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Looking to transform your newly built home? We have got you. With Relgrow interior designers in Bangalore's expertise and creative vision, we can revamp your home into a stunning work of art. Whether you're looking for a perfect blend of design and functionality or a unique and personalized touch, our interior designers are here to bring your vision to life. Get ready to fall in love with your home all over again. Take the perfect blend of design & functionality to your home!

From A to Z, Our Design Solutions Have You Covered!

Experience and Expertise

Living Room

Welcome your guests in a tranquil and inviting space to unwind. Regrow interior designers in Bangalore curate living room designs to give dwellers a sense of happiness and belonging.



Being one of the fine home interior designers in Bangalore, our team prides itself in creating modular kitchen designs that feature the latest culinary equipment. Trust us to design your kitchen that enhances the aesthetics of your home.

Quality Materials


With our expertise and fine designs, you can transform your bedroom into a personal hub of comfort and peace. Experience an atmosphere full of love and serenity!

Customized Designs


At Relgrow, we are committed to building functional office space for our clients. Integrating the distinct tech-suite cabins with the industry standards creates a positive experience for our clients.

Experience and Expertise


We know how difficult it is to accommodate all your required stuff in your homes. Our designers ensure that your belongings are stuffed in the right place without being damaged by other elements.


Pooja Room

Our interior design company in Bangalore helps you create the most suitable sacred space in your home. We bring every design of your ‘Pooja Room’ with love and precision.

Quality Materials

Tv Unit

From sleek wall-mounted TV units to stylish cupboard units, we design all for you. The designs add to the space's functionality and transform your home's overall look.

Customized Designs

Dining Area

A warm, inviting dining space can amplify your overall dining experience. With our interior design services in Bangalore’s extensive approach, we create a welcoming and functional dining area.

Customized Designs


Foyer areas are designed to make first impressions on your guests as they come to your home. Our designers can help you create an everlasting impression for your foyer with our bespoke designs.

Quality Materials


Whether you’ve got a small or a large area, we can provide ways to design the outdoor areas. Get ready to transform your open space into beautiful landscape designs.

Customized Designs

Kids Bedroom

Relgrow’s expert designers specialize in turning the most unconventional ideas into reality for your kid's room. Leave your kid’s room design in our expert hands.

Customized Designs


The luxury interior designers in Bangalore work on everything from simple, single-door units to multi-door setups. We put our expertise into action to bring out the versatile designs.

Our Services

L-Shaped Modular Kitchens
Home Interior Design

Our interior designers help you create home spaces that are a blend of functional aspects with creative element. We make home interiors that are tailored to your style and taste.

Island Modular Kitchens
Apartment Interior Design

From optimizing different apartment spaces to selecting multi-purpose furniture, our team does it all for our clients. We ensure that every inch of your apartment looks aesthetically pleasing and modern.

Straight Modular Kitchens
Wardrobe Interior Design

Relgrow designs are explicitly tailored to your tastes and preferences. We design wardrobes that are optimized for your belongings. From sleek to modern wardrobe designs, we create every type with precision and elegance.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchens
Modular Kitchen Interior Design

Our expertly crafted modular kitchens are designed with your unique taste and lifestyle in mind. At Relgrow Interior Design Company, we prioritize intelligent storage solutions, ergonomic layouts, and the latest in kitchen technology to ensure that cooking becomes an absolute delight.

Parallel Modular Kitchens
Commercial Interior Design

Experience the power of transforming your environment into a dynamic setting that not only enhances productivity but also leaves a lasting impression. Our specialization is creating functional and aesthetically pleasing offices, retail spaces, and hospitality establishments.

Parallel Modular Kitchens
Corporate Office Space

We are experts in crafting offices that not only meet your functional needs but also embody your brand identity and business goals. Our specialized designs optimize layouts and incorporate the latest office design trends to create workspaces that are both efficient and visually appealing. 

Varieties of Interior Design

Parallel Modular Kitchens

Traditional Interior Design

From a simple retrofit to a delicate furniture setting, we do all our traditional interior design work. We tailor the designs as per your preferences and tastes.

Minimalistic Interior Design

Experience the power of transforming your environment into a dynamic setting that not only enhances productivity but also leaves a lasting impression. Our specialization is creating functional and aesthetically pleasing offices, retail spaces, and hospitality establishments.

Parallel Modular Kitchens
Parallel Modular Kitchens

Modern Interior Design

Relgrow is the ultimate destination for your home's exquisite and modern interior design. Our team is here to bring your modern ideas to life through designs.

Classic European Interior Design

Our designers serve all your design needs in European style. Discover the magic of our designs with bespoke European styles.

Parallel Modular Kitchens
Parallel Modular Kitchens


Get elevated living surroundings with contemporary cutting-edge designs. Our skilled team of designers brings contemporary designs to your homes' innovative concepts.

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Why choose us

Experience and Expertise

Transparency in Pricing

We offer our best interior design services in Bangalore at affordable and transparent prices.


End Solutions - flooring, false ceiling, wiring

Our work does not end with designs; it goes beyond it. Our workforce completes all flooring, false ceiling, and wiring works on your living spaces.

Customized Designs

100% Quality Material

For designing and setting up the furniture, we use the best quality materials which are sturdy and stylish.

Quality Materials

Quality Check

After the complete design process, our team ensures that every structure is functional and reflects your personality.

Quality Materials

Post Delivery Support

Our work continues beyond delivering the designs but goes beyond it. We provide support to our clients.

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Our Process


Initial Consultation - talk to our designer

We begin by understanding all the client’s requirements and needs.


Project Planning - detailed design planning

The team chalks out the entire plan for the interior designing process.


Material and Finish Selection

In the designing process, we select the most suitable and best-quality materials.


Construction and Installation

This is called the construction and installation phase. We design and install all the fixtures in homes.


Final Inspection and Presentation

Finally, our team inspects the designed space and presents it to the clients.


How are we Different from Other Interior Designers in Bangalore?

Our design team seamlessly blends local expertise with a global design perspective, guaranteeing that our projects seamlessly integrate with the vibrant culture of Bangalore while embracing the latest trends. With meticulous attention to detail, sustainability at the forefront, and a commitment to staying within budget and timelines, we consistently deliver outstanding and unique interior solutions.

Select us for a design journey that elevates your space into a masterpiece, a reflection of your individuality, and a testament to our unwavering passion for creativity and functionality.

Benefits Of Hiring an Interior Designer

Parallel Modular Kitchens

Professional Expertise

The designers are well-versed in their fields of design. With this knowledge, they can bring expertly created designs.

Custom-built Approach

Relgrow designers sketch out a personalized plan for every client. This helps you cater to your needs and preferences.

Cost-Efficiency- Interior

esign services are cost-effectively offered by our team.

Space Optimization

The designs that we design are focused on space optimization. This helps us create beautiful spaces as per the optimization of spaces.

Attention to Detail

Our designers emphasize details, which helps us create incredible designs.

Parallel Modular Kitchens

Interior Designer Mission and Vision

Parallel Modular Kitchens


At Relgrow Interior Design Company, we are committed to turning spaces into inspiring and functional environments that genuinely capture the individuality and desires of our clients. Our passion lies in providing innovative, personalized, and sustainable design solutions that meet and surpass our clients' expectations.

Parallel Modular Kitchens


Our vision is to establish ourselves as a dominant presence in interior design, leading the way with our innovative approach to creativity, unwavering commitment to quality, and unmatched focus on client satisfaction. By constantly pushing the boundaries of design and embracing the latest technologies and sustainable practices, we strive to shape a future where every residential or commercial space transforms into a stunning work of art.

Our Portfolio

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Our Packages

Packages For 1BHK

TV Unit 1

Shoe Rack 1

Pooja Unit Wall Mounted 1

Modular Kitchen 1

Study Unit 1

Wardrobe with Loft 1

INR 2,50,000/-* (Onwards)

Packages For 2BHK

TV Unit 1

Study Unit 1

Modular Kitchen 1

Wardrobe with Loft 2

Shoe Rack 1

Pooja Unit Wall Mounted 1

INR 3,00,000/-* (Onwards)

Packages For 3BHK

TV Unit 1

Pooja Unit 1

Wardrobe with Loft 3

Study Unit 1

Modular Kitchen 1

Shoe Rack 1

INR 4,00,000/-* (Onwards)


Relgrow is one of the best interior design companies in Bangalore, which provide good quality designs for homes/offices. The company stand for excellence in interior designing process.

Relgrow provides various home interior design service, which are as follows:

  • Kitchen designs
  • Living room designs
  • Kids room designs
  • Wardrobe design
  • TV unit designs
  • Outdoor designs
  • Bedroom designs

The prices depend on the type of interior designing process you entrust to the designers. For example, a Tv unit design may cost less as compared to a living room designs.

Yes, our affordable interior designers in Bangalore provide full estimation for residential and commercial interior design projects.

Yes, our expert team help you select the most suitable furniture for your project.

We provide furniture and decor options for home and office setups.

For a simple interior design project, it takes up to 1-2 weeks to complete it.

Yes, we curate different project timelines for home/commercial projects.

Relgrow is located in Bangalore city, which serves the entire city and other metro cities.

We provide comprehensive services to our clients. The team also guides color selection and other services.

You can see the previous interior designs on our official website.

Our project planning starts with initial consulting with clients. In this phase, we consider their preferences and ideas.

We go beyond the design process by providing suitable design support. We also help our clients to select the relevant color and furniture.

We are equipped with expert and professional designers who can design bespoke designs for homes and offices.

Yes, our team provides post-delivery support and maintenance services for interior design services.

Interior decorators primarily focus on aesthetics and decor, while interior designers take a more comprehensive approach, considering both the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Interior designers typically have more formal education & training, enabling them to be involved in a wider range of tasks, including structural changes and project management.

It depends on the type of interior designing types. We provide you with an estimate for the cost of 3D printing.

Setting a strict budget and being transparent with potential designers about your financial constraints are essential steps in achieving a well-designed space without breaking the bank. This way, you can select one affordable designer.

You can expect the following services from Relgrow:

  • Office interior design services
  • Residential interior design services
  • Commercial design services
  • Bathroom design services, etc.

A carpenter is someone who knows how to work with wood to make small or large pieces of furniture for the home. On the other hand, an interior designer is a consultant who helps you figure out how to plan your home best so that it works well and looks good.

It may take 1- 2 weeks to design a home or office by the Relgrow interior designers in Bangalore.

Yes, Regrow Interior Designers provides its services to both small and large living and commercial spaces.

We are experts in designing process of every type, including contemporary and traditional.

Yes, our interior designers provide traditional designs also to our clients.

It's the art, science, and business planning of coming up with a creative, technical, long-lasting, and useful interior solution that fits the space's architecture and takes into account process and strategy.

You can contact our interior designers anytime for the site execution and installation process in your homes/offices.

All products are from reputed manufacturers and come with a reliable warranty.

Whether or not you need an interior designer ultimately depends on your unique needs and circumstances. Interior professionals can offer a range of benefits, providing you with expert knowledge and creative insights for a polished and cohesive design.

The latest interior design trends are modern, minimalistic, and simple designs.

The cost depends on the complexity of the interior design project for 2BHK.

You can see our work portfolios on our official website. You can see our various works on it.

We accept all types of UPIs, credit cards, and debit cards for the payment process.