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Relgrow, an esteemed presence in the realm of cement suppliers and manufacturers in Bangalore, boasts a rich decade of experience in the industry. With a remarkable history of delighting over 700 satisfied customers, Relgrow holds a prime position as one of the foremost top cement dealers in Bangalore. Our unwavering dedication to quality and exceeding customer expectations has cemented our status as the go-to choice among cement distributors in the city. Recognized as the best cement suppliers in Bangalore, Relgrow consistently delivers excellence, trustworthiness, and premium products. Opt for Relgrow for your cement requirements and revel in top-tier service from a trusted brand.

Cement Suppliers in India

Why Should You Choose Relgrow Cement Dealers in Bangalore

Greenest Cement

A carbon-negative manufacturing process creates Green Cement, an environmentally friendly cement. The industry's primary waste products comprise most of the raw materials used to make green cement.

Best-in-class Durability

Concrete becomes more durable with increased hydration when mixed with cement. The aggregates are another significant mix of design elements that aid in durability.

Gives Denser and Impervious Concrete

The Relgrow cement requires less water to produce concrete with the same workability by enhancing impermeability, this aids in strengthening concrete.

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Cement Suppliers in India Cement Suppliers in India Cement Suppliers in India Cement Suppliers in India

Types of Cements That We Are Selling In Bengaluru

Cement Suppliers in India

PSC Cement

PSC Cement comprises 25–70% granulated slag, 3% gypsum, and the remaining portion is clinker. Granulated slag is a non-metallic product with silicates and alumino-silicates of lime and glass content of more than 90%.

Cement Suppliers in India

CC Cement

When hydrated, CC cement is a flexible fabric impregnated with fine particles of portland cement. It hardens to create a layer of concrete that is thin, strong, and fire and water-resistant.

Cement Suppliers in India

OPC Cement

OPC Cement, also known as Ordinary Portland Cement, is made by finely powdering a mixture of limestone and other raw materials like gypsum, argillaceous rock, and calcareous rock. This kind of cement is preferred where construction is carried out quickly.

Cement Suppliers in India

PPC Cement

Cement made from a combination of pozzolanic materials is called Portland Pozzolana Cement. Gypsum, pozzolanic materials, and OPC clinker are all included in this cement in varying amounts. Some examples of pozzolanic materials are fly ash, volcanic ash, calcined clay, and silica fumes.

Cement Suppliers in India

Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete delivered from a central plant in batches rather than mixed on the job site is referred to as ready mix concrete. This type of cement is used in high-speed construction.


Relgrow is a trusted name among cement suppliers and manufacturers in Bangalore, with a rich 10-year history. Our unwavering dedication to quality and exceptional service has earned us a top spot among cement dealers in the city.

Relgrow is known for its unparalleled quality and customer satisfaction. We are among the best cement suppliers in Bangalore, recognized for delivering reliable and premium cement products.

Yes, Relgrow offers a diverse range of cement grades and types to meet different construction needs. Our product selection includes options like Portland cement, OPC, PPC, and more.

Cement prices can vary based on type, quantity, and market conditions. To get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing, please reach out to Relgrow for a personalized quote.

Certainly, Relgrow provides cement solutions suitable for a wide array of projects, including both residential and commercial construction in Bangalore. We offer products tailored to meet various application needs.

Yes, Relgrow offers dependable and efficient delivery services for cement orders in Bangalore. Our experienced logistics team ensures timely and secure deliveries to your specified location.

At Relgrow, quality is of utmost importance. We maintain strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process to meet industry standards and ensure the highest quality in our cement products.

Yes, Relgrow offers special discounts for bulk cement orders. You can contact our sales team to discuss your bulk requirements, and we'll provide competitive pricing and appealing discounts.

Absolutely, we can provide references and testimonials from satisfied customers who have chosen Relgrow's cement products for their projects in Bangalore. Please feel free to inquire, and we'll be happy to share their experiences.

To stay informed about the latest cement prices in Bangalore and any ongoing promotions from Relgrow, you can visit our website or contact our sales team. We regularly update information on pricing and special offers to assist you in making informed decisions for your projects.