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Relgrow is the perfect partner to help you achieve your dream commercial construction project. We plan, design and build best-in-class commercial units for business organisations. It doesn’t matter if you are an owner with large land areas or businesses looking to develop their commercial space, you can reach out to Relgrow commercial construction companies in Chennai, we will guide you through building advanced infrastructures.

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Our Commercial Building Services

Relgrow provides a range of outstanding commercial construction services and is considered one of the best commercial construction companies in the industry. We offer the following services in our ventures:

Retail Stores Construction

Relgrow's contractors are highly qualified civil engineers and builders who offer a variety of retail infrastructures. The retail projects comprise shopping malls, clothes stores, stores, markets, vendor shops, and other commercial and industrial facilities.

Office Space Construction

Relgrow, which employs some of the top commercial construction contractors in Chennai, can design and construct office spaces with ease. To fulfil the growing demands of the expanding workforce, office spaces developed by us in Chennai were above industry standards. Workstations, multi-story office buildings, tech parks, and commercial enterprise organisations are a few of our prominent construction projects.

Hotels and Restaurant Construction

Numerous hotels and restaurants in the food and hospitality industries have been built commercially by Relgrow. The Relgrow contractors are renowned for constructing the most luxurious hotels, inns, restaurants, dhabas, cafes, and other hospitality projects. We also have projects for food courts, canteens, and kitchen outlets.

Hospitals and Healthcare Construction

In order to construct the safest hospitals and healthcare facilities, Relgrow's skilled team of builders and engineers will offer the best tactics and plan. Relgrow provides clients with a variety of healthcare unit design options. Also, we offer services for projects including ICUs, pharmacies, labs, reception areas, lounges, and other hospital necessities.

Industrial Building Construction

Relgrow's skilled team of contractors assists clients with the industrial building of small factories, huge industrial outlets, mills, power grids, power plants, workforce units, manufacturing cells, and other sizable areas for manufacturing aids. With greater benefits to ports and other services, we operate in Chennai. If your goal is to build industrial structures on your property, Relgrow is the best option.

Warehousing Construction

Relgrow provides one of the best and most resilient warehousing structures for businesses seeking to establish storage facilities. We offer a range of warehouse sizes depending on the demands of our customers and the local business environment. Examples include cutting-edge warehousing facilities, cold storage, transportation, and packing.

Casinos Construction

Casino development is one of the fastest-growing needs of the hour because India has a sizable consumer base in both the entertainment and hospitality industries. Relgrow can be considered one of Chennai's top firms for building commercial casinos. Everything from amusement parks, arcades, gaming spaces, to nightclubs in Chennai, we offer to build the best-in-class infrastructure. Relgrow contractors will have your back providing you with the best Casino designs and concepts.

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Our Process


We'll start by creating a project brief that specifies the aims and requirements of the project, as well as its scope, spending limit, and timeframe.


During this stage, the infrastructure's detailed design drawings, specifications, and cost estimates are developed.

Cost Estimation

After completing the cost estimate, the construction budget and project management framework will be created.


This step of the construction process involves doing the real physical labour of building the project.


We do a thorough final inspection to confirm that the project has been finished in compliance with the agreed-upon specifications, quality standards, and legal requirements.

Why Choose Our Commercial Construction Company

At Relgrow, we're dedicated to exceeding your expectations with our services. We work tirelessly to make sure that our clients receive the highest calibre of commercial buildings. Relgrow can be the ideal service provider for any of your commercial construction projects because of this. To complete the project, we adhere to the following main components:

One Stop Solution

Every part of the commercial building is well-planned and strategically thought out by our team of contractors.

Quality Assurance

Receiving top-notch projects is made easier for clients by our commercial building firm in Chennai. We work hard to offer premium products and skilled services for commercial construction.

100% Transparency

The Relgrow team guarantees meticulous execution of all commercial construction procedures. We persist while upholding the integrity of our work. Our meticulous documentation, which encourages honesty and openness, has earned us a reputation for excellence.

On Time Delivery

The expert group of civil engineers and business contractors at Relgrow provides a detailed plan and approach for developing commercial projects. During the planning phase, a team is formed to decide on a target date for the project's completion. We strive to meet the target date for on-time delivery while adhering to the schedule and deadline.

Flexible Pricing

While deciding where to invest and how much to spend, our contractors take Chennai's market value and budget into account. The budget is kept flexible, and prices are kept reasonable in order to complete and provide investors with their dream commercial project.

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How We Different from Other Commercial Construction Contractors

While it's usual to conform to the status quo, Relgrow offers ways to keep you on the forefront. Relgrow dominates the commercial building market in terms of development. Our services are composed of our core values and principles. We uphold and support the ideals of our clients' benefits. Our fundamental guiding principle includes the following goals:

  1. Environmental consciousness
  2. Sustainability goals
  3. Consumer satisfaction
  4. Risk maintenance
  5. Transparency and accountability
  6. Client’s feedback
  7. Quality service
  8. Professional Staff
  9. Industry-standard performance and maintenance

As you strive to realise your dream commercial construction project, Relgrow will be there for you on each and every step of helping you achieve it.

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Our Completed Projects


"I recently hired Relgrow for a commercial renovation project and I couldn't be more satisfied with their work. The team at Relgrow were professional, knowledgeable and diligent in completing the project on time and within budget which confirmed that they are one of the top commercial construction companies. They communicated with us regularly throughout the project, keeping us informed of progress and any issues that arose."

"Working with Relgrow was a pleasure from start to finish. Their team was friendly, approachable and always available to answer any questions we had. They took the time to understand our needs and provided us with a range of options to choose from."

"I would highly recommend Relgrow for any commercial construction project. Their team was professional, experienced and efficient in completing our project on time and within budget. They were able to overcome challenges that arose during the project, and were always quick to find solutions that worked for us."

Our Packages


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


This minimal package gives you affordability without compromising quality which is perfect for comfortable residential construction in Bangalore.


Our premium package brings opulence and sophistication to your residential villa that is tailored for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury.

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To determine the feasibility of a commercial construction project, you need to conduct a thorough feasibility study that takes into account factors such as budget, timeline, location, zoning regulations, and environmental impact. A reputable commercial construction company can help you with this process by providing expert guidance and advice.

Our company specialises in a wide range of commercial construction projects, including office buildings, retail spaces, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and industrial facilities. We have the expertise and resources to handle projects of all sizes and complexities.

We use a variety of project management tools and techniques to ensure that our construction projects are completed on time and within budget. These include regular progress reports, cost tracking, risk assessments, and quality control measures. We also maintain open lines of communication with our clients throughout the project to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

We take safety very seriously and have a comprehensive safety program in place that includes regular safety training for our workers, safety inspections of our construction sites, and the use of safety equipment and gear. We also follow all local, state, and federal safety regulations and guidelines to ensure the safety of workers and visitors at our construction sites.

We understand that changes can happen during a construction project and we have a flexible approach that allows us to accommodate changes while still keeping the project on track. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and priorities and make adjustments as necessary. We also provide regular updates on any changes that may affect the project timeline or budget.