interior design ideas.
  • We are flexible in terms of cost.
  • We never fail to deliver on the due date set.


Recently my husband and I bought a farm house far away from the city but wanted a well known city interior designer to decorate it. We chose Relgrow as we have a lot of good things about them from our friends and family. The interior decorators in Relgrow truly understood what we wanted. We wanted a contemporary design for the house and we are super happy with the outcome. Their pricing was within our budget and I couldn’t have been happier! Truly recommend them to everyone.
Tulika Paul, 33, Thiruvallur
I recently got married and shifted to a separate flat and I wanted an interior decorator to design my space. I searched for interior designers near me in the internet and it suggested Relgrow. I gave them the entire responsibility of decorating my 2 BHK flat and told them to mix a bit of traditional and contemporary. Very beautifully they combined the ideas and decorate dour space. The products they have used are extremely high in quality and my wife and I are very happy.
Sachin Deshpande, 29, Thiruvallur
Recently our company finished constructing a commercial space and the clients asked us to hire an interior designer to decorate the space too. We undoubtedly chose Relgrow as we have worked with them in the past and they are best in the field. Relgrow understood what the clients were looking out for and decorated the space really well. We are all very happy with their performance.
Raj Singh, 37, Thiruvallur

Frequently Asked Questions

It sure is. There are many affordable interior design companies in Thiruvallur who offer services at a very affordable rate. Anyone who wishes to design their homes by interior experts can do so. Relgrow is one such company who are offering such services in Thiruvallur.

Relgrow is an interior designing company in Thiruvallur helping people decorate their spaces. The space can be residential office as well as commercial.

Relgrow is a trusted name in interior decoration and there are thousands of clients in Thiruvallur who love this brand. Three points why you should choose them:

  • They do not compromise in quality
  • They keep their promises in terms of delivery
  • They provided end to end solution to all your interior decoration problems.

Once we are have sketched out the details we get an idea as to how long it will take us to get the project done. We provide a date accordingly and keep our on-time delivery promise.

Yes, absolutely. The client is sent all updates on the progress in email and WhatsApp Chat.

When we do the sketch out we give a cost idea to the client. If they want some modifications we work on it and give them an updated price amount.

We discuss it with our clients about the payment. If the client is comfortable in instalments or clearing all the payment before beginning of the project, we discuss it thoroughly.