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Relgrow is a decade-year-old construction developer. We assist in commercial projects and construction. The company is recognized among the top commercial construction companies in Delhi for its vivid services.

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Our Commercial Building Services

Relgrow provides various commercial construction contractors in Delhi to assist in the construction of various commercial enterprises. The following are the different commercial projects undertaken by the Relgrow commercial construction company in Delhi.

Retail Stores Construction

Retail Construction in Delhi includes the infrastructures for shopping outlets, malls, small-scale markets, clothing stores, boutiques, shops, business stores, agencies, and more. We at Relgrow are aware of the growth of retail and commerce in Delhi. Therefore, the landowners willing to establish commercial retail construction can now benefit from our Relgrow builders.

Office Space Construction

We at Relgrow provide office infrastructure. The project ideas for office space construction involve work cafes, multi-storied complexes, workstations, tech parks, and office units. We design office buildings with a campus, outlook, and development strategies based on the customer's needs.

Hotels and Restaurant Construction

Relgrow dedicates a team of contractors to construct hotels and restaurants. Relgrow in Delhi is known amongst the largest commercial construction companies. As we cover restaurant and hotel construction challenges, we provide ideas like cafes, canteens, food courts, and inns for infrastructure designs.

Hospitals and Healthcare Construction

The Relgrow group of commercial contractors take up projects oriented to hospitals and healthcare. We help the landowners decide and construct required healthcare units and medical centers. Our hospital projects include emergency care units, pharmacies, laboratories, reception, consultation rooms, operation theaters, and other healthcare units.

Industrial Building Construction

Delhi is one of the prominent cities in India with the largest demands for industries and organizations. If the client is willing to start an industrial space for commercial use, Relgrow helps them build the finest infrastructure. Our industrial construction projects include small to large-scale factories, operational units, warehouses, mills, power stations, and other sectors of institutions.

Warehousing Construction

Delhi has numerous manufacturing facilities, but the demand for storage warehouses is expanding. Customers who own land in industrial zones with adequate connectivity can now construct warehouses to boost the Delhi manufacturing sectors. Our warehouse projects involve high-maintenance, cutting-edge infrastructure, and meticulous planning.

Casinos Construction

The Relgrow commercial contractors have the potential to build casinos and uphold the expertise of building gaming enterprises. The gaming constructions include projects of amusement parks, arcades, playgrounds, play areas, and gaming clubs.

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Our Process


Under this stage, a feasibility study is conducted to determine whether the proposed project is viable, taking into account technical, financial, and economic factors.


The design development phase involves refining the schematic design, incorporating feedback from stakeholders, and developing more detailed drawings and specifications.

Cost Estimation

Developing a conceptual estimate, which is a rough estimate of the costs associated with the project.


This stage requires close collaboration between the construction company, the client, and any other stakeholders involved in the project.


Relgrow carries out a final inspection of the completed project to ensure that it meets the agreed-upon specifications, quality standards, and regulations.

Why Choose Our Commercial Construction Company

Relgrow commercial construction contractors in Delhi understand the client’s struggle to choose the best for their commercial construction contracts. We provide 5 key reasons to choose us for your commercial building construction in Delhi. We are committed to these 5 core values that have given us happy customers over decades.

One Stop Solution

Relgrow provides significant decisions, advice, suggestions and options for all the commercial construction needs. We provide varying features to the customer based on market standards and customization.

Quality Assurance

The project quality and material standard are ensured by most of the top commercial construction companies in Delhi, so do we in Relgrow. We provide assured quality management and delivery for all the projects.

100% Transparency

We maintain an open record of engaging the authenticity of the project details, projects,procedures and budget. We ensure high quality and refined paperwork that ensures both ways of transparency.

On Time Delivery

We at Relgrow commit to a certain fixed date of delivery of the commercial construction project. We assure the deadline is maintained and achieved through significant communication and coordination between the contractors and the customers.

Flexible Pricing

Relgrow construction company in Delhi provides a figure of budget during the estimation of project planning. We ensure the budget is planned to be flexible and pricing is benefited to the customers as per market values.

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How We Different from Other Commercial Construction Contractors

The largest commercial construction developer in Delhi is the Relgrow group of contractors. We are a team of experts and skilled professionals. We offer services based on sustainability goals, maintenance, and client satisfaction. Our key principles and values are as follows:

  1. Client-Contractor Ideation
  2. Loyal and Trust oriented bonds
  3. Risk and Problem-solving methods
  4. Active reviews
  5. High Maintenance goals
  6. Environmental consciousness
  7. 100% quality check

Be a part of the greatest benefit available at the commercial construction company, Relgrow. Join us to form a structure for your plot and give it commercial value.

Our Completed Projects


"Outstanding construction services are provided by Relgrow! They delivered top-notch work on schedule and within budget, starting with the initial consultation and design work and ending with the completed result. They collaborated with us to design a stunning, useful environment that beyond our expectations and suited our needs. Relgrow has provided excellent services, and we heartily endorse them for your building needs."

"Relgrow was a delight to deal with on our building project. They were very competent in every facet of the task and very professional. They went above and above to guarantee that the work was completed in accordance with our exact requirements. We are quite pleased with the outcome and would strongly advise anyone searching for building services to use Relgrow's services."

"The building services provided by Relgrow really amazed us! They have a fantastic group of industry experts that are extremely educated and helpful. They worked within our budget and deadline and provided excellent communication. Relgrow is an excellent choice for all of your building needs!"

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

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It is chosen based on the amenities and features required by the client. A 3-star hotel is expected to require approximately 30000 square feet.

RERA applies to all real estate projects. Delhi has already formed a Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) organization to control and regulate the city's real estate business.

Conversion fees for changing land use to residential in Delhi range from Rs 14,328 to Rs 24,777 per square meter.

Any commercial construction requires government approval and license. The following are the key necessities.
  • Building Regulations, Permits, and Licenses (From the Municipality)
  • No objection certificate from the Chief Fire Officer ``License under the Bio-Z-Medical Management and Handling Rules, 1998.
  • The Pollution Control Act requires a certificate of no objection.
  • The Act on Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances was passed in 1985.

The cost of commercial construction depends on various aspects. It includes budget, amenities, features, and more. Although, the average cost of commercial construction in Delhi with basic facilities ranges from Rs 2,700-3,000 per sq ft.