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We at Relgrow design people’s spaces that are not only just creative but also our quality of the work are considered better than others.

Relgrow interior designers in Erode focus on creating the best solutions to people’s spaces. We have hired the best interior designers in Erode for working on your residential or commercial spaces.

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Why Choose Relgrow for Interior Designs in Erode

Relgrow is a name that is currently associated with interior design. The company is recognised for providing its clients with interior design services, but what makes us stand out is the amount of time, thought, and effort we put into building a client's ideal house. Our timely delivery, capacity to understand and meet client's needs, and also to be able to mix the best interior decorators' ideas with an affordable price have helped us establish ourselves as one of Erode's top interior design company

Our Process

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Meet and Agree

In this stage, we officially meet the client and talk in-depth about their perspective, what they are expecting from us. When we understand their perspective and we both have agreed on terms and conditions we then decide to work on the project.

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Post this comes the stage of planning. We plan how to go about the project and we take in ideas from the clients if they have to offer any, and we let our interior designers discuss with them in depth about the project and come to conclusion.

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Design and Create

The third stage is to design and create the ideas and start actually working on the project in depth. As being one of the best interior design companies in Erode, we take pride that the best of industry experts work together to create something magical.

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Build and Install

This is the actual stage where we visit the site and start working. The actual work starts taking place after all the planning and carefully building up the space.

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Post Delivery Support

If any client requires help after delivering their home about something we are always happy to help.

What do we do as the best interior designers in Erode

As one of the top interior design company in Erode, we design spaces for our clients. We specialize in three areas of interior design:

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Residential Interior Design

We are renowned as one of Erode's top interior design firms. We help the client in designing their apartments, villas, flats, cottages, farmhouses, independent houses, etc. The space is built up according to your taste, and we add in our creative ideas just to enhance your space bit more.

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Commercial Interior Design

We also help people in their interior decor for commercial spaces. We truly understand the value of spaces, and we work to make it look the best. To achieve the best outcomes, our interior decorators blend their ideas with the requirements of a client. The commercial design ideas include things like the glass way method, a mix of lighting themes, a modern decor theme, a colorful approach, big and geometric patterns, and every quirky approach. You can choose accordingly.

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Office Interior Design

We also help clients in designing their office space. Our interior designers are well experienced in designing all kinds of office spaces and the themes we offer in Relgrow are: green theme with using with real and fake plants, geometric inspiration theme, mixture of industry and rustic technique, we can also mix different styles or if the client has any idea we can incorporate it too and carve out a functional beautiful office decor.

Home interior designers in Erode

The Relgrow interior decorators in Erode offer several design types to you and they are:

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Contemporary Interior Design

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Modern way of interior design

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Traditional interior design

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Beach style interior design

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Mediterranean Interior Designing Style

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Mid Century Modern Interior Designing Style


Modular Interior Kitchen Design
Dining Room Interior Design
Wardrobe Interior Design
Living Room Interior Design
Bedroom Interior Design
False Ceiling Interior Design
TV Unit Design
Study Room Design
Pooja Unit Interior Design
Bathroom Interior Design
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Modular Interior Kitchen Design

Kitchen is a space that must be spacious and helps one feel inspired. The food is cooked here and it must have all the facilities. The kitchens we design are spacious, having enough cabinets for utensils, excellent chimneys, enough lighting, and well tap fittings are provided by us. The space must be equally functional and beautiful.

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Dining Room Interior Design

The dining room is the space where people truly bond over conversation and food. Be it with guests or with family members, this is the place where everybody meets over breakfast lunch or dinner and discusses things for long period of time. It unites people. A well structured table with chairs, carpet, proper lighting and all other things we arrange according to your taste.

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Wardrobe Interior Design

We do not understand the importance of wardrobe design till we create a mess in our regular wardrobes. You must place your confidence in the interior decorators who will, through their expertise in wardrobe interior design, assist you in having a more functional wardrobe. The interior design of your closet is crucial because it will help you organise your clothes accessories, shoes in color-coordinated patterns, western and ethnic decor, and shoes in a right way. It will also improve your space and your state of mind.

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Living Room Interior Design

This space is the most important area as the people who first come into your place will enter the living room. We understand the importance of this space and design it according to your aesthetic. Making this space look good is extremely crucial, and not overdoing it is also important. Well furnished sofas, carpets, lightings, center tables, and other decor items that you resonate with we design them with such high quality products.

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Bedroom Interior Design

The client should feel relaxed as they enter their bedroom after a hectic day at work. There should be less noise, peace, and distractions, and you should wake up feeling rejuvenated. Relgrow's interior designers will style your bedroom with this in mind, ensuring that you immediately feel comfortable and at peace. Additionally complementing your style will be the decor and colour palette of the bedroom with the furniture you want there to be.

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False Ceiling Interior Design

Nowadays, a lot of people are considering installing false ceilings in their homes. Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, false ceilings have numerous useful functions. You will need a false ceiling, for instance, if your property has any structural beams or a very high ceiling, if you wish to instal a cassette air conditioner, or if your ceiling is devoid of numerous light fittings. Because of its usefulness, artificial ceilings are frequently chosen, and interior designers in Relgrow can make one that matches your home's decor.

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TV Unit Design

The interior designers should look into this as well. Sadly, the positioning of the TV prevents it from improving the space in many well-furnished living rooms. You can build a separate TV unit or put it in your living room so that it complements the furnishings. Our interior designers at Relgrow are fantastic at providing you with original suggestions for placement so that the entire space appears nice.

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Study Room Design

The study space is where you need to pay close attention and avoid distractions. You must not be distracted by the design of your study space. The decor should be done in a more neutral colour family with items that are actually needed in the space, such as books, laptops, desks, chairs, and sufficient lighting and also with real or decorative plants.

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Pooja Unit Interior Design

This is a sacred space where the deity is placed. This space must be carefully curated in a way that promotes peace, less distractions and clutter free. Usually in modern homes today the space is less and from a pooja room we have shifted to a pooja unit. The placement of the unit must be where there is enough space for offerings and it must be designed in such a place that does not catch everyone’s eyes yet a safe space where you can sit or stand and pray.

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Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom interiors in houses are frequently compromised. Relgrow is aware of how crucial it is to include the home's aesthetic into the bathroom's design. It must be roomy, well-ventilated, and equipped with all the necessities, like a sink, a shower, storage for toiletries, etc. The interior designers are aware of how crucial a pleasing aesthetic is for this space.

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This minimal package of ours includes furnitures and accessories to give your home the best aesthetic vibe.



This package includes interior design for professional workplaces, restaurants,hotels and other public spaces.



Our special package is specifically meant for luxurious Residential villas.

Here’s why our interior design in Erode is loved by all people

There are a lot of interior design firms in Erode, but what actually distinguishes us from other interior design company is our team's unmatched capacity to understand a client's vision. In addition to promising to make the client's rooms better, we also promise to recognise and respect their preferences, viewpoints, and design aesthetic. We fulfil a client's dream of having a tastefully furnished, color-coordinated, tastefully adorned space with the right lighting, paintings, and plants. We uphold our obligations to deliver items on time while also providing a variety of price options and affordable prices.

How we differ from other interior design company in Erode

  • We understand client’s perspective
  • We mix it with our expert interior design’s ideas and start planning the process
  • We are flexible in terms of pricing
  • We deliver by the due date promised by us


I recently moved to Erode and I bought a 1 BHK home for myself. Due to time constraint I could not design it the way I wanted to. I searched for interior designers near me in Erode in the internet and Relgrow was one of the listed names. I spoke to them and liked their flexible pricing initially. But when they handed me my house after decor I must say that I am very impressed that even in sticking to a certain budget the quality of the work is commendable and they delivered the home to right on time.
Sreya Dey, 34,Erode
I bought a farm house on the outskirts of the city and it is my dream home. Relgrow really helped me in decorating my dream home. They understood my view points and they added their own creative ideas which I absolutely loved. Not only today my space looks better and brighter but whoever has visited my home is complimenting as to how to each corner of my house is looking so beautiful. Me and my wife are really thankful to the team of experts from Relgrow who helped me.
Sachin Kumar, 44, Erode
Very recently I shifted to a place of 1 BHK apartment. The space in my flat is restricted but I wanted to style it in a way that looks big. I trusted Relgrow for this and they truly understood what I wanted. They made it look spacious, less items yet my home looks very pretty and my parents and family are very happy how the space has turned out to be.
Vikas Jha, 27, Erode

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is. Relgrow is a company that offers flexible pricing yet delivering high quality level of work. Anyone who wishes to design their homes by interior experts can do so. Relgrow is one such company who are offering such services in Erode.

Relgrow is an interior designing company in Erode helping people decorate their homes, offices and other commercial spaces.

Relgrow is a trusted name in interior decoration and there are thousands of clients in this city who love this brand. Three points why you should choose them:

  • They do not compromise in quality
  • They keep their promises in terms of delivery
  • They provided end to end solution to all your interior decoration problems.

Once we are have sketched out the details we get an idea as to how long it will take us to get the project done. We provide a date accordingly and keep our on-time delivery promise.

Yes, absolutely. The client is sent all updates on the progress in email and WhatsApp Chat.

When we do the sketch out we give a cost idea to the client. If they want some modifications we work on it and give them an updated price amount.

We discuss it with our clients about the payment. We take an advance and then take the rest after delivering the project. If the client wants to break down the payment system in any other form we are open to that to.