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The construction of a house takes a long time, a lot of work, and a lot of stress. But if you have employed a reliable and expert house construction company in Delhi - Relgrow, you can eliminate all cumbersome tasks simultaneously. The team will devise the whole plan for house construction from start to finish. It emphasized all aspects of construction, like cost estimation, high-quality design elements, etc.

With the best contractor for house construction, building a home in India is now affordable and easy. Relgrow offers complete house-building services at a very reasonable price to customers whose incomes range from low to high.

Interior Design in Delhi

What Do We Do?

Relgrow- one of the top house construction companies, always provides the best architecture, regardless of whether the building is a skyscraper, an apartment complex, or a residential neighborhood. We provide a comprehensive range of ground-breaking building strategies and methods that may be applied to a wide variety of Home construction projects.

We use various design principles to provide our clients with high-quality places to live, such as equilibrium, unity, movement, emphasis, contrast, space, and alignment. We build the best for our valuable clients!

Residential Construction

Relgrow house construction contractors in Delhi offer architectural design, construction, and engineering services for a wide range of projects, including villa construction, single-family or multi-family residential projects, studios, condos, villas, duplexes, and many more. We know the necessity of having a place you can call your dream home.

Commercial Construction

Since its start, Relgrow has been one of the top house construction companies in the city. It offers engineering and construction and commercial architectural design services for retail and office projects. Our skilled engineering team has completed many commercial projects successfully.

Our Home Building Services

Compact House

Compact homes are a good choice for people who can't afford expensive ones. Compared to larger apartments, compact homes are easy to keep up with and are easy on the wallet because costs like utility bills are much lower. In addition, these apartments are smartly designed to make the most of their space. The layout of compact homes is well thought out so that our expert team of contractors wastes everything fits and no space.

Contemporary House

Warm and cool hues such as beige, white, grey, and natural materials are used in contemporary house design. These are the ideal things to have in a home's design because they are functional and simple. Relgrow house construction firms can create the most intricate contemporary designs that are visually stunning.

Modern House

This style is known for being simple, having clean lines, and having interesting rooflines that make a dramatic first impression. To make modern house construction easy, you can hire Relgrow’s contractor for house construction to help you draw and design the plan. We have excellent ready-to-build modern house plans that fit any lifestyle and budget.

Traditional House

An extra-magnificent traditional home design can make you forget about modernity and ambitious luxury. But, at its greatest, this house is unquestionably the epitome of our statement!

The team works with the clients closely to understand their requirements and preferences and carve out the perfect traditional house design.

Spanish House

Spanish-style homes are inspired by the architecture of Spanish colonial settlements and include many key aspects of Spanish colonial design, such as stucco and terracotta roof tiles. With this complexity in mind, Relgrow- house construction contractors in Delhi, has created Spanish designs incorporating design aspects from both areas (Spanish + Indian).

Italian House

The Italian Villa style is rarely symmetrical, which is its primary characterization. The towers on Italian villas stand alone, and the Relgrow team develops them to the client's specifications. These residences contain elaborate design components handled by the contractor for house construction in Relgrow.

Mexican House

Mexican house design is one of the most popular home designs in the country. Furthermore, Mexican furniture is made of wood with metal elements, adding to its appeal. The majority of the items have wood tones. Vivid colors are used to highlight or cover furnishings. The client can get everything needed for an extricated Italian design style from the Relgrow house construction contractors in Delhi.

Nalukettu House

Nalukettu houses are what most people refer to as Kerala's traditional form of architecture. These houses were typical a few decades ago when the concept of a "combined family" was fashionable. 'Nalu' indicates four, and 'kettu' implies built-up sides in Nalukettu.

The leading home builder, Relgrow, is an expert in designing such buildings to revive the charm of such types of residences in the city.

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Our Process


This phase includes choosing the right technology, defining the work tasks and figuring out how much time and money each house construction task will take. We use the well-thought-out plan for building as the basis for making the budget and work schedule.


During this phase of the design process, aesthetics, the project plan, budget, structure, rules, climate, weather, security, privacy, and other factors are all considered. After careful consideration of all factors, the Relgrow house construction contractors in Delhi devise the blueprint of design to help in the house construction process.

Cost Estimation

The team estimates the home construction cost once the client consents to the house's design. This step is vital in ensuring that the construction of your home goes smoothly from start to finish. In addition, it ensures that the total cost of each design component is contained within the allotted funds and does not exceed those limits in any way.


During the building process, the design comes to life. Contractors and subcontractors of the Relgrow team work together to finish the design based on the specifications in the construction documents.

To keep the project on track, we'll meet with stakeholders from both organizations once a week, twice a week, or once a month for a review.


During this phase, the job site is cleaned, workers are sent home, and tools are returned. We give the owner all the paperwork about the project and ask for their feedback on our architectural work. The Relgrow team helps them with everything after the construction phase.

Why Choose Our Commercial Construction Company?

Custom Built Furniture

We care about our customers, so we care about the choices they make. Since Relgrow specializes in custom-made furniture, we promise to give you many options that fit your home and your way of life. In addition, we specialize in building furniture per our client’s preferences and likes. This helps us give the house/ commercial space a complete sense of personalization.

Subtle Home Design

The vast majority of people like designs that are simple and easy on the eyes. Also, this makes it easier to look at every day without getting bored. A house built with subtlety in mind looks great and will last for a long time. This is what the Relgrow team provides its clients through thorough analysis and good execution. Further, it gives the interior a universal look that can be changed to fit any style.

Complete Innovative Approach

The team approaches all construction projects with great subtlety and practicality. It offers a wide range of ways to help you design and build your new project quickly and innovatively, which reflects the design phase of home construction.

On-site Supervision

Relgrow’s skilled Project Managers and Site Supervisors ensure that working on your Home construction goes seamlessly and does not encounter any hindrances.

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How are We Different from Other Villa Construction Contactors?

The Relgrow house construction company in Delhi encompasses the high-quality creation/ renovation of residential and commercial spaces. The team only needs the scope and scale of the house construction project to start the execution process. Relgrow professionals are experts in their field, where they have curated beautiful and functional design elements for homes in the city. The company provides not only construction services but also interior design services, which include any type of decor style. We are committed to giving our clients/customers the best and premium quality of services.

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Our Completed Projects


“We put our trust in the Relgrow team and made choices we don't regret. We came across the firm when we searched “house construction companies near me.” Now we have a house with a finish we never thought was possible or that we would own. Yet, every single person who walks through the door is blown away. We wouldn't think twice about working with them again or telling our friends and family about them.”

Harsh - A Homeowner

"We hired the Relgrow house construction company to build our commercial space in the city. The team took the project innovatively, studying all requirements, and devised a functional plan for our office. We loved it."

Manish-Business owner

“Once we started working, the Relgrow team was easy to work with and very flexible when we had to make changes to the project. Even the project contractors and supervisors were very flexible with our needs and preferences. The team's total effort has made our dream home, which could not have become reality with Relgrow."

Taavi - homeowner

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

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Modern luxury interior design is about making a place look rich and sophisticated. It should be a place that makes you feel at ease and comfortable right away, and it should also be stylish. Therefore, every part of a modern luxury interior, from materials to fabrics and finishes, should be high quality.

Relgrow offers engineering and construction services for various projects, including villa construction, single-family or multi-family residential projects, studios, condos, villas, duplexes, etc. We also offer commercial architectural design services for retail and office projects.

Relgrow offers its services at very reasonable prices to customers whose incomes range from low to high.

Your project's accurate picture starts with the budget, and we will only start a project with one. Based on our many years of experience with interior design, we will help you figure out how much your project will cost.

There are five stages of building a house:
  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Completion