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Relgrow brings decades of experience in commercial construction to help the residents of Hyderabad. Our esteemed commercial construction contractors in Hyderabad provide skilled workers to our clients. The team of commercial builders in Hyderabad is here to help you construct fully sufficient and work-efficient commercial spaces around the localities of Hyderabad.

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Our Commercial Building Services

Relgrow, one of the best commercial construction companies in Hyderabad, provides the best quality structure, plan, and design to construct retail stores. We have been experienced in creating retail stores, commercial places, and shop outlets for 20+ years.

Retail Stores Construction

We provide services to build retail shops for small-scale to large-scale establishments. We assist in building shopping complexes, retail stores, shops, and more.

Office Space Construction

Relgrow has been potentially equipped with resources to provide office space constructions for commercial purposes. We have a team of experienced civil engineers, contractors, and laborers who help construct workstations that equip large workforces. The workstations like office spaces, tech parks, and office interiors are our top benchmarks.

Hotels and Restaurant Construction

A space equipped to sell food and capable of carrying out a hotel business needs Relgrow’s help. We at Relgrow help this available space to sell food by constructing hotels, restaurants, and cafes. We help build the kitchen, lounging space, garden, cafe ambiance, and more, depending on the land space and resources available.

Hospitals and Healthcare Construction

Relgrow builders are firm towards dedicated construction. We at Relgrow help landowners construct hospitals, medical centers, healthcare, clinics, and pharmacies. We provide the necessary expertise to meet your demands.

Industrial Building Construction

We at Relgrow assist in constructing factory places for industries. It includes all the 3 sectors of industries. We also equip owners to build manufacturing units, power plants, generation units, and renovations.

Warehousing Construction

The Relgrow builders are experts who are skilled in warehouse construction. We provide high-class manufacturing storage facilities and engage in good logistics, shipping, and storage infrastructure.

Casinos Construction

The Relgrow contractors in Hyderabad provide the best arcade structures and facilitate Casino spaces. We have the expertise to construct casinos, game arcades, and play areas in and around Hyderabad.

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Our Process


This entails compiling all pertinent information such as budget, resources and timeline to create a comprehensive strategy that defines the goals, objectives and methods for the project.


This includes comprehending the project's needs, determining the best method to meet them, and devising a plan for the entire venture.

Cost Estimation

This involves precisely calculating the cost of supplies, labor and any other expenses necessary to finish the project.


This involves the scheduling, coordination and supervision of the multiple activities required for the construction of a structure or edifice.


This is managed with efficiency to limit risk, lower costs and optimize performance.

Why Choose Our Commercial Construction Company

Here is why you have to choose the best Commercial builders in Hyderabad. We provide the following key benefits:

One Stop Solution

We provide quick and all types of services in Hyderabad for constructing any sectors of commercial sectors. Reach out to us when you can find solutions to all your commercial building needs.

Quality Assurance

You can trust us on the quality delivery and assure yourself with the best commercial construction facilities. The quality is affiliated to our trained builders and contractors who give the best.

100% Transparency

We are trustworthy for our transparency and openness. We provide authentic trust through detailed paperworks and bonds.

On Time Delivery

Our timely delivery and commitment is why our happy clients refer us as the best commercial construction companies in Hyderabad. We ensure and value the time of our clients and engage in on-time finishing of committed projects.

Flexible Pricing

We understand the real-estate market and its consequences. Based on these, we drive you through detailed budget planning, financial management, and investment with flexible budgets and pricings.

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How We Different from Other Commercial Construction Contractors

Relgrow, the leading commercial construction company in Hyderabad, is dedicated to serving real estate clients with the utmost skills. The skills of our contractors and builders enable the clients to trust and bestow construction responsibility. We are noteworthy and well-known as a commercial construction company in Hyderabad because of our key features. They are:

  1. Consumer Satisfaction
  2. 100% productivity
  3. High-standard maintenance
  4. Loyalty and trust-oriented bond
  5. Risk management and Problem-solving
  6. Best staff Performance

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Our Completed Projects


"Relgrow commercial construction contractors near me,  has offered us first-rate services. They have been proficient, informed, and considerate of our requirements from the very beginning of our interactions. They put forth a lot of effort to make sure that our project was done efficiently and on schedule, freeing us up to work on other things. We have benefited much from their knowledge and dependability, and we anticipate doing business with them in the future."

"For us, Relgrow has been a valued partner. They have continuously delivered excellent services and have a remarkable attention to detail and commitment to excellence. They have shown to be very well-organized and committed to exceeding our expectations. We're glad we went with them for our building needs and anticipate a fruitful, protracted partnership."

"Working with Relgrow has been a delight. They went above and above to meet our demands and delivered exceptional services. Over the years, they have continuously displayed professionalism, expertise, and dependability."

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

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The commercial construction cost in Hyderabad entirely depends on the structure, the client’s requirements, and the size of the building. But on the real estate market in Hyderabad, the 2023 construction costs per square foot are as follows:

940 square feet of land costs approximately 1450 rupees per square foot with ordinary construction and 1625 rupees per square foot with good construction.

Every building has the same components: foundations, walls, floors, rooms, and roofs.

Any construction requires multiple government permissions. The number of permissions required is only increasing over time. Aside from ordinary licenses, environmental clearance is required while constructing the commercial property. The government will be more scrutinized regarding commercial construction, and all regulations must be followed.

Yes, Relgrow can help you with legal permissions and government licensing regarding commercial buildings. But, Relgrow can guide you through local authorities for legal sanctions to carry forward the construction only if the land is legally authorized with proper documentation.

Relgrow builders can be contacted through our official website. We are also glad to book a contract through discussion via call. You are free to contact us at +91 89046 65400 for any information.