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Speak with the top commercial construction company in Mumbai. Relgrow eagerly awaits the owners' decision to select us to build their ideal business spaces. We take care of our client's commercial construction needs in Mumbai.

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Our Commercial Building Services

The following projects are among Relgrow's greatest offerings in Mumbai's commercial constructions. We provide construction services for retail, clinics, office buildings, factories, warehouses, and gaming houses. We are associated with the best commercial construction contractors in Mumbai, who are the backbone of your construction.

Retail Stores Construction

Relgrow retail construction includes the construction of shops, boutiques, shopping centers, multiplex, supermarkets, flea markets, and small-scale stores. Retail growth is kept in mind as per Mumbai standards while constructing a retail outlet.

Office Space Construction

Relgrow is known among the best commercial construction companies in Mumbai for its fine work in Office-space construction. We offer deals of workstations, tech parks, work cafes, multi-stories work buildings, and more as per the location demands.

Hotels and Restaurant Construction

Relgrow, the top-leading commercial construction company, now provides services to build hotels and restaurants. We provide construction ideas to build hotel spaces, restaurants, roof-top cafes, lounges, inns, and canteens. We help you set up commercial building space based on the demands of the locality.

Hospitals and Healthcare Construction

Relgrow is known for vivid commercial construction. We at Relgrow offer clients and landowners project plans for hospitals, healthcare, medical units, pharmacies, and other primary, secondary and tertiary medical centers. Our project plans include nursing homes, dental clinics, and primary health care centers.

Industrial Building Construction

Relgrow contractors are competent and trained builders with decades of industrial construction experience. Our industrial construction projects include institutions, schools, small and large-scale factories, mills, warehouses, and other operational units. We construct industry operation units based on the needs of the landowners.

Warehousing Construction

Relgrow building contractors and civil engineers have the skills and expertise to build warehouses in Mumbai. Given that Mumbai's commercial sector is expanding, landowners may want to consider constructing well-equipped warehouses and storage facilities close to Mumbai's ports. Relgrow contractors are known for quality warehouse construction and management.

Casinos Construction

Gaming is a new and rapidly growing industry in India. Mumbai is a buzzing entertainment and leisure destination. As a result, landowners interested in setting up a casino in Mumbai can contact us. We offer casinos, gaming houses, amusement games, arcades, and other services in Mumbai.

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Our Process


Assessing and managing potential risks associated with the project, including budget and schedule risks, safety risks, and environmental risks.


The design development phase involves refining the schematic design, incorporating feedback from stakeholders, and developing more detailed drawings and specifications.

Cost Estimation

Finalizing the cost estimate, which will form the basis for the construction budget and project management.


At this stage, Relgrow carries out excavation work to prepare the site for the construction process.


Finalizing the finished project to ensure it complies with the established specifications, quality standards, and rules.

Why Choose Our Commercial Construction Company

Relgrow is a promising commercial builder where the builders in Mumbai can dream of investing. We are affordable, accessible and trustworthy. We have proven the advanced real-estate features and services in the market through the following standards:

One Stop Solution

Relgrow commercial contractors in Mumbai are professional builders who assist the clients in every project they desire. We at Relgrow provide clear and defined solutions

Quality Assurance

Relgrow commercial constructions ensure the products, materials and goods delivered are of high quality and engage the builders to provide fine quality services.

100% Transparency

The Relgrow construction company in Mumbai attends to the needs of paperwork. We help provide authentic proofs and delicate details of the project through significant paperwork and transparency.

On Time Delivery

The deadline is the key to success and measures the company's achievement. We at Relgrow are oriented to defining the deadline way in advance of signing the contract. We assure significant and real-time prediction and promise is assured on the date agreed.

Flexible Pricing

Mumbai contractors of commercial constructions are aware of the streaming heights of rise in real-estate. To keep a check on real time budget and realistic investment, we make flexible budgets and plan fund management significantly.

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How We Different from Other Commercial Construction Contractors

Relgrow is known for its best services in the sectors of commercial construction. We stand out in the market by placing our client's needs above business. We consider the following values and principles to meet our client's needs. We include environmentally conscious decisions, brainstorming ideas, structures and methods, and more. The principles include:

  1. Standard performance
  2. Trustworthy and royal professionals
  3. Unique problem-solving methods
  4. One-on-one interaction with the customer
  5. Active feedbacks
  6. Top-Maintenance quality

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Our Completed Projects


"It was a pleasure working with Relgrow on our construction project. They were incredibly professional and extremely skilled in every area of the job. They went above and above to ensure that the task was finished just as we had requested."

"Relgrow worked with us to create a gorgeous, practical setting that exceeded our hopes and met our needs. We are really happy with the outcome and would definitely suggest Relgrow's services to anybody looking for building services."

"Relgrow delivers outstanding building services! From the initial consultation and design work to the finished product, they produced an excellent job on time and under budget. We wholeheartedly recommend Relgrow for your building needs since they have offered amazing services."

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

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Construction in Mumbai costs $3,125 per square foot. According to a survey, the cost of construction for a residential flat in a mid-rise structure in Mumbai is the most among the top urban centers in the country, at 3,125 per sq ft.

Cost of building = plot area x construction rate per square foot. To get the construction rate per square foot, the contractors add the following: Cement, steel, sand, gravel, finishing, color, tiles, bricks, fittings, windows, doors, plumbing, sanitary, and electrical are some of the materials used in construction.

The built-up space is estimated to include a Carpet Area or RERA Carpet Area, including interior and exterior wall areas, a private balcony, and any corridors. The built-up area is usually 10% to 15% larger than the carpet area. So, if your RERA Carpet Area is 1211 square feet, your built-up area will be between 1332.1 square feet.

If you wish to operate a commercial activity on residential property in Mumbai, you must first obtain a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant society. According to real-estate norms, approximately 220 sq. ft of a residential building can be permitted for commercial purposes.

Yes. We can construct food court infrastructure at the college campus. For more details and interaction, contact us at the Relgrow website.