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Your lovely home is likely your most valuable possession in the world, which you want to build with utmost care and expertise. The team at Relgrow house construction company in Kochi is committed to customizing it to your preferences in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. During the house-building process, the team closely checks the details to maintain both quality and the budget.

Relgrow house construction contractors in Kochi execute projects to a high standard while maintaining complete transparency. This is why we are considered one of Kochi's most popular home construction companies. In addition, we have worked on several high-end home construction projects and offer a complete range of turnkey services in the home construction industry.

Interior Design in Kochi

What Do We Do?

Relgrow contractors for house construction help you build your whole house effectively with its high-quality expertise. Our services start with planning, move on to architecture, house design, and building, and end with handing over the keys. As the best contractor for home construction, we can also help you get all the building permits and government approvals you need. We are committed to providing the high-quality service possible by utilizing new and modern technologies to build in a good way for the environment.

Our trusted team of in-house engineers, architects, and designers are up-to-date on the latest construction and design trends and know how to use them. As a result, we can help you with building, cost estimation, or house design.

Residential Construction

Relgrow's house construction contractors in Kochi are devoted to spreading the luxurious feeling through expert designs. The team further helps you bring your dream house to life with our unique home designs and floor plans that reflect the beauty of how light and shade work together. As one of the top house construction companies, we are super confident you will be satisfied with our designs.

Commercial Construction

Relgrow’s construction team specializes in building, designing, and repairing commercial structures for businesses of any size. Their services include designing public areas, government buildings, corporate spaces, and private commercial properties. Moreover, the team is highly proficient in creating attractive and functional hotels and restaurants.

Our Home Building Services

Compact House

Relgrow’s expert team specializes in constructing and designing compact houses with limited space (5000 square feet or less). Utilizing various materials and a simple style, they ensure the home is tailored to your needs while still looking great.

Contemporary House

Relgrow’s team is recommended for its proficient use of space and contemporary decorating style. Characterized by simplicity, subtle sophistication, purposeful use of texture, and clean lines, contemporary style is always on-trend. The team develops the intricate blueprint of the design, which is of premium quality.

Modern House

Relgrow- one of the top house construction companies in Kochi, has done an excellent job designing modern home designs with clean lines and geometric shapes. Rather than incorporating arches, columns, shutters, or other luxurious and extravagant details, the team used simplistic shapes and symmetry for a contemporary look.

Traditional House

A traditional house design is invaluable and timeless. It features warm, cozy, and aesthetically pleasing decor items in the home. Its grandeur is renowned across the country. To create the perfect traditional look for your home, Relgrow House Construction Company in Kochi is crafts beautiful designs and architecture. With the company’s expertise in traditional house designs, you can surely have a timeless piece of art that will be cherished for years.

Spanish House

The exteriors of Spanish house plans are interesting, and they belong to different types of architecture, from the Mediterranean to the Southwest. These house plans are great for people who want unique exteriors that don't need much upkeep.

Relgrow - one of the best contractors for home construction, have plans to suit every style and budget.

Italian House

The architecture of an Italian house usually has towers that stand alone and aren't symmetrical. But this style is quite popular in the city because of its eloquent style. The Relgrow team devises magnificent plans for this style with great precision to give the best results.

Mexican House

Today, Mexican House remains a top preference for many homeowners because of its amazing heritage and beautiful structures. The Relgrow team helps you achieve this with its intricate structural designs.

Nalukettu House

These homes had great lighting and ventilation that kept the house well-lit and well-aired. They are usually made of brick, mud, teak wood, or wood from wild jackfruit trees. With the help of our expert design team, you can turn your home into a one-of-a-kind classic that will last for years.

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Our Process


The first step in making the home you've always wanted is to talk to the best house construction company - Relgrow. This phase discusses managing your budget and projects, which will help you build and design your home on your timetable and within your budget. The team will also help you put your plans together and tell your contractors what they need to do. This ensures everyone on the team gets to the same place on time and with less stress.


The 2D/3D drawings show you what your home's interior and exterior will look like after the renovations. The clients work with our house design contractors on every detail and part of the layout before the client approves.

Cost Estimation

At Relgrow, the design and architecture of a home are brought to life during the construction phase. Contractors and sub-contractors collaborate to complete the construction based on the design blueprint. In addition, Relgrow's team supervisors are stationed on the site to ensure the project progresses as planned. Further, if you have any minor changes in the design part, you can easily convey them to the team.


Establishing the foundation structure for a house is the most important part of the construction process. Building a sturdy foundation that can support all other parts of the house. That's why site engineers take extra care to ensure the entire construction process is executed seamlessly, with minimal disruption. The rest of the house will be more secure and reliable with a strong foundation.


Up to this stage, the construction process is over with painting and finishing works. All kinds of work are finished at this stage, and the site is cleared of debris. Then, at last, the team handles the house keys for you.

Why Choose Our Commercial Construction Company?

On-Time Completion and Delivery

Relgrow contractors for house construction companies give you a start date and completion date and comply diligently. All projects are completed in the said timeline because of the excellent process and supervision. An on-time delivery guarantee shows that the company is committed to meeting deadlines.

Reduced Costs

The team of Relgrow contractors resolves the need to maintain duplicate files or coordinate with other managers or teams. A single source for all project construction decisions will help reduce the number of change orders or delays. Well-managed house construction projects tend to be completed on time and within budget, a significant advantage over the competition.

Better Scheduling of Tasks

The team can schedule your project's work, from pre-construction services to construction management. Our company has strong relationships with all its team members, which is a big plus. We know what skills everyone has and can work to avoid or make up for delays. We can confidently coordinate the schedules for all the work, including any pre-referendum services or architectural design that may be needed.

Excellent Efficiency

When the Relgrow construction manager controls everything, much time is saved in the long run. The people working on the project all work together and look at the whole thing, not just a small part. This increases the efficiency of the house construction project.

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How are We Different from Other Villa Construction Contactors?

The Relgrow house construction company in Kochi develops projects from start to finish and does many other construction management-related things. Every day, our team works to make better plans so that we can build smarter.

Working with one of the top house construction companies- Relgrow, give you a chance to hear what they think about the building plan you have in mind and why they think it will or will not work. The team will always be present for your service, no matter what.

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Our Completed Projects


“I was in need of a skilled construction company to complete my building project, and I'm glad I chose Relgrow. They understood local regulations well and ensured that everything was done according to my standards without delays. I can rest easy knowing that I'm working with a trustworthy specialist. Highly recommended!”

- John Doe

"I was searching for house construction contractors near me and got the name Relgrow. I found that with the skilled building company, I had the assurance that everything would be completed on time and to my standards with no delays. In addition, their extensive knowledge of local regulations and commitment to meeting them was a huge relief, as I knew they would handle the job perfectly and ensure everything was done right. I'm so glad I transferred the job to a trustworthy specialist - it was the best decision I could've made!"

- John Smith

“I had a great experience working with Relgrow construction company for my project. They had an extensive background in the sector, and I felt confident there would be no delays or issues. They made sure to keep everything up to my standards, and I felt I could rely on them. Transferring my job to a trustworthy specialist was one of the best decisions I could have taken, as it took away all my worries and allowed me to relax, knowing everything was in good hands."

- Johnson

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

Our Banking Partners


It takes almost 8 - 12 months to finish the construction of the house, but it can take more than that also because of some last-minute changes.

Yes, our company partners with some reputed banks, like HDFC, ICICI, Kotak Mahindra, SBI, and Axis bank.

Yes, you can always tell the Relgrow team about your needs and preferences. The team is always there to listen to your requirements for house construction.

The Relgrow team gives its full support during and after the project. This makes us the best house construction company in Kochi.

Yes, you get to decide the colors and styles of everything the team adds to the house. Everything will be customized per your choices, from wall paintings to furniture.