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We are an interior design company in Chengalpattu designing residential commercial and office spaces. Over the years we have created over these spaces and our clients have loved and trusted us. Today we are known as one of the best interior design companies in Chengalpattu as we have gained people’s trust and our interior designers offer variety of designs. Our pricing is flexible, we help after delivering a project and most importantly we always deliver on time.

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Why Choose Relgrow for Interior Designs in Chengalpattu

As one of the interior design firms in Chengalpattu we have successfully finished numerous projects. Our greatest asset is our customer base, who adores us for the principles we uphold. Our clientele consider us to be among the best interior designers in Chengalpattu. All of our clients' difficulties relating to interior decor are creatively solved by our skilled team. People like us because of our pricing flexibility, and we are happy to be able to lovingly adorn everyone's homes. The items we use for decoration, such as tables, lamps, beds, and sofas are of greatest quality you can find in the market. Our delivery is always on time too.

Our Process

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Meet and Agree

This is the first stage where we meet the client in person and discuss in detail of what they want. We gain an understanding of what are they are looking out for, understand if we can deliver and then we agree on the project.

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In the planning stage we think of how to go about the project. Our team is made up of the best interior designers in Chengalpattu and they plan out every single detail.

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Design and Create

After planning come the stage of designing and creating new ideas. Our interior designers combine their ideas with the clients and design and create the best possible outcome for the home.

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Build and Install

In this stage we start implementing the work in the site. We start bringing in things together and building up the space.

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Post Delivery Support

We understand that post delivery a client might require further assistance. We are always happy to help our client with any assistance and this also makes us one of best company to provide interior design services in the city.

What do we do as the best interior designers in Chengalpattu

As Relgrow is well known in interior designing, our interior designers venture into 3 field of interior design:

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Residential Interior Design

Relgrow specialises in residential interior design. Our best interior decorators design spaces for our clients and over the years we have designed independent homes, cottages, farm houses, villas, apartments, and flats. We firstly understand the vision of the client’s vision. Some of the themes we offer are: traditional, contemporary, Mediterranean, beach style, or a combination of these styles. If the client has an entirely new vision, we also develop our design accordingly.

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Commercial Interior Design

We design commercial spaces also. Over the years we have been known as the best interior decorators and we offer several themes to our clients like: glass way technique, contemporary style, variable lighting, a colourful approach, perhaps big geometric themes, or something fun and quirky. We at Relgrow understand what a client is looking out for and then we work on the space. We can combine themes also or work something entirely new idea.

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Office Interior Design

Sometimes designing an office space might be challenging, but our top interior designers make our clients happy every time as our specialty in creating their vision to reality. We provide our clients with themes for their workplace spaces, including geometric inspiration, style mix, a green theme that employs both real and fake plants to beautify the room, and an amalgamation of industrial and rustic design. Any type or combination of styles may be chosen by the client, and our interior designers will assist as needed.

Home interior designers in Chengalpattu

As Relgrow is one of the best companies for interior design in Chengalpattu , we help you achieve the dream home or office space. The company offers a wide variety of design themes for your home like:

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Contemporary Interior Design

interior design services in Chengalpattu

Modern way of interior design

interior design price in Chengalpattu

Traditional interior design

best interior design company in Chengalpattu

Beach style interior design

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Mediterranean Interior Designing Style

kitchen interior design in Chengalpattu

Mid Century Modern Interior Designing Style


Modular Interior Kitchen Design
Dining Room Interior Design
Wardrobe Interior Design
Living Room Interior Design
Bedroom Interior Design
False Ceiling Interior Design
TV Unit Design
Study Room Design
Pooja Unit Interior Design
Bathroom Interior Design
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Modular Interior Kitchen Design

There have been numerous developments between how the interiors of the kitchens were created in the past and how they are constructed today. Relgrow is aware of the situation, and we take any requests from clients into consideration as well. The modern kitchen owner prefers a spacious space with strategically placed taps, functional chimneys, cabinets for all utensils and other requirements, etc. At Relgrow, we recognise how critical it is to design a setting that must foster creativity because cooking is an art form in itself. The person cooking will not be motivated if the kitchen appears messy and feels crowded.

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Dining Room Interior Design

The dining area is where people gather to socialise over meals and conversations. Relgrow understands the value of this space and is able to create an environment that fosters relationships by using the right furniture. The attractive dining table, comfortable chairs, cosy rugs or carpets, lights, wall colour, paintings or other decorative items, and lamp shades all work to lift the atmosphere of this place. We take care of everything while keeping in mind the client's concept because the family members need to feel at home in this place. We at Relgrow understand what the client wants in this space and design it accordingly.

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Wardrobe Interior Design

The interior of the wardrobe allows you to organise your clothing, accessories, and other items because it has labels and units. In one of these specific units, you can group together goods like a unit for everyday wear or an ethnic unit, or you can even color-coordinate them and store them in your wardrobe. This makes it simpler to find things and saves you time, in contrast to wardrobe closets without sections and labels, where you put everything into one location. The wardrobe interior design that we will do for you will help you keep your things in proper place.

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Living Room Interior Design

The living room interior design is super important as the people you invite or come over enter this space and are seated. We at Relgrow help you in creating a living space that will help you make a good impression. Your taste, aesthetic will be showcased in this place via the sofas, chairs, rugs, carpets, flowing elements, wall colour, wall hangings, real or artificial plants, lamp shades, and lighting. Our interior designers use the finest products while sticking to your budget and decorate this space.

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Bedroom Interior Design

The bedroom is such a personal area, every person has an different design choice for it. Some prefer complex designs with sofas, tables, televisions, etc., while some prefer bedrooms with only the most essential amenities—a bed, lighting, fans, etc. We at Relgrow are open to all customizations. The preferences of our clients are taken into consideration by our interior designers, who decorate the bedrooms aligning it with the general style of the house.

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False Ceiling Interior Design

Nowadays, false ceilings are typical in most modern homes because of how practical and convenient they are. False ceilings are something that many people are thinking about because of their many advantages. If there are any structural beams, a cassette air conditioner needs to be installed, there are too few ceiling light fittings, or the ceiling is too high, a fake ceiling is typically necessary. Artificial ceilings are a common choice because of their practicality, and our design professionals in Relgrow can create one that suits the decor of your home.

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TV Unit Design

Generally in most homes the TV unit design is placed wrongly and it makes the overall decor of the space questionable. Relgrow is aware of this and our designers create and design this unit and place it where it will complement it the best. If our client wants it to be placed in a particular location like bedroom or living room or a separate area for TV, we see that it blends in with the rest of the decor and complements the entire space.

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Study Room Design

The study room design is either overdone or decorated to the bare minimum. Our interior decorators in Chengalpattu Relgrow know how to strike the right balance. We design simple yet elegantly, with adequate storage for books and other important artefacts. If the client wants we can install a false ceiling in the study area if there isn't enough natural light or if you need a lot of lighting at night. This space can also be furnished with artificial or actual plants, depending on the client's preferences. Bottom line is we take into client’s ideas in each point and we decorate it accordingly.

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Pooja Unit Interior Design

In our modern homes, often the spaces are restricted today. In earlier homes there used to be an entire room for the diety but in today’s times especially with 2 or 3 BHK apartments the deity is placed in a pooja unit. Our interior decorator in Relgrow designs a pooja unit according to your taste. We keep in mind that it must be designed and placed where the distractions are less and where the family members can gather and pray. We also keep in mind the entire theme of the house and design the pooja unit so that it does not stand out from the rest of the theme.

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Bathroom Interior Design

Usually the interior design of the bathroom is neglected and the clients also forget to liven up this space. We must keep in mind that the interior decor of the bathroom is equally if not more important. Our guests come to this space and they will judge your taste. There must be proper lights, curtains, shower, commode, sink and other utilities designed and fitted in a tasteful manner. We can decorate the space with mirrors or fake plants too if you want and understanding the rest of the theme of the house and decorating this space is important. It must blend in well and our experts in Relgrow take care of it all.

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Here’s why our interior design in Chengalpattu is loved by all people

People in Chengalpattu consider us to be the best interior designers for a variety of reasons. Our unmatched ability to comprehend what our clients are demanding of us and delivering exactly that or better is our specialty. Our interior designers develop the ideas and work with the overall vision. We never suggest that a customer exceed their budget; instead, we always stay within it and work hard to find ways to reduce their expenses. The materials we use for development are of an entirely unrivalled calibre. Relgrow always fulfils delivery commitments on time. We can gladly state that, up until this point, we have never missed a deadline, which contrasts with the many interior design firms in the city who make promises but then fail to follow them.

How we differ from other interior design company in Chengalpattu

As the best interior design company in Chengalpattu we strictly follow the core values

  • We understand the client’s viewpoints thoroughly.
  • We then begin planning the procedure by combining it with our skilled interior design ideas.
  • We are flexible in terms of cost.
  • We never fail to deliver on the due date set.


Recently I wanted an interior decorator to design a commercial space. I was working on an event and the theme of it was pretty unique. I searched for best interior designers near me and Relgrow was one of the top suggestions. I had heard about them too and I contacted them. Not only they understood what I was looking out for but they also stuck by the budget strictly. The decor was done on time and the overall event was highly successful. I am very happy!
Ravi D, 45, Chengalpattu
I wanted a separate space of my own so I bought 1 BHK flat in the heart of the city. I searched for the interior designers near me and Relgrow was one of the top suggestions. I am glad I chose them as they not only stuck to my budget but my space looks too good.
Rohit Kumar, 34, Chengalpattu
I wanted redo my old grandparents house. They wanted a strictly traditional design and I am glad Relgrow understood our ideas. They truly changed space yet stuck by the theme strictly. My family is very happy with the outcome and quick delivery. Their pricing was also flexible and the products they have used are high in quality.
Raju Singh, 37, Chengalpattu

Frequently Asked Questions

It sure is. There are many affordable interior design companies in Chengalpattu who offer services at a very affordable rate. Anyone who wishes to design their homes by interior experts can do so. Relgrow is one such company who are offering such services in Chengalpattu.

Relgrow is an interior designing company in Chengalpattu helping people decorate their spaces. The space can be residential office as well as commercial.

Relgrow is a trusted name in interior decoration and there are thousands of clients in Chengalpattu who love this brand. Three points why you should choose them:

  • They do not compromise in quality
  • They keep their promises in terms of delivery
  • They provided end to end solution to all your interior decoration problems.

Once we are have sketched out the details we get an idea as to how long it will take us to get the project done. We provide a date accordingly and keep our on-time delivery promise.

Yes, absolutely. The client is sent all updates on the progress in email and WhatsApp Chat.

When we do the sketch out we give a cost idea to the client. If they want some modifications we work on it and give them an updated price amount.

We discuss it with our clients about the payment. If the client is comfortable in instalments or clearing all the payment before beginning of the project, we discuss it thoroughly.