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Our Apartment Interior Designers in Mumbai understand your requirements and charm and design accordingly to amplify your personality throughout the apartment while answering your every need.

Apartment Interior Designers in Mumbai

Types of Apartment Interior Design

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Bohemian Design Style

Defined as rather unconventional, the Bohemian style of design is the current mainstream design that defies rules and prefers more vintage accessories and furnitures. Each design comes off as different as the essence of this style is to define the client’s aura through design.

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Contemporary Design Style

This everchanging style goes hand-in-hand with the current trends. Though very modern, the designs are very simple with the use of clean lines, texture, and the implied sophistication. The presentation of space is very important alongside spotlighting the current trends.

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Eclectic Design Style

As the name suggests, this style serves more eclectic energy to your apartment. Eclecticism presents a creative outlet with which to express your wildest design aspirations. The basic idea behind an eclectic design is about bringing two different designs together.

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Rustic Design Style

This style of interior design is more rough and casual. The view seems fairly aged yet very natural. The apartment interior designer chooses more rugged and unfinished looking furnitures, wired fabrics, jittery chairs, and laidback accessories along with warm and earthy tones.

Our Process

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In the first stage, you meet with our Apartment Interior Designers in Mumbai to discuss your opinions on the location and the process

Flat Apartment Interior Designers in Mumbai


This is the decision-making stage. We develop design concepts, compare them to resources and budgets, and then confirm them with our clients.

Budget Apartment Interior Designers


The installation follows the blueprint while being closely monitored. Then we let you in on the secret of your ideal house.


Modular Kitchen Design
Wardrobes Design
TV Unit Design
Living Room Designs
Dining Room Design
Bedroom Design
Pooja Unit Design
False Ceiling Design
Study Room Design
Kids Room Design
Crockery Unit Design
Bathroom Design
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Modular Kitchen Design

An appropriate kitchen is necessary if you want to serve your family cuisine they will enjoy and rightfully deserve. With versatile cabinets, tap fittings, and dynamic chimneys, we can design the perfect Modular kitchen for you. You can check out the kitchen designs in our designs area.

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Wardrobes Design

Relgrow’s apartment interior designers in Mumbai offer you to choose from a variety of exclusive wardrobe designs and customize them to fit your preferences. For someone who prefers living a lavish lifestyle where clothing and accessories are crucial, a walk-in closet may feel like a special retreat inside an apartment.

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TV-Unit Design

You will have an extensible TV unit paired with a customizable wall unit created by our apartment Interior Designers in Mumbai. We design the TV units based on your room size and decor theme only. Give your living room the perfect essence with the detachable TV unit designs from our column.

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Living Room Designs

We offer fashionable, functional, and appealing styles. Everything you need to get started on your drawing room, from wall paintings to contemporary living room designs, is right here, with us. Browse our design department to find your favourite style and furnish a living space to your liking.

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Dining Room Design

To make your dining room look well-organized and consistent, you can choose from Relgrow's wall of designs. No matter what type of look you want, we can achieve it. You can decorate your dining area with these ideas.

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Bedroom Design

We offer a perfect balance between aesthetics and usability in our bedroom designs, unlike our competitors. A custom-designed interior adds aesthetic value to your apartment. Cleaning your apartment becomes easier and more efficient with our creative design concepts.

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Pooja Unit Design

There is no need to create a pooja corner or place your pooja unit floor-to-ceiling. Your small pooja unit design can be as compact or vast as you want. The traditional dome and lattice add to its appeal despite taking up only a quarter of your wall height. Go through our designs section to find the pooja unit for your apartment!

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False Ceiling Design

Ceilings are more than just the roofs over your heads; they can now be decorated to look gorgeous from every angle of the room. Our false ceiling solutions not only save energy and waste, but they also reduce the need for air conditioning while generating an optimum suited apartment ambiance.

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Study Room Design

Building a workstation in a tiny place can be difficult, but with Relgrow, you won't have to worry. Study rooms are excellent investments regardless of your needs. Explore our design area to learn more about contemporary study room designs with study tables.

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Kids Room Design

Your child's room should be bright and exciting, without sacrificing security, convenience, or storage. Innovative and functional bed designs can add fun and special touches to your child's naptime. Take a look at our kids' bedroom designs for ideas.

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Crockery Unit Design

In Relgrow's large variety of Cutlery units, you can display your valuable crockery while also assuring its correct care. We offer a varied range of crockery units including glass units, open shelved units, shelving units, cabinets, etc. You may go through our Crockery Unit design collection in the design area.

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Bathroom Design

Choosing the right bathroom cabinets, tiles, sinks, mirrors, lighting, and accessories may make the space feel softer and more sophisticated. Decorating a small bathroom to make it appear and feel larger is quite difficult. Check some of our bathroom designs to get a better idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Relgrow is the centre of the greatest apartment interior designers in Mumbai. Designers at our company understand the best way to connect your ideas with current trends in interior design to produce practical, cost-effective, and durable designs.

The judgement is that the greatest time to hire apartment interior designers in Mumbai is after the entire building of your residence is complete. This will enable you to have a solid interior design process free of errors and gaps.

Interior designer solutions can be very cost-effective and the hiring costs always depend upon your needs and how you want to style your home.

Your project will be handled by the entire design team at Relgrow. Each project will have a lead designer who will be your main point of contact, but all team designers will contribute to the final product, which results in a more original solution.

In addition to Apartment interior design, Relgrow provides services such as Residential interior design, Villa interior design, Commercial interior design, and Office interior design. You can know more about them in their specific sections on our website.