Fabrication Steel Suppliers in Bangalore

Relgrow provides skilled structural steel fabrication services to the entire state. Our highly skilled tradespeople offer unmatched service thanks to their combined experience of over a hundred years.

Steel Fabrication in India

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Hassle-free Delivery

Every customer will receive timely structural steel deliveries from Relgrow. Our well-organized system for ordering and tracking ensures error-free delivery of steel to the construction site.


Quality Steels

We provide the best steel with top qualities like strength, toughness, ductility, and durability. Before being delivered to the clients, our structural steel is put through a rigorous quality check. We make sure the quality mark is always present.


Verified Suppliers

For all structural steel requirements, Relgrow has a solid group of trusted steel suppliers, including TATA, TISCO, Cisco, etc. We offer a premium selection of Special Steel from the best steel producers in India with more than 100 quality checks.


Easy Refund Policy

Our refund and cancellation policy is super simple. You get a refund mail as soon as you place the refund request with us, and within 7 working days, we close the issue without any hassle. We have a responsive portal system for refunds, which makes it easy.


N+ Orders Processed

Relgrow marks its presence in the construction industry by its seamless order placing system, on-time deliveries and quality of products. We have had 'n' orders placed with us, and we're still counting!

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Steel Fabrication in India


Our rounds are used in various businesses, including building bridges, buildings, industrial structures, roads, and the automobile industry. The highest quality rounds are created with the help of meticulous procedure control and the complete application of our quality assurance principles.

Steel Fabrication in India


Mild steel angles come in a range of thicknesses and sizes, from 20x20 to 125x75. You can buy lengths individually or collectively, and we also offer estimate-slicing services. Angles are used in manufacturing, assembly, and architectural designs. The most frequently used steel component is mild steel angles.

Steel Fabrication in India


Squares made of mild steel are frequently used in new construction, rural implements, transportation equipment, decorative ironwork, fencing, fine art, and other applications. We supply top-quality mild steel squares to construction sites with the best tools and knowledge.

Steel Fabrication in India


Our project managers ensure the design and renovation of your project in a seamless and stress-free experience. The managers oversee every activity of design and helps in hassle-free installation of various design components.

Steel Fabrication in India


The physical characteristics of thickness, reactivity, young modulus, and electrical and warm conductivity of mild steel sheets and plates made of steel composite are nearly identical to those of its components. However, the design features are very different. These characteristics of steel compounds include free-cutting steel, high shear quality, and high rigidity.

Steel Fabrication in India


Relgrow prides itself on offering only the best products to all of its clients; as a result, mild steel plates purchased are tested using specific quality criteria to ensure the quality. The high elasticity of plates makes them resistant to erosive forces and heat. In crushing equipment, mechanical boilers, waggon tippers, feeders, stackers, loaders, the shipping industry, and supporting casings for machinery used in the construction industry, mild steel plates are used.

Steel Fabrication in India


Low carbon steel is used in the fabrication of mild steel pipes. The funnels are easy to use and don't solidify because of the low carbon content. Due to its outstanding qualities, including a smooth finish, disintegration barriers, perfect quality, and strength, our product offering has become extremely popular in the industry.

Steel Fabrication in India

Unequal Angles

Relgrow highly rates unequal angles created using the unusual properties of raw materials. These items, meant for development purposes, are renowned for their superior quality and precision measurements. We can meet all the requirements because these items are available in various sizes and measurements.

Steel Fabrication in India


The relgrow team has been under pressure since the day we contacted them, and they answered the call with full integrity and determination. The company has supplied all steel materials on time and in top quality.
Shaily Verma

Creative Space Head


Your preparation and execution must be done correctly. Cutting must be performed with a high level of accuracy to meet tolerance requirements. The fabrication processes are crucial and utilize modern techniques to guarantee cost-effectiveness and quality standards.

Our relgrow, fabrication steel dealers in Bangalore are a cut above the rest. We carry an extensive range of products, including round and square steel frames, angle bars, I-beams, and other metal components. All our products are quality-tested and certified for use in construction projects. Our team of experts is here to help you choose the right product for your needs, and our delivery is fast and reliable. Contact us today to learn more about our fabrication steel dealers in Bangalore!

Architectural structures might are susceptible to corrosion. You should determine whether the structure needs to be painted or treated with other products to prevent corrosion. Steel is a safe option because it is fire resistant and doesn't easily catch fire. However, fires inside the structure could be caused by other materials. Steel can become brittle and soften when exposed to the extremely high temperatures created by fires. It is therefore recommended to protect the structure's steel against heat damage.

Depending on the location, we aim to arrive on-site for a consultation either the same day or within 48 hours. For all supplies, written estimates are offered.

Hiring Relgrow Fabrication Steel Suppliers in Bangalore can save you time and money. We have a vast stock of high quality steel alloys, and our experienced team can help you choose the right one for your project. Our prices are competitive, and we guarantee fast delivery.

Yes, we have samples and an iPad to show our wide range of construction supplies to our prospective clients.