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We promise that from the minute you call Relgrow, we will do all in our power to become your ideal choice for your home interior design. Our designers will work with you to find the perfect blend in your dream interiors while our project manager maintains an eye on factors including budget, timeline, and quality.

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Residential Interior Designers

Residential Interior Design

We have the most incredible experience among the interior designers in Trivandrum. We can design or upgrade any part of your space to the highest standard, from the living room to the bedroom. With a highly effective staff at your convenience to meet your needs and realize your ideal home, Relgrow will design and build you the most functional and comfortable place to call home.

Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

If you need a hotel with first-rate decor, go no further than one of the top interior decorators in Trivandrum. We design areas with your audience in mind that are both attractive and appealing. We focus on making the experience smooth, easy, and pleasant for you. Get the best Commercial Design with the help of Relgrow.

Office Interior Designer

Office Interior Design

The workers and customers of today's businesses no longer find value in the traditional office setting. Based on whether or not they feel comfortable in your workplace, which is why it's essential to keep up with current office design trends. Do you want to bring your workplace up to date but don't know how? Relgrow is where you'll discover the optimal answer to your office decoration needs.

Our Process

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At Relgrow, we have regular meetings where our customers' ideas are discussed, and the insight of our designers is pooled to establish new standards of quality.

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The designers at Relgrow will take the time to learn about you and your family's requirements and preferences before drawing up a model for your ideal house.

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To guarantee a unique design and help you choose the ideal furnishings, the analysts at Relgrow collaborate closely with the designers.

Interior Design Agency


Once we've gotten the all-clear from your end, our team of skilled artisans will go to work putting the plan into action.

Interior Design Agencies

Control of Cost:

Our project manager will monitor actual spending vs the projected amount and adjust the project's execution.

Interior Designers

Post-delivery support:

With Relgrow's help, your dream home's interior decor can become a reality, including maintenance and installation. Our professionals will answer product queries and issues anytime.

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Top Interior Designers

Crockery Design

If you prefer a minimalist approach to kitchen design, an open-shelf system is a great option. A mahogany back panel with storage boards may update an otherwise traditional look. Whatever you're looking for, from a large wooden sideboard for your kitchen to a multifunctional unit for your living room, Relgrow can make it happen. Let our professionals guide you to the optimal answer.

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Light Design

You want to set the mood in your room by emitting dramatic soothing effects that may be achieved with accent lighting, which draws attention to focal points while softening less eye-catching areas. You can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your living room by installing ambient lighting fixtures like chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces that bathe the area in a golden glow. We have you covered whether you need mood lighting for your bedroom or to dress up your dining area. Relgrow, the best interior decorator in Trivandrum, will ensure that your space has the perfect atmosphere with lighting.

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Foyer's design

Maintaining a clutter-free entryway is essential if you're trying for a minimalist look, so a few pieces of furniture and artwork throughout the room. Customers of Relgrow have said that simple, tasteful color schemes are their preferred choice for interior foyer designs. Relgrow also offers a variety of Closed entryway designs, perfect for making a pooja room. Find out what options the professionals at Relgrow can provide to design the ideal foyer for your home.

Interior Decorators

Storage and Wardrobe Design

Plywood or medium-density fiberboard (Fibreboard) is a popular and trustworthy material for wardrobe designing. Glass or mirrors combined with oak veneers create an appealing and modern aesthetic. At the same time, solid wood will provide an ancient and elegant feel to your wardrobe. If you're having trouble deciding on a wardrobe design for your perfect apartment, Relgrow can assist.

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False ceiling Design

A artificial POP wall design is the best option for a living room or bedroom, as strongly suggested by Relgrow's customers. The coffered style is ideal if you want a false ceiling that is both modern and luxurious. To create a more royal aesthetic, we've added a spherical ceiling hand-painted floral pattern to our collection for your villa interiors. Contact us to learn more about your false ceiling options and how Relgrow may help.

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Pooja unit Design

It is excellent and Vastu-friendly to put a wall-mounted pooja unit opposite the kitchen but putting one behind the sitting area in the living room and decorating the sides with attractive wood jali will make the pooja room separate. For instance, one of the several pooja units available from Relgrow is a versatile pooja room-on-the-wall unit. Let's get in touch with the best interior decorators in your area if you have any concerns regarding the many possible pooja unit designs.

Home Interior Designers

Modular kitchen Design

If you have a 1Bhk flat with a white wooden platform or a beige and gray theme, a contemporary, straight modular kitchen will be the right space-saving element. Relgrow's client has preferred to go with a kitchen design with a breakfast table counter in the corner to have a short meal time while cleaning the kitchen counter. In Trivandrum, Relgrow is the company to contact if you need help decorating your house.

Villa Interior Design

Study room Design

You may add a timeless touch to your apartment with the help of some classic zig-zag wallpaper in a soothing green and white color scheme in your study. The design of a study space that takes up little room while providing the necessary privacy exemplifies the principle of utility "simple equals elegant." If you have a taste for cutting-edge decor at home, an all-white contemporary study room is a timeless choice. If you're searching for more design alternatives for your study space, why not contact us at Relgrow's and see what we can offer you?

Interior Design Service Providers

Bathroom Design

Installing a vintage look is an easy method to give your bathroom a luxurious makeover. Our elegant bathroom bathtub designs have bathtubs that are hue with mahogany storage areas for a sophisticated touch. The most preferred Relgrow bathroom interior design in Trivandrum is a dazzling pattern bathroom interior. If you want a unique bathroom design, don't hesitate to call the experts at Relgrow.

Premium Interior Designers

Space-saving furniture design

If you're living in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom (1BHK) apartment, you'll love the space-saving furniture recommendations made available by Relgrow. For book lovers: a double-sliding bookshelf is a handy organizational tool. Alternatively, you might convert a small section of your flat into a bar where you and your pals may have a drink without having to get dressed up. What version do you want Relgrow to customize to your needs? Trivandrum people might contact Relgrow, an established interior decorators company, for assistance.

Luxury Interior Designers

Wallpapers Design

A delicate flower wallpaper design may visually separate a dining area from an open living area without the need for physical barriers, while a marble-textured wallpaper design can give off an air of luxury by acting as the ideal background for decorative accents in a trendy, smooth, and contemporary living room that is aesthetically pleasing to receive company. Let's discuss Relgrow to figure out what kind of wallpaper would look best in your house.

Space Interior Designers

Flooring Design

The options for your floor may be endless using Relgrow. Carpet flooring is excellent for bedrooms since it is often the quietest flooring in dwellings. The high-contrast floor design is made up of two hues, black and white and blue and yellow, to highlight the dining or kitchen elements of the interior. Contact the experts at Relgrow if you want help choosing the ideal flooring for your home's décor.

Custom Interior Designers

Tv unit

A low-lying cabinet with an asymmetric TV display unit is a striking and distinctive design for a wall-mounted cupboard that's good for stowing things away, and patterned wallpaper is an excellent option for a stylish, contemporary TV display. Both are available from Relgrow. Contact Relgrow if you need more assistance designing your television cabinets.

Famous Interior Designers

Wall painting

If you're a fan of dramatic contrast, try painting a diagonal line across the shadowed areas of a room. Or, if you're feeling down about the time, you ought to invest in the business; try painting a thin strip the same width as your desk and adding a splash of cheerful yellow. Get in touch with Relgrow to learn which tone will stand out against your home's interior.

Flats Interior Designer

Kids room Design

One of Relgrow's most popular offerings is a children's room designed in a playful, silhouette-based theme. Redecorating even one or two walls with a bold and eye-catching pattern can completely transform the aesthetic of a space. Alternatively, if you need to maximize the square footage of your 2BHK yet have two children, a bunk bedroom is a fantastic option. Dial Relgrow to get a complete analysis of your kid's bedroom design.

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I can say without a doubt that my experience at Relgrow has been invaluable. My family and I had just purchased a Villa in Trivandrum, but we quickly realized that we didn't like the interior design and decided to hire a professional from Relgrow to help us out. We were able to create a magnificent room within our budget thanks to their expertise, which is one of the best we could have hoped for. We appreciate the assistance of Relgrow, the best interior design company in Trivandrum.
Vishnu Prasad

Manager at Cello


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If you're on a tight budget, you may have a nice-looking interior design between Rs 3 Lakhs and Rs 4 Lakhs. It's ideal for a medium-sized 3BHK apartment and comes with kitchen furnishings.

You could contact Relgrow Interior Designers in Trivandrum to realize your ideas in your home.

You may rely on Relgrow's team of specialists in Trivandrum to improve your office's interior to your specific needs.


Look no further than Relgrow if you need the best interior decorator in Trivandrum. We are dedicated to assisting clients like you in finding the optimal solutions for all your design requirements.