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Aggregates supplier in India

What are Aggregates?

Mixing Material

Aggregates are mixed with cement, bitumen, lime, gypsum, or another adhesive to create mortar or concrete in architectural work.

Inert Materials

In addition to water and portland cement, aggregates are inert granular materials like sand, gravel, or crushed stone that are a necessary component of concrete.

Strengthen The Concrete

The aggregate gives the finished product the volume, stability, wear and erosion resistance, and other desired physical properties. It enhances the concrete structure's strength and increases its durability.

Aggregates supplier in India

Why Are Aggregates Important?


Provides Dimensional Stability

When mixed with concrete, aggregates provide exceptional dimensional stability by increasing elastic modulus, strength, and abrasion resistance.


Helps in Hardening of Concrete

The proportions of the mixture and hardening properties are also influenced by the quality of the aggregates in the construction work.


Act as Structural Filler

Fine aggregates acts as a structural filler that account for the majority of concrete mix volume formulas for building structures.

Types of Aggregate in Construction

Aggregates supplier in India

Rounded Aggregates

Rounded aggregates polished by abrasion, erosion, and weathering are used to strengthen the concrete. The most typical rounded aggregates are rocks, stone, sand, and gravel found in riverbeds. The primary determinant of workability is rounded aggregates.

Aggregates supplier in India

Irregular or Partly Rounded Aggregates

The irregular or partially rounded aggregates are produced as pit sands and gravel and are partly shaped by attrition. Aggregates with irregularities may contain 35–37% voids. Compared to rounded aggregates, these will provide less workability.

Aggregates supplier in India

Maxlite BlockaAngular Aggregates

The rocks are crushed to create the angular aggregates, composed of sharp edges formed at the intersection of roughly planar surfaces. Angular aggregates' maximum percentage of voids (38–45%) results in less workability.

Aggregates supplier in India

Flaky Aggregates

An aggregate particle is considered flaky if its least dimension (thickness) is less than 0.6 of the mean of the smallest sieve size it can pass through and the largest sieve size it can be retained on.

Aggregates supplier in India

Elongated Aggregates

Elongated aggregate is defined as having a length greater than 180 percent of its mean dimension or a length larger than the other two dimensions.

Aggregates supplier in India

Flaky and Elongated Aggregates

Aggregates are referred to as flaky and elongated when their length exceeds their width, and their width exceeds their thickness. Typically, these can be found in poorly crushed rocks.

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Aggregates supplier in India


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