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Building a home is a significant undertaking, whether a single-family residence, a townhouse, or a more considerable housing development. It requires careful planning and the right team of professionals to ensure a successful outcome. From investors and developers looking to turn a profit to families who want to take an active role in the design and construction of their home or vacation home, home construction can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

With the help of the best house construction companies in Hyderabad - Relgrow, you can be sure that your desires will be taken into account and that your home will turn out just the way you want it because the team of Relgrow constructs magical homes with a tinge of serendipity in them. The team at Relgrow specializes in crafting homes that possess a touch of serendipity, transforming ordinary spaces into truly magical dwellings. Tell us about your dream home and its specifications, and we will make it a reality.

Don’t let your sweet home imagination.

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What Do We Do?

The best house building contractors in Hyderabad - Relgrow team gives out the best architecture, whether a house, an apartment building, or a skyscraper. The company offers various innovative solutions and building methods for various engineering projects.

Residential Construction

This type of construction is very profitable, so Relgrow needs to keep things moving on the site. Relgrow - the best home builders in Hyderabad are the city's most experienced and knowledgeable residential house builders. The team offers complete design services for new homes and renovations for older homes that need minor renovation.

The residential construction services include:

  • Nautical Design Style
  • Minimalist Design Style
  • Traditional Design Style
  • Contemporary Design Style

Commercial Construction

Building, designing, and fixing up commercial buildings are all part of commercial construction led by the house builders in Relgrow company. Construction projects for businesses can be small, medium, or large. These projects include restaurants, office buildings, and high-rise buildings like those in big cities.

It includes the following services:

  • Glass-way Method
  • Modern Decor Style
  • Mixture Lightning Theme
  • Colorful Approach
  • Geometric Approach

Our Home Building Services

Compact House

Since there are more nuclear families or small families in India, the "compact home" trend is getting more robust in the country's real estate market.A small, compact house has a living room, bedroom, study, kitchen, bathroom, and balcony. These homes range from 500 to 800 square feet, a landmark for the home construction company - Relgrow. A good size for a small family. Even though there isn't enough space to build, the quality of the facilities and design is still high in compact living.

Contemporary House

This type of home design is an architectural form that embodies various styles of architectural design that have been widely influenced by modern architecture by the late 20th century. The team of the best home builders in Hyderabad - Relgrow, helps attain the best designs for its clients in a custom way.

Modern House

When making plans for a dream home, it's essential to ensure that the space meets our needs and that the style fits our tastes. With this in mind, consider making your dream home simple, like a modern house. Modern house design from Relgrow house construction service providers is mostly based on the modern architecture era. However, it has proven to be a timeless style that looks luxurious despite its simple features.

Traditional House

If you're looking for a traditional house or flat, you may search for house builders near me, which can result in Relgrow home construction company. The house construction company has created some beautiful yet traditional settings. Relgrow team compiles the most artistic elements of art. The group believed that everything would stay in style. The antique characteristic of traditional houses is in demand nowadays.

Spanish House

Homes designed in the Spanish style take their cues from the architecture of Spanish colonial settlements and feature many fundamental elements of Spanish colonial design, such as stucco and terracotta roof tiles. Keeping this intricacy in mind,  Regrow - the independent house construction contractors in Hyderabad, has devised its Spanish designs that mix both areas’ design elements. (Spanish + Indian). As a result, Spanish plans are one of the most preferred ones by the home construction company.

Italian House

The Italian Villa style is generally not symmetrical. The towers on Italian villas stand alone, and the Relgrow team designs them very well to suit the client’s requirements. These houses have intricate design elements, which are taken care of by the house construction providers - Relgrow.

Mexican House

Mexican decor is the primary design element paramount in Mexican house design. Additionally, Mexican furniture is made of wood with metal accents which adds charm to this style. Most things have wood tones. Bright colors are used to make furniture stand out or cover it. The client’s base prefers Relgrow’s extensive house designs.

Nalukettu House

Nalukettu houses are what most people call the traditional style of places in Kerala. A few decades ago, when the idea of a "joint family" was popular, these homes were common. In Nalukettu, 'Nalu' means four, and 'kettu' means built-up sides. A Nalukettu house was big and roomy. It was built in the middle of a compound and didn't have more than one floor. The rules and ideas of Thachu Sasthra and Vasthu Sasthra are used to build these structures. The Relgrow - the best home builders in Hyderabad are designing such houses to restore the beauty of such kinds of houses in the city.

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Our Process


This phase is the most crucial one, including choosing the right technology, defining the work tasks, and figuring out how much time and money each task will take. The Relgrow -the best house builders in Hyderabad team use a well-thought-out plan for building as the basis for making the budget and work schedule to make the whole process smooth and seamless.


During the design process, the Relgrow team takes care of aesthetics, the project plan, the budget, the structure, the rules, the climate, the weather, security, privacy, and other factors. In addition, the team uses design elements like balance, unity, movement, emphasis, contrast, space, and alignment to make suitable living spaces for its customers.

Cost Estimation

Estimating how much a construction project will cost is a fundamental process that depends on many things. To get good at estimating the cost of a construction project, the best house builders in Hyderabad- Relgrow team, study all aspects of construction and evaluate the overall cost.


The construction process is a list of all the steps the team of house construction services providers takes to finish your building project. This process can be broken down into planning/design, pre-construction, procurement, and post-construction. Depending on how big and complicated the project is, each phase has its own set of problems to solve, which the Relgrow team implements very efficiently.


During this phase, the job site is cleaned, workers are sent home, and tools are returned. The Relgrow team - one of the best house construction companies in Hyderabad, gives the owner all the paperwork about the project and asks for their feedback on its architectural work. The Relgrow team helps them with everything after the construction phase.

Why Choose Our Commercial Construction Company?

Efficient Home Project Construction

One of the best things about the Relgrow team’s comprehensive approach to building is that everyone works together and pays attention to the whole project, not just their tasks. So, for example, when the architect works with the project manager and the furniture team, potential problems can be found early and fixed before they worsen.

Smooth & Better Communication

Along with better alignment between team members, communication with the project owner is more accessible to the Relgrow construction team. As the owner of the house, you are always taken in the loop about the construction process. This way, the team ensures that you and the team have continuous communication.

Good Flexibility

It's common for the person in charge of a project to want to make changes as the project goes on. Relgrow- the best home builders in Hyderabad, looks at the project as a whole. This makes it easier to spot potential changes when they affect the schedule and budget less. If change orders are needed, the whole team is there to take care of them quickly.

Accurate Scheduling of Project

Keeping a project on time is one of the best ways to keep costs down. Relgrow independent house construction contractors in Hyderabad know more about the availability of their team and can control them on schedule better. In addition, if there is a delay, their extensive network and relationships with other team members make it easier for them to get construction work back on track.

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How are We Different from Other Villa Construction Contractors?

The Relgrow team is a team of skilled and experienced personnel who take care of everything on the construction site.

Here’s how we are different from others:

  1. Time-Saving Techniques
  2. Complete Accountability
  3. Accurate Scheduling of Project
  4. Seamless Communication
  5. No Hidden Costs in the Project Cost Estimation

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Our Completed Projects


“I am so glad that the Relgrow team is restoring the beauty of Nalukettu houses in Hyderabad. It brings back many fond memories of my childhood in a traditional home. I love the idea of using Thachu Sasthra and Vasthu Sasthra to build the house provided by the Relgrow team. It's truly amazing. Thank you!”

“I recently had the chance to work with Relgrow to design an independent house in Hyderabad. The construction was done with precision and skill, following all the rules and ideas of Vasthu Sasthra. The result was a beautiful house with luxuries that were exactly what I wanted. Relgrow was professional and accommodating throughout the entire process. I recommend them to anyone looking to build an independent house in Hyderabad."

“I was very impressed with how quickly and efficiently the Relgrow team was able to construct our home project. Their attention to detail, team approach, and ability to identify and address potential problems early on saved us a lot of money and time. Their work was top-notch, and we are delighted with the results."

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

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The construction process is a list of all the steps the team of house construction services providers takes to finish your building project. This process can be broken down into planning/design, pre-construction, procurement, and post-construction.

The Relgrow team offers post-construction services that help the owner complete the project. These services may involve assisting the owner with the final paperwork required by the local authorities for the building to be approved and helping them with any additional requests related to the building.

You can visit the Contact Us page of Relgrow to place any type of query or project requirements.

Working with Relgrow ensures that everyone works together and pays attention to the whole project, not just their tasks. This provides potential problems that can be found early and fixed before they worsen.

Relgrow works on various projects, including residential homes, restaurants, office buildings, and high-rise buildings.