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Relgrow residential construction company in Mumbai is the partner you are looking for. We are here in Mumbai to help you build the house you want to live in. We provide all the elements of design, plan, interiors, and ideas to make your magic house a reality.

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Intro about Relgrow residential construction company

Relgrow is a decade-year-old residential building company in Mumbai. We are a partner in leading real estate development and construction. We borrow the clients' requirements to make them a beautiful nest to rest in Mumbai.

Villa Construction:

The Relgrow residential construction contractors in Mumbai allow the provision for building villas with maximum benefits. Based on the land location in Mumbai, our team guarantees the delivery of beautiful villas. We help you build 2 BHK, 3 BHK, Duplex, and other luxury villas based on available resources, budget, and design requirements.

Independent House Construction:

Relgrow helps clients discover many amenities for their new independent house. We help you create a definite plan and design the desired look for your new house. Our residential building contractors are eager to visit your land and build you a decent independent house in Mumbai. It includes various structures like 2 BHK, 3 Bhk, duplex, multi-storied, or single-storied structures.

Why Choose Our Residential Building Contractor

Relgrow residential construction contractors in Mumbai thrive to achieve the best projects. We provide one-stop solutions, quality assurance and 100-percent transparency. Apart from these, we promise and assure the project delivery with utmost passion and dedication. Our key assurances include:

One Stop Solution

Relgrow construction contractors in Mumbai provide featured and specific solutions to the clients. We offer unique and significant solutions related to residential constructions.

Quality Assurance

Relgrow delivers promised quality assurances and professional management. Our team of residential building contractors in Mumbai, help you to achieve quality standards in every residential project you choose.

100% Transparency

Our residential company in Mumbai is determined to provide significant results in terms of construction services. We ensure the quality of your independent houses and other residential projects receive premium quality services from Relgrow residential constructions.

On Time Delivery

The Relgrow contractors, civil team and our skilled engineers plan and strategies the residential housing projects. We help and decide the dates of the time of delivery. Based on the decided dates, we thrive to hand over the finished building

Flexible Pricing

The budget numbers and investment funds can be a hassle when it comes to construction. The expected budget can cross the estimation during the construction. Therefore, the Relgrow team ensures a flexible budget planning prior to avoiding the risk of inflation.

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Our Residential Building Services

2 BHK Villa Construction

At Relgrow, construction contractors in Mumbai provide the necessary services to build the 2 BHK villas to the clients according to their design ideas. We ensure you live in a dream villa that satisfies your wish.

3 BHK Villa Construction

Relgrow residential building company completes the needs of constructing a 3 BHK villa with a decent plan, design, and authentic paperwork. We are here to offer the best residential construction to create a magnificent 3 BHK villa in Mumbai.

Duplex Villa Construction

A desire must meet its reality. The builders at Relgrow residential building company make the dream of a duplex villa a living space. You can turn your plot in Mumbai into a beautiful duplex villa with your favorite amenities and open space. We provide the necessary materials, labor, and assistance to construct the desired and custom-design Duplex villas.

Farm houses

If you own a plot with a perfect view suited for a farmhouse, Relgrow can make it happen. We are associated with the best residential construction contractors in Mumbai who are skilled in constructing a decent farmhouse with the best amenities and look.


Do you have the best space at one of the tourist spots in Mumbai? If you wish to construct a cottage at the most happening place, Relgrow provides the best master plan for the construction. We have good associations with one of the leading residential building contractors in Mumbai. The team provides the best-suited plan, vision, and sketch of the cottage designs. It helps you find the best solution for your plot with better amenities, ambiance, and infrastructure.

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How do we work?


We provide the entire vision of the residential construction. The planning stage includes the engagement of site measurements, plot plans, ideal solutions to the construction, infrastructure design outline,m building plan sketch, and more. The process helps the client understand the outline of the building and gives an idea regarding the construction process.


The clients get to coordinate with the best civil engineers and the leading construction contractors in Mumbai to draw a picture of the design. The designers coordinate with the contractors and builders for a detailed design plan. The design process considers the aspects of flooring, roofing, interiors, paint, amenities, parking, wood, plumbing, carpentry, and electrics.

Cost Estimation

Cost estimation includes approximate budget-making and fund management. The process is essential to understand the necessary resource requirements, management expenses, and other costs. The estimation helps in the smooth functioning of the construction and loan procedures.


The construction process involves rigorous labor and the art of building. We at Relgrow employ the best residential construction contractors in Mumbai to ensure there is skilled craftsmanship. The process includes a smooth management flow, labor engagement, and coordination.


Post the completion of the construction, our team wraps the paperwork on -time and drivers the complete project to you. We consider all the necessary changes and risks during the construction to have a perfect handover of your property. Therefore, the delivery procedure is carefully considered in terms of paperwork, final designs, painting, and accessories.

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How We Different from Other Residential Construction Companies?

We at Relgrow provide top-notch services in real estate with various aspects as our key focus. The team of Relgrow residential building contractors considers the procedures adhered to by Relgrow. The residential construction company in Mumbai is known for its unique functioning.

Relgrow functions differently in terms of being environmentally friendly, providing customer satisfaction, constant feedback and coordination, risk management, and efficient professionals making Relgrow a different organization to be associated with.

The following makes us stand out as the best Residential construction company in Mumbai.

  1. Meeting Consumer needs
  2. Productivity Assurance
  3. Standard Maintenance
  4. Trust-Loyalty bond
  5. Problem-Solving
  6. Top-notch performance

Do not compromise your dream. Provide the best solutions from experienced building construction contractors in Mumbai. Relgrow provides you with a quick quotation for you to compare the industrial standards. For more, log in to our website and benefit from our assistance. Or feel free to call us at +91 89046 65400 for any inquiries.

Our Completed Projects


"From start to finish, the team at Relgrow Mumbai residential construction companies near me gave us an exceptional experience. We are quite pleased with the finished product and are grateful that we chose to use their services."

"I had the pleasure of building my home in a new area recently with the Relgrow Mumbai residential home contractors near me. In every part of the project, the staff was highly professional and experienced. They ensured my house was built exactly to my demands and expectations."

"I strongly recommend Relgrow residential construction contractors in Mumbai to anyone in the area searching for high-quality construction services because they were really helpful in answering all of my inquiries and concerns."

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Mumbai.


Our standard package brings functional elegance to your building. This package gives you both affordability and luxury.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

Our Banking Partners


Yes. We have 5 bank partners from where you can avail of housing loans. But the guarantee of loans can not be provided as it depends on the land documentation.

The available packages at Relgrow are Basic, standard, and premium packages. Based on your requirements and land allotments, the packages vary. For more information, visit our website.

The process of booking a quotation is simple with our Relgrow. Visit our website and fill out the form. Or contact the sales team for any further information.

Relgrow is glad to help you with more queries and doubts. Feel free to contact us at +91 89046 65400 or fill out the form. We will revert to you at the earliest.

The total amount of interior space used and covered with carpet is known as the carpet area. The area covered by interior walls is included in the carpet area but not the balcony or other utility spaces. The built-up area is the total carpet area, balcony, terrace, and all other utility space combined. The Super built-up area is the entire built-up area plus the area used by communal spaces like the clubhouse, stairwells, elevators, and lobbies. Frequently, this is referred to as a saleable area.