Relgrow building company is the right place for you to search for the best residential builders in Pune.

We at Relgrow guide you through every aspect of building construction as we have good associations with skilled and helpful residential construction contractors in Pune. Make the best use of our Relgrow residential building company to build your dream home where you can wake up every day.

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Intro about Relgrow residential construction company

Relgrow is a leading partner in real estate residential constructions in Pune. We provide services for residential construction across Pune and other cities in India.

Villa Construction:

The Relgrow helps you live a life of luxury and dreams. The relgrow residential construction contractors in Pune offer a list of villa plans. These include luxury villas, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and Duplex villas. The residential building contractors in Pune build creative and best living spaces to make a dream villa your living address.

Independent House Construction:

Relgrow is the place you are looking for if you dream of living in an independent house. We at the leading residential building company

Why Choose Our Residential Building Contractor

Relgrow residential construction company in Pune provides one of the best reasons for you to choose our residential solutions. The key concerns we engage our customers include:

One Stop Solution

This includes specific solutions to defined problems. We address all the residential concerns and provide strategic solutions to your residential constructions.

Quality Assurance

Our contractors are equipped with skilled craftsmanship that helps us to deliver the quality performance and standard materials. We assure the standard quality through professional staff and refined planning structures.

100% Transparency

The paperwork and legalization of documents require most of the accurate and authentic procedures. We at Relgrow in Pune assure a 100-percent level of transparency and accurate procedures with due paperworks.

On Time Delivery

The timeliness and on-point handover of projects has led us a great way in the real-estate. We adhere to strict deadlines and project completion timelines. Based on these dates and delivery dates, we assure the project is in your hand.

Flexible Pricing

Money management and price estimation can be a tedious process while constructing a dream home. We help rest aside these worries with significant planning. Therefore, we offer flexible pricing processes to estimate the rise or fall of price in due advance.

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Our Residential Building Services

2 BHK Villa Construction

Relgrow opts for the best features for a desired 2 BHK independent villas. We provide high-quality materials and construction plans for your structures, interiors, and exteriors.

3 BHK Villa Construction

The Relgrow residential builders in Pune cater to the client's needs in constructing 3 BHK villas with perfect amenities and well-suited ventilations, place, lighting, and safety. We help you accomplish your dream and start living.

Duplex Villa Construction

Relgrow, one of the leading residential construction companies in Pune, builds the nest with duplex structures that hold a serenity and a large living area. It is built with an adequate plan, design, interior architecture, and advanced guidance from civil engineers.

Farm houses

Thinking about living in a house situated on your farm? Bring the land details and invite a relgrow for your farm visit. Let our skilled residential building contractors provide you with the master plan. With our professional civil expertise, get the best construction design for a well-organized farmhouse.


To construct well-built and sophisticated cottages, reach out to our Relgrow residential construction contractors in Pune. We at Relgrow look forward to guiding you in the best packages to construct cottages in Pune. We provide solutions in the master plan, safety, ventilation, and interiors of the cottages.

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How do we work?


The planning is a cakewalk for our residential builders in Pune. We at Relgrow are committed to delivering strategic construction to our clients. We undertake the planning steps with keen attention to conduct a smooth and organized construction process. The planning procedures incur the details of super-built-up-areas, carpet areas, master-plan, floor-plan, interior details, and more.


The next process, after planning, is our brainstorming of ideas by the experts and clients. The clients and builders coordinate with their ideas to design the required infrastructure. The design stage helps the clients of relgrow to involve and develop the necessary look for their dream house.

Cost Estimation

Once the planning design is completed, the developers, builders, and engineers calculate the possible costs. The estimation of costs includes a brief expenditure of materials, labor, transportation, paints, interiors, exterior, process charge, and other incurred expenses. The final quotation of the project is given to the client after estimating the costs as per requirements and market value.


The process of construction begins as the deal is signed by the parties. We bring professional residential building contractors in Pune to create a nest that is investment worthy.


After the construction, the Relgrow builders in Pune team completes all the norms and formalities of the property. The team Relgrow involves the client's feedback in the paperwork and completion of the contract at the time of delivery. We happily hand over the beautifully constructed property to the client after they are satisfied with all the necessary built-ins.

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How We Different from Other Residential Construction Companies?

The relgrow residential building company in Pune brings its clients a wide range of possibilities to build a new home. They provide basic procedures and arrangements for every client to achieve their dream home. The services offered by the best residential construction contractors in Pune are well known for the following key aspects. Our aspects of service include environmental consciousness, trust and loyalty between our process and clients, high maintenance quality, ethics and professionalism, and more.

The key aspects are as follows:

  1. Environmentally responsible
  2. Customer Satisfaction
  3. Productivity
  4. superior maintenance
  5. Trusted relationship Professionalism
  6. Management of Risk
  7. Excellent Performance

The above valid proof of Relgrow is why we are the leading residential construction company in Pune. We create the best for our clients with 100 percent commitment and customer satisfaction.Why wait while you can reach out to us for a quick quotation?

Our Completed Projects


"Me and my wife wanted to build a new home in Pune. So, I was looking for residential construction companies near me and Relgrow contractors reached out to me with a beautiful plan for my 30-40 sq.ft site. I gladly recommend you to them if you are looking to construct a house in Pune."

"I always dreamt of living a vacation life. Relgrow residential building contractors near me visited our place after I had filled their form. The team had creative and skilled ideas about making my farmhouse a holiday village that I always wanted to live in"

"My friend was confused about planning the house for her 60-40 site in Pune. I recommended Relgrow to her and now we have decided to build a partnership duplex villa."

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


Our standard package brings functional elegance to your building. This package gives you both affordability and luxury.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

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Yes, At Relgrow, we provide the best contractors and engineers for your building in Pune. We have the best-skilled engineers and contractors to satisfy your residential construction requirements.

The villas can have well-built swimming pools, gardens, parks, game courts, and private home theaters. The villas can also have customized amenities based on the land and permissions in Pune. For more information, contact our Relgrow team.

A 2BHK residence has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. If it is a villa, the privilege comes with secure amenities, vast- open space, and within a large SUBA. A 2 BHK independent house situated in a 30-40 site with less open space and minimal amenities. The major difference depends on the look and land covered.

Yes. There are good contractors and builders available in Pune. To know more about residential construction contractors, Relgrow helps you find the best solution.

The contract is a customized agreement based on the client's needs. Before signing, the parties can ensure the required services. Relgrow provides interior designs for buildings in Pune. To avail of the interior design services, one must confirm the needs before signing the agreement.