Commercial Construction Company in Kochi

Relgrow is a leading partner in commercial construction across Kochi. They plan, design, and build commercial units for business organizations. Owners with large land areas can reach out to our commercial construction companies in Kochi. We can guide you through building advanced infrastructures.

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Our Commercial Building Services

Relgrow offers various commercial building services. The services include the following ventures.

Retail Stores Construction

The Relgrow contractors are skilled civil engineers and builders who provide wide styles of retail infrastructures. The retail projects include shopping outlets, clothing shops, stores, marts, vendor shops, and other commerce and trade utilities.

Office Space Construction

Relgrow construction contractors are well-equipped to design office space constructions. The office buildings are developed in Kochi as per the demand of the growing workforce. Our prominent office space construction projects include tech parks, commercial business organizations, workstations, and multi-storied office buildings.

Hotels and Restaurant Construction

The commercial constructions by Relgrow in the food and hospitality sector include hotels and restaurants. The Relgrow contractors are well-known for hospitality projects like hotels, inns, restaurants, dhabas, and cafes. Our projects also include food courts, canteens, and kitchen outlets.

Hospitals and Healthcare Construction

The Relgrow builders and engineers have the experience and strategies to construct hospitals and health care. We at Relgrow empower clients with various ideas for healthcare units. We include projects for ICUs, pharmacies, laboratories, reception, lounges, and other hospital requirements.

Industrial Building Construction

The Relgrow industrial construction includes small-scale factories, large-scale industrial outlets, mills, power grids, power plants, workforce units, manufacturing cells, and other large spaces for manufacturing aids. We operate at Kochi with more benefits to ports and other services. If you wish to consider industrial construction on your land, Relgrow is the best option.

Warehousing Construction

Relgrow provides one of the finest warehousing structures to organizations that wish to construct storage facilities. We provide different-sized warehouses depending on the local industry requirements. It includes cold storage, shipment, packing, and advanced warehouse facilities.

Casinos Construction

Casino is one of the booming requirements at the hour. India plays a major role in amusement and refreshment. Relgrow is a leading developer of casino constructions in Kochi. We offer to build infrastructures for amusement parks, arcades, gaming houses, and clubs in Kochi. For the best Casino designs and plans, Relgrow contractors are at your service.

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Our Process


Developing a project brief that outlines the goals and objectives of the project, including project scope, budget, and timeline.


The design development phase involves the creation of detailed design drawings, specifications, and cost estimates.

Cost Estimation

Finalizing the cost estimate will form the construction budget and project management basis.


The construction stage refers to the phase of the construction process where the actual physical work of building the project is carried out.


Conduct a final inspection to confirm that the finished project complies with the established specifications, quality standards, and regulations.

Why Choose Our Commercial Construction Company

Our commercial construction contractors are committed to delivering 100 percent quality and performance during the process of commercial constructions. We ensure the following key features to achieve the project completion. This is why Relgrow can be your perfect service provider for all your commercial construction projects.

One Stop Solution

All solutions related to commercial construction are customized and strategized by the contractors team in advance.

Quality Assurance

Our commercial construction company in Kochi helps the clients have quality assured projects delivered. We provide high standard material and professional services in terms of commercial constructions.

100% Transparency

The Relgrow team ensures a thorough process of commercial construction procedures. We endure and provide transparency in our work. We are recognized for our detailed paperwork that upholds authenticity and transparency.

On Time Delivery

The team of commercial contractors and civil engineers at Relgrow provide a definite plan and strategy to build the commercial ventures. During the planning stage, our team is defined to set a target date for the completion of the project. We stick to the time and deadline and engage in achieving the deadline of on-time delivery.

Flexible Pricing

Keeping the budget and market value of Kochi, our builders plan the investment and expenditure. Based on the estimation, the budget is kept flexible and prices are made friendly to the investors to complete and provide them with their dream commercial project.

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How We Different from Other Commercial Construction Contractors

Relgrow is a leading development industry in commercial construction. Our services enclose the deals of our core values and principles. We adhere to and stand by the principles of our client's benefits. Our core principle includes the following goals:

  1. Environmental consciousness
  2. Sustainability goals
  3. Consumer satisfaction
  4. Risk maintenance
  5. Transparency and accountability
  6. Client’s feedback
  7. Quality service
  8. Professional Staff
  9. Standard performance and maintenance

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Our Completed Projects


"It was a pleasure working with Relgrow on our construction project. They were really professional and extremely skilled in every aspect of the assignment. They went above and beyond to make sure the work was finished the way we wanted."

"Relgrow helped us to develop a beautiful, practical setting that exceeded our expectations and met our requirements. Given the outcomes, we are really satisfied and would without a doubt suggest Relgrow's services to anybody looking for building services."

"Relgrow offers top-notch building services! They started with the initial consultation and design work and finished a superb job on time and within budget. Relgrow has offered excellent services, thus we heartily recommend them for your building needs."

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

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Yes. Building a warehouse in Kochi is profitable as it is one of the ports in India and helps in the easy transport and shipping of goods.

The space for hospitals cannot be defined accurately. It includes the aspects of various diagnostic units. A basic hospital would need approximately 600 square feet to be built up for each bed. The total build-up area for a hospital with 100 beds would be 60,000 Sqft.

Casinos must have premises licenses. A premises license is necessary for any property where an individual or business plans to offer premises-based gaming and is issued in respect of specified premises under the Gambling Act 2005.

The cost estimation for commercial premises can vary from land to land and based on different requirements. Approximately the cost ranges from Rs 120 and Rs 750 per square foot.

The profit margin can vary based on the location of the workplace. In general, workplaces can achieve profit margins (EBITDA margin) of about 10-20% once they are filled. Depending on the location and other aspects, the rent (30–40%) can be broken down into expenses as a percentage of revenue.